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A travel guide to Townsville

Townsville is now turning into a wonderful tourist hub. The quaint buildings, the old pubs and simply everything about the city is quite stylish which makes it alluring to visitors. Here are a few things to look out for if you plan on visiting.

Public Buildings

The private buildings are nice alright, but the public buildings have a charm of their own that’s even more amazing! The best example for this would be the Townsville Post Office which was built in 1886 with a clocktower that has been structured to the Early Victorian Classical Revival theme.


Townsville| img by: David Crawshaw via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

When visiting Townsville, something you need to do is to see the city from above. Now, you don’t need one of those expensive helicopter rides for this. There are several viewpoints for this, the most popular one would be Castle Hill.

Botanical Gardens

There are 2 main nature parks in Townsville, Queens Gardens which is just 9-minutes away from Oaks Townsville Metropole Hotel is a wonderful spot with tropical flowers and trees. Anderson Park Botanical Gardens is a little further away and within the place is a lagoon, picnic spots, and a conservatory.

Places to stay

If you are on the lookout for places to stay, there are historic hotels as well for a bit of old-world charm and for a taste of modern-day living, Townsville accommodation apartments are always available.