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Why You Will Fall In Love with Wellington

It isn’t a surprise that many people consider New Zealand to be a magical utopia and the Lord of the Rings movies have everything to do with that. But in most cases, the reality is far from how a country is depicted in movies. But can we say that about Wellington?

1. The Bays and the Beaches

The prettiest part of Wellington that you will see is the bay and the beautiful sapphire beaches. The best hotels in Wellington will take you straight from your room right into the breath-taking seaside.

No machine-readable author provided. Donaldytong assumed (based on copyright claims)., Wellington Oriental Bay, CC BY-SA 3.0

2. Hill City

The city is also built around many mountains, with huge hills that slope into the waterfront bringing you a view worth it all every time you look out of your room in Oaks Wellington Hotel or any other local resort you may be staying at. You get the best of both worlds.

3. Brunch & Coffee

Coffee in New Zealand is as delicious as coffee in Australia so make sure that you head out to a hearty brunch at any of the local cafés and ask for plenty of coffee.

4. Mt. Victoria

Everyone who visits Wellington must climb Mt. Victoria. If you want to see what the city looks like from the heavens and want to see plenty of greenery this is where you should go.