Wakeboarding in Maldives

Planning a holiday to the Maldives and looking for some speed-filled thrills? With plenty of adrenaline-pumping fun on offer, wakeboarding is the water sport for you!

What is Wakeboarding?
This water sport is like a combination of several activities; the board is somewhat like what you will see in snowboarding, techniques used are similar to surfing and you are pulled at pace by a speedboat as in water-skiing. Besides staying at villas in Maldives resorts, you should try this experience too!

Where to Try It
Not all accommodation options provide this activity so do check ahead; properties on private islands such as Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences do offer it and you can soon be out in the water. April to October is a great time to try wakeboarding though it can also be enjoyed at other periods.

Lagoon and Sea
When looking to enjoy such water sports in Maldives, you can try it either out at sea or in more tranquil lagoon waters. Most operators will provide the needed training and guidance for novices, while seasoned pros can take part in this activity as soon as possible and show off their aerial tricks and manoeuvres too!

Tips to Remember
While you will get help with the techniques of wakeboarding, it’s always good to keep in mind a few basics;

• Figure out which foot you should lean on / place forward
• When standing up, put more than half your weight on the front foot
• When in the water before starting, keep the board on its side