Reasons to visit Sri Lanka for a vacation – The ideal paradise isle

Sri Lanka isn’t cited as the best place to visit by numerous different travel companies for no reason! Sri Lanka is your dream holiday destination, catering to every one of your likes. Here are a few reasons as to why you must visit the pearl of the Indian Ocean.

When to visit?

The busiest months are considered from December to March, this is because the sea has calmed down. It tends to get a little crowded and more expensive around this time, but in turn, you’re exposed to the liveliest atmosphere! Make sure your Sri Lanka travel package is planned during a time when you’ll feel most comfortable.

The climate

Sri Lanka is gifted with tropical climates, and the weather never really gets extreme unless it is the monsoon season. The sea maintains a temperature of 27 degrees Celsius all year round, making it ideal for swimming, diving and even snorkelling.

Why you must visit Sri Lanka

Whether you prefer the ocean or the mountains, Sri Lanka has it all! Although Sri Lanka is a fast-developing destination, it isn’t so influenced by western countries. When planning your trip with Silvertree Travel, you’ll have to choose from colourful festivals, ancient artefacts, temples, lush green hills and dense forests make this country one worth visiting!




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Exploring the Wilpattu National Park in Sri Lanka – Exotic & Wild Adventures!

Looking to take a ride on Sri Lanka’s wild side? Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve anything dangerous, but rather a thrilling safari at the Wilpattu National Park home to some exotic wildlife!

Making the Journey

Located about 30 km from Puttalam, Wilpattu National Park can be found on the island’s northwest coast. While you can plan a visit here by yourself, another option would be to enlist the services of tour specialists the likes of Silvertree Travel which offer visits to Wilpattu as part of their packages.

The Distinctive “Willus”

One of the key features of the park is its natural lakes or “willus” made up of rainwater. These lakes are a part of Wilpattu’s delicate ecosystem and attract a range of animal and birdlife too.

An Exciting Safari

Going on a safari in Wilpattu National Park will be a definite highlight of adventure tour packages in Sri Lanka since it lets you see such diverse wildlife. Among the highlights are the Sri Lankan leopard, Sri Lankan sloth bear and Sri Lankan elephant; but that’s not all, you may also see mugger crocodiles, Indian pythons, Sambar deer, purple-faced langurs, water buffaloes and Bengal monitors too.

Birds of a Feather

Birdlife abounds here with species such as the great egret, stork-billed kingfisher, Indian peafowl, Sri Lankan junglefowl and painted stork being spotted at the park. Due to its lakes, Wilpattu also attracts wetland birds including the whistling teal, white ibis and cattle egret. Bird lovers have much to look forward to!

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Discovering the Amazing Wildlife of Sri Lanka – Encounters in the Wild

One of Sri Lanka’s most captivating highlights is its exotic wildlife. Be it fearsome, feathery, menacing, majestic, stealthy or slithery, these diverse species each have their own unique character!

wildlife SriLanka | Img by: pen_ash via pixabay

Where to Go

The country’s national parks are great places to see local wildlife in their natural habitats. Yala and Minneriya are two of the most popular national parks and are included on excursions by tour operators like Silvertree Travel. Wilpattu, Udawalawe, Bundala and Wasgamuwa are a few of the other parks you can visit too.


There are over 120 mammal species including leopards, elephants, sloth bears and toque macaques which can be spotted on adventure tours in Sri Lanka. The sambar deer, giant squirrel, wild boar and porcupine are a few of the other species here. Not to be forgotten are the marine mammals such as whales and dolphins that can be found in the surrounding Indian Ocean.


A birdwatcher’s paradise, Sri Lanka has recorded a little over 440 bird species. Amongst the endemic species are the Sri Lankan junglefowl, Sri Lanka spurfowl, Layard’s parakeet and yellow-fronted barbet. The island also attracts many migratory species like the lesser sand plover, blue-tailed bee-eater and greater flamingo.


When it comes to snakes one can find species such as the Indian cobra, Russell’s viper and sand boa. Reptile species don’t only include snakes though; mugger and saltwater crocodiles, five turtle species including the green turtle and olive ridley sea turtle, rough-horned and pygmy lizards and water monitors can be found here too.

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Wildlife in Sri Lanka – A venture into the wilderness

Despite being a relatively small country, the wildlife in Sri Lanka is one of the finest. You’ll be surprised at the number of habitats, herds of elephants, different species of birds, leopards and schools of dolphins are a few to name. The biodiversity on the island is one that will not cease to amaze you.

National Park | Image Credit - Ji-Elle, CC BY-SA 3.0 Via Wikimedia Commons

National Park | Image Credit – Ji-Elle, CC BY-SA 3.0 Via Wikimedia Commons

Yala National Park

Yala forms a total area of 1269 sq. km, 260 km southeast of Colombo. This huge area of grassland, lagoons and the light forest is home to plenty of wildlife. adventure tours in Sri Lanka include Yala National Park as a must visit, since it boasts animals from leopards, elephants, crocodiles, monkeys, etc.

Sinharaja Forest Reserve

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sinhajara is a vast area of tropical rain forest bounded by rivers on three sides, another biodiversity hot spot found in the Island. You can opt for a tour package such as the likes of Silvertree Travel to coordinate and plan.

Pigeon Island National Park

A marine national park in Sri Lanka has located 312 km from Colombo. The sanctuary spans 471.4 hectares in total. On entering the Island, the first thing you’ll witness would be Blue Rock pigeons, an endangered species, nesting and breeding. The island possesses 100 species of exquisite corals, making it a breeding ground for over 300 species of fish.

Uda Walawe National park

This park centres the Uda Walawe reservoir and is ideal for elephant watching. Besides elephants, you’ll spot deer, buffalos, jackals, crocodiles, etc as the lack of dense vegetation makes way for easy spotting.

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