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Exploring the Wilpattu National Park in Sri Lanka

Looking to take a ride on Sri Lanka’s wild side? Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve anything dangerous, but rather a thrilling safari at the Wilpattu National Park home to some exotic wildlife!

Image credit-Thimindu Goonatillake from Sri Lanka, Gallus lafayetii -Wilpattu National Park, Sri Lanka-8CC BY-SA 2.0

Making the Journey

Located about 30 km from Puttalam, Wilpattu National Park can be found on the island’s northwest coast. While you can plan a visit here by yourself, another option would be to enlist the services of tour specialists the likes of Silvertree Travel which offer visits to Wilpattu as part of their packages.

The Distinctive “Willus”

One of the key features of the park is its natural lakes or “willus” made up of rainwater. These lakes are a part of Wilpattu’s delicate ecosystem and attract a range of animal and birdlife too.

An Exciting Safari

Going on a safari in Wilpattu National Park will be a definite highlight of adventure tour packages in Sri Lanka since it lets you see such diverse wildlife. Among the highlights are the Sri Lankan leopard, Sri Lankan sloth bear and Sri Lankan elephant; but that’s not all, you may also see mugger crocodiles, Indian pythons, Sambar deer, purple-faced langurs, water buffaloes and Bengal monitors too.

Birds of a Feather

Birdlife abounds here with species such as the great egret, stork-billed kingfisher, Indian peafowl, Sri Lankan junglefowl and painted stork being spotted at the park. Due to its lakes, Wilpattu also attracts wetland birds including the whistling teal, white ibis and cattle egret. Bird lovers have much to look forward to!

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