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Hiking in the Hills

You can experience a different side of the country that is a far cry from the sun and surf of its world-class beaches by going into the mountains. At 2,000 m above sea level, Ella Rock is 5 km from the town and one of the most picturesque stretches of rolling moorland in the hills.

Ella Rock
Ella Rock | Image Credit : A-wiki-guest-user, Ella Rock near waterfall, CC BY-SA 4.0

The Right Path

There are several trekking trails in Ella and not all of them are clearly marked so it would be beneficial to do some thorough research on which trails you plan to use on your hike. Hiring a tour specialist such as Nature Odyssey would ensure that you get to see all the hidden treasures and be guaranteed to make it safely up and down the slope.

Railway Stations Frozen in Time

An independent hike would take approximately 3 – 4 hours beginning and ending at the Ella Railway Station which, in itself is an image from a postcard, frozen in its colonial elegance. Trekking in Sri Lanka from such locales can take you through a myriad of beautiful locations, both man-made and natural, that are usually overlooked.

Through the Tall Grass

You can walk up the tracks to the next station, Kithal Ella and turn left at the 166 ½ marker. After a while, you will come to a footbridge crossing and a fork in the road. Take the path to the left. Traversing past a tea plantation and a narrow stretch of long grass will bring you to the interim viewing point.

Bird’s Eye View

After that, it’s a straight road to the top. The whole world spills away into the distance as far as your eye can see. A bird’s eye view of paradise awaits

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