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Things to do in Saudi Arabia

Heir to its rich history, Saudi Arabia extends through most of the northern and central Arabian Peninsula. Religion, tribalism and untold wealth are the three elements that have fuelled the country’s history. Here are a few places you can visit when in Saudi Arabia.

Masmak Fortress
Masmak Fortress | Image Credit : Sammy Six, Masmak Fortress (6329473680), CC BY 2.0

Masmak Fortress

This large structure was built around 1865 and looks like it’s right out of a movie. If you’re interested in going through highlights showcasing Saudi Arabia from the years 1912 to 1937, the diverse galleries found in this site exhibit maps and photographs.

Al Shafee Mosque

One of the finest mosques in Jeddah, the historic Al Shafee mosque is named after one of the four great imams of Sunni Islam. The mosque is made according to the Ottoman style, as seen by the impressive minaret. The building also dates back to the 16 century but has been beautifully restored and maintained.


20 minutes from Ascott Corniche Al Khobar is where you’ll find this world-class cultural centre. The one of a kind building resembles a space station and is home to a number of things such as; a cinema, exhibition galleries, a library, a museum and a theatre. When you’re at one of the many Al Khobar apartments, take time off to visit this iconic building.

National Museum

One of the finest museums found in the Middle East, this state-of-the-art museum is situated in Riyadh. Inside of this building, you’ll find eight informative galleries different aspects of Saudi Arabia, such as culture, art and history.

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