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Thrilling Wildlife Tours & Safaris in Sri Lanka

From stealthy jungle cats and majestic marvels of the deep to gentle giants on land and feather-filled finery, Sri Lanka certainly offers some unforgettable wildlife tours & safaris!

Image by: IrmaB via pixabay | CC0


The King of the Jungle

The Sri Lankan leopard is the island’s undisputed apex predator. Spotting this regal and elusive creature is often the highlight for those on adventure tours in Sri Lanka; the best places for leopard safaris would be the Yala and Wilpattu national parks.

The Rulers of the Sea

Sri Lanka has also become a prime destination for whale watching. Wildlife tour specialists the likes of Nature Odyssey offer safaris to Trincomalee and Mirissa where you can spot whales including the largest creature to have lived on our planet; the mighty blue whale! You also have the chance to spot sperm and killer whales along with bottlenose and spinner dolphins.

The Iconic Gentle Giants

Seeing the Sri Lankan elephant in its natural habitat is a true joy. A visit to the Minneriya National Park between June and September gives you a chance to witness “The Gathering” of elephants that can sometimes number up to 300! The Udawalawe and Wasgamuwa national parks are also prime locations for elephant safaris.

The Guardians of the Sky

Sri Lanka has over 400 recorded bird species including endemic and migratory birds some of which make their journey here from Siberia! Key sites for bird watching include the Kumana and Bundala national parks, the Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary and the Sinharaja Forest Reserve.



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