A Guide to Explore Brighton, Melbourne – An Idyllic Suburb by the Ocean

One of Melbourne’s charming coastal suburbs, Brighton is the ideal place to spend the day on your holiday and offers more than just beachside bliss; here’s what to expect.

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Planning Your Visit

This suburb is around 11 km from the CBD of Melbourne; hotel apartments in the city centre including the likes of Oaks Melbourne on Lonsdale Suites are about 30 minutes away by car. You can also take the train from Flinders Street Station (Sandringham line) to Brighton Beach Station, the bus (#600, 922, 923) or tram (#64).

Brighton Beach

Nestled along Port Phillip Bay, Brighton Beach is made up of three sections; of these, the most popular is Dendy Street Beach as it’s home to 82 historical and colourful Victorian-era bathing boxes that are an Instagram favourite too! Overall, the white sandy beaches here are perfect for relaxing and swimming.

Shopping & Dining

Apart from spending time at the beach, one can also explore Brighton for retail therapy and foodie adventures. Start at Church Street, home to the Dendy Plaza Shopping Centre, clothes shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes and bars. Also of note is Bay Street, a historic shopping strip with dining options as well.

Other Highlights

Amongst the best things to do in Brighton is to walk or cycle along the 17 km Bayside Coastal Art Trail that features lovely coastal views and signs regarding artworks by local artists. Other key attractions to visit include the historic Middle Brighton Baths, Billilla Historic Mansion, Brighton Public Golf Course and Elsternwick Park.

Best Places to Picnic in Melbourne

As the demand for al fresco dining increases, picnics have become fashionable again! Here are some of the all-time favourite local spots for a picnic.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Nestled on the outskirts of the city on approximately 100-acre land is the popular Royal Botanic Gardens. Throw your blanket next to a historic building – or, even better, on the banks of the Yarra River.

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St Kilda Botanical Gardens

Located within an 11-minute drive from properties like WRAP on Southbank via State Route 3 is St. Kilda Botanical Gardens. These gardens have charming lawns overlooking an ornamental pond. You could even have some fun on their massive chessboard after eating.

Lysterfield Park

Home to a gorgeous lake with striking views, Lysterfield Park is a splendid location for a picnic – there are a plethora of places to settle cosily with your basket of treats.

Werribee Park Formal Garden

During your stay at one of the Melbourne CBD hotels, you could head down to Werribee Park Formal Garden. Here, you could easily find a place to comfortably have your picnic thanks to its well-maintained grounds and shaded spots.

Attractions in Melbourne

Australia’s second-largest city with plenty on offer. Here are a few spots you must include in your holiday itinerary when in Melbourne.

Federation Square

Federation square opened up in 2002 to commemorate 100 years of federation. This spot has become an integral part of the city and also a great place for tourists to start their sightseeing.

DonaldytongFederation Square, MelbourneCC BY-SA 3.0

Royal Botanic Gardens

Amongst the many Melbourne city attractions, you’ll have to take the time to visit the Royal Botanic Gardens. Close to many a hotel, the likes of Avani Central Melbourne Residences, the gardens cover an area of 38 hectares and boast over 8500 species of plants.

Melbourne Cricket Ground

Melbourne is known for its love of sports – there it is no surprise that a sports stadium is among the city’s top tourist attractions. MCG is known the world over and is considered one of the world’s greatest stadiums.

Abhishek050592Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, VictoriaCC BY-SA 4.0

National Gallery of Victoria

This is the oldest public art gallery in Australia, holding more than 70,000 works of art in two city locations. The building is renowned for The Great Hall, where visitors are encouraged to lie on the floor and gaze at the colour stained glass ceiling!


Shark Dive

If you’ve always wanted to swim with the creatures of the deep, then there’s no better place than to experience this sort of adventure than at Melbourne Aquarium’s Oceanarium. Visit this truly exciting destination by being based at a Melbourne serviced apartment which is part of Citadines on Bourke Mebourne. For those in need of a luxury serviced apartment, Melbourne affords plenty of space to indulge in such forms of lodging.
Australia is known for its shark infested waters but here at Melbourne’s only shark dive centre, visitors bold enough to take the plunge will surely be in for one unforgettable experience. You have nothing to fear for a group of qualified instructors will take you through the basics of diving and later escort you to witness these predators of the ocean. Swim alongside these majestic species and learn of their routines and lifestyles while you can also meet an assortment of other marine wildlife. Species such as stingrays, sea turtles and fish would add to the experience of being able to spend some time with seven gill sharks and grey nurse sharks.

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Activities at Galactic Circus

Offering plenty of family friendly thrills and entertainment, Galactic Circus is a popular indoor attraction in Melbourne. Those heading to the city and in search of centrally located luxury Melbourne accommodation from which to head the city’s many attractions can stay at The Langham Melbourne. One of the leading hotels Melbourne it makes an ideal base from which to begin your adventures. Once settled in, make sure to head to Galactic Circus which can be found in the Crown Entertainment Complex. The biggest indoor interactive theme park in the country, it features a wide array of games and attractions that provide plenty of excitement for young and old alike. The M9 Laser Skirmish is one of the highlights at the site, which has a carnival where you can enjoy classic shows, simulators, various entertainers and good food. Bowling is also available and you can be assured of an unforgettable day out!

Umanga Kahandawaarachchi is a passionate travel writer who writes under the pen name, Maggie Tulliver. Her field of writing covers a wide array of content and articles related to travel and hospitality industry.


Kite Boarding and Wind Surfing

In Melbourne, those who love water sports are really at an advantage. The many beaches found in this city have just the right amount of waves to make activities like kite boarding and wind surfing ever so tasteful and popular.

Kite boarding and wind surfing are two activities that fall in the ‘high thrill’ category of water sports. Despite requiring quite a bit of skill it can be undertaken by anyone after a little bit of brushing up with professionals. The best part of Melbourne is that you can also get plenty of centers which provide a quick training which enables one to indulge in these sports.

A day out at the beach is a fantastic way to relax in Melbourne. Beaches here are clean, fun and perfectly safe to go for a swim or indulge in the array of water sports available. There are different spots known for different thrill levels. Whether you are an amateur or pro you can get a fun and fulfilling dosage of both kite boarding and wind surfing in Melbourne.

The city of Melbourne has so many other outdoor fun activities and water based activities to indulge in. Diving and snorkeling are also on the list and so is jet skiing and cruising. The beaches serve perfectly for a dip or a splash and make a sought out hang out spot that comes particularly alive during the weekends. The kids are busy building sand castles while the parents feel the kiss of the sun; a really perfect way to cleanse oneself from the week long stress of work.

When visiting Melbourne choose a comfortable and classy to hotel to fully enjoy your stay here. There are many beautiful places to see and things to do in the city and having a good Melbourne accommodation to come home to is of pivotal importance. Of all the places, the Melbourne hotels are the best as they ensure a luxurious and comfortable stay. And even in hotel names if you are picky for the finest, choose The Langham Melbourne. This 5 star hotel has all the royal amenities that would make you want to stay longer and longer in this hotel.


Umanga Kahandawaarachchi is a passionate travel writer who writes under the pen name, Maggie Tulliver. Her field of writing covers a wide array of content and articles related to travel and hospitality industry.