Enjoying Bird Watching in Abu Dhabi

Though bird watching may not be the first thing that you think of when in search of things to do in Abu Dhabi, it is indeed something well worth participating in! An ideal hotel in Abu Dhabi from which to enjoy this activity is Eastern Mangroves, Abu Dhabi. Offering luxurious accommodation Abu Dhabi, this hotel is set along the Eastern Mangroves District and lets you take part in bird watching excursions as well as other wildlife activities. Avid bird watchers have much to look forward to when exploring Abu Dhabi; the crested honey buzzard and the crab plover can be spotted on Abu Dhabi Island, while the desert eagle owl is known to inhabit the desert areas. Those heading to the Abu Dhabi Corniche also have the chance to spot the great black-headed gull. The eastern rosella, ashy drongo and socotra cormorant are among the other species that have been recorded in Abu Dhabi.

Discovery Shopping Mall in Bali: Bali in a different perspective

From your quest for designer brands to your desire for some great snacks in a casual or classy ambience to the mega movie experiences and kids play events, Discovery Shopping Mall in Bali promises to supply your every fashion and entertainment requirement which are essential for a great vacation.

This famous mall is located in Tuban and is placed across the Waterbom Park on JI Kartika Plaza. With its air conditioned interiors and expansive space and ravishing ocean views afforded through its windows, the mall enjoys an exceptional backdrop whether one is out shopping, taking time with friends or going for a dinner out with a family. The line up of boutiques is impressive and the design of the mall that is on par with most of the international malls, has anything and everything to keep a global audience and visitors not only happy but excited to discover so many essential shopping items in such a great location.

The line up of restaurants and food outlets is just as gratifying, from well known names like Burger king and Pizza hut and Baskin Robbins to Oceans 27 and A & W restaurant. It’s the perfect venue to sip a coffee with quiet contemplation over an alluring sunset that appear from the large glass windows of the mall, to simply begin the day breaking bread with family or a friend at Bread talk or settle down to a hearty dinner at one of the plush restaurants. Do not miss the amazing moonlight movie experience with a crowd or with a partner at the mall itself. For the traveller who is after the big names in the fashion industry to make some superb purchases, there are always names like Nike, Adidas and Puma making their appearance here. Some of the department names include Sogo, Centro and BatikKeris etc

While the mall is all about modernism and commercialism, Bali also has venues that goes back in time to be in touch with nature and its pristine charms. Uma Bali is one such hotel that unfolds like your own residence in the hill country of Indonesia. With narrow paths bordered by plants, and each residence having its own private garden and indigenous material at every corner of the resort, this luxury hotel Bali exudes the refreshing charm of nature. With large bedrooms, plunge pools that are surrounded by natural plantations and ravishing landscape, this fascinating Ubud hotel is an amazing place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and rejuvenate with the soothing touches of nature.


Shopping Malls in Bangkok- For an unforgettable shopping spree!

Bangkok is undoubtedly the shopping lovers’ paradise in South East Asia. From bazaars to streets filled with small shops to fancy shopping malls, the city features various options when it comes to shopping. And it is not just about different options of purchasing but it is also about the range of goods on offer. From electronics to fashion items to household goods, the city caters to the needs of all types of shoppers.

For most of the visitors to Bangkok it is all about the shopping malls. And guess what, there are so many of them, and they suit the different budgets as well as the lifestyles. And each one offers a great experience when it comes to shopping through great bargains, range of products, trendy settings, and accessibility.

With so many malls in Bangkok, the cityscape is now a very modern one with so many malls complimenting it. Each one feature global brands, high end designer brands, as well as local brands, and not limiting themselves to clothes and fashion options; lifestyle goods, electronics, computers, and computer accessories falling in to these categories are also available.

The malls are also an easy option when compared to trying to navigate through busy markets. The modern air-conditioned buildings are extremely shopper friendly and are very easy to navigate. Most of the malls are easily accessible through Bangkok’s BTS (Skytrain), making it easy to travel from one mall to the other.



Whilst in Bangkok there are a few malls one just got to visit simply to get a feel of the shopping lifestyle. So even if you are not interested in buying anything make it a point to explore them. The Siam Paragon is undoubtedly the fanciest. It features all the fancy and luxury goods when it comes to fashion. For all imported items and popular brand names try the Central World Plaza. Central Chidlom is ideal for affordable fashion exploration. The Terminal 21 is the dream shopping experience for any type of shopper. It’s like exploring some of the best cities of the world afforded through its amazing setting as well as the goods for sale. If you are keen on a weekend market style atmosphere try the Platinum Fashion Mall.

Book your Bangkok luxury hotel through the Internet for great bargains. The city features various types of lodging options and all of them guarantee modern amenities. For a luxury Bangkok hotel that offers the convenience of location try the Metropolitan Bangkok.

Diving with Whale Sharks in Samui

The Samui Archipelago is located off the southern side of Thailand in the Gulf of Thailand. It provides some of the best diving options as it is sheltered from the open ocean. Due to this the waters here are also calmer and warmer, providing excellent conditions for exploring what lies beneath. With the range of spots on offer it is the perfect destination for novices as well as advanced and more experience divers.

The other excellent condition the Samui Archipelago offers in terms of underwater explorations is its clear and consistent visibility. Due to this it is a popular destination amongst those keen on underwater photography and video filming the colourful and vibrant sea landscape.

The beauty of the Samui Islands extends from deep under the ocean up to the glorious skies. Above the surface, kissing the great tropical sun filled air is a paradise awaiting exploration: beaches, coves, mountains covered with greenery, all what you’d want to experience during a vacation. Under the surface there are more treasures to be explored. The waters are packed with ocean life: reef sharks, barracudas and other colourful tropical life swims about in abundance. The vibrant coral reefs and fascinating rock formation adds a wonderful backdrop. But most importantly you will have a chance of meeting one of the largest fish in the ocean: the whale shark.

The Samui Archipelago is an ideal spot for viewing these imposing creatures of the deep. On average, a whale shark grows to around 12 metres, though larger specimens have been spotted. While they are passive by nature, watching them glide beneath the ocean is sure to have your heart racing and provide a truly thrilling holiday experience that will last a life time. From March to October is generally considered the best period to view whale sharks.

Koh Samui features a range of PADI certified establishments providing dive equipment as well as guidance. If you are looking for accommodation, most offer their own dive facilities. Koh Samui resort, guest houses and budget accommodation can be booked through the Internet. If you are looking for a Chaweng hotel with luxurious comforts and a wonderful setting, Anantara Lawana Resort & Spa Koh Samui is an excellent option.


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Exploring the Best Beaches in Samui

Staying at a Koh Samui resort by the beach, such as Anantara Lawana Resort & Spa Koh Samui, is an ideal way to experience the island’s scenic coastal beauty. This Chaweng hotel is ideally placed on the Chaweng Beach itself and lets you spend lazy days soaking up the sun and having fun in the sand and surf. Chaweng Beach is popular for surfing and its nightlife, while there are a number of other beaches on the island worth visiting; Bophut Beach with its palm fringed shores, the laidback Lamai Beach, Choeng Mon Beach with its picturesque bays and Big Buddha Beach from where you can take a boat to Koh Pha Ngan island and experience the thrill of a Full Moon Party!

Kite Boarding and Wind Surfing

In Melbourne, those who love water sports are really at an advantage. The many beaches found in this city have just the right amount of waves to make activities like kite boarding and wind surfing ever so tasteful and popular.

Kite boarding and wind surfing are two activities that fall in the ‘high thrill’ category of water sports. Despite requiring quite a bit of skill it can be undertaken by anyone after a little bit of brushing up with professionals. The best part of Melbourne is that you can also get plenty of centers which provide a quick training which enables one to indulge in these sports.

A day out at the beach is a fantastic way to relax in Melbourne. Beaches here are clean, fun and perfectly safe to go for a swim or indulge in the array of water sports available. There are different spots known for different thrill levels. Whether you are an amateur or pro you can get a fun and fulfilling dosage of both kite boarding and wind surfing in Melbourne.

The city of Melbourne has so many other outdoor fun activities and water based activities to indulge in. Diving and snorkeling are also on the list and so is jet skiing and cruising. The beaches serve perfectly for a dip or a splash and make a sought out hang out spot that comes particularly alive during the weekends. The kids are busy building sand castles while the parents feel the kiss of the sun; a really perfect way to cleanse oneself from the week long stress of work.

When visiting Melbourne choose a comfortable and classy to hotel to fully enjoy your stay here. There are many beautiful places to see and things to do in the city and having a good Melbourne accommodation to come home to is of pivotal importance. Of all the places, the Melbourne hotels are the best as they ensure a luxurious and comfortable stay. And even in hotel names if you are picky for the finest, choose The Langham Melbourne. This 5 star hotel has all the royal amenities that would make you want to stay longer and longer in this hotel.


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The beauty of Bhutanese wildlife at the Royal Manas National Park

Bhutan is a nation that has been considered an oasis among the rampant commercialism and industrial revolution that is sweeping the world today. Being a tiny landlocked nation, nestled on the hills of the Himalayas among some of the tallest mountains in the world, Bhutan is also renowned for its great natural beauty. The lifestyles of the Bhutanese people have also changed little over the last hundred years and the vast majority live off agriculture by traditional methods.

The country is also famous for calculating the living standards of its people using an index known as Gross National Happiness that shuns the western notion of material wealth. This has helped the preservation of the natural environment in this country and kept it safe from over exploitation.

The landscape of Bhutan is dependent largely on its topography and altitude changes. It can range from low lying grassland plateaus to alpine forests in the Himalayas. The wildlife changes according to the type of forest and Takin a species of mountain goat that is endemic to the region is found ubiquitously along the mountains.

The Royal Manas National Park in Bhutan was created in order to preserve this great natural heritage that the country had been blessed with. Its 400 square miles of land area has a varied geography ranging from low lying areas to mountainous parts that are covered with ice all year round. Among the animals that are to be spotted are the Bengal Tiger, Pygmy Hog, One Horned Rhinoceros and the Ganges River Dolphin.

Many of these species are endemic to the region and some such as the One Horned Rhino are listed as being endangered by wildlife conservationists. The Royal Manas National Park is located centrally within the country so that if forms a natural corridor for animals to migrate to other protected forests that are in the peripheral parts. A visit here is a must do for tourists at a Bhutan hotel. Wildlife enthusiasts staying in a Paro hotel such as Uma Bhutan can easily arrange transport to visit this great natural park that is a hotbed of bio diversity and a custodian of a unique eco system.

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Shopping in the moon light in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city that has been established on the basis of international trade and its legacy as a port town in South East Asia. As in many parts of the region, locals of Hong Kong regard their markets as being at the centre of their lives and in a larger sense of the city. Markets in Asia are more than just a meeting place for producers and consumers; they have played an important role in the region’s culture and society.

The markets of Hong Kong are veritable melting pots of culture, as it is where traders from Europe, Asia and other parts of the world used to congregate. As such they were vehicles of cultural development and influenced everything from cuisine to clothing in the country. The Temple Street Night Market is one of the largest open air markets in Hong Kong and sees thousands of shoppers on a daily basis, of course the market much busier on weekends as many of the locals come to sample some of the street food and pick up some bargains.

The market is located in a historic part of the city and takes its name from the ancient Tin Hau Temple that is located along the main street. The temple was constructed during the Qing dynasty reign in China and has notable similarities with Taoist temples of the mainland.

The market opens around 2 pm in the afternoon, but most shoppers come here during the night. The market is particularly well known for men’s clothing though several stalls that peddle other items such as antiques, souvenirs, electronics and footwear are also seen. Items are very cheap and are a great place to buy a pair of knock-off designer jeans with out the premium price tag. The road side food carts are also popular among tourists especially those staying in Mongkok hotels Hong Kong as it is a convenient location for a quick dinner. Staying at a hotel in Kowloon such as Cosmo Hotel Mongkok is a great option for travelers that want to stay at the heart of Hong Kong’s entertainment district.

Thanuja Silva is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Auburn Silver. She has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world.

Historical Sites In Anuradhapura

Anuradhapura is a historic city located in the island of Sri Lanka. Situated some two hundred kilometres from the capital of Colombo, it is a highly popular tourist destination within the country. It served as the capital of the tropical island for over one thousand years and while its glory days maybe over the city still has a lot to offer. Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982, Anuradhapura is full of historic buildings waiting to be explored.

The Sri Maha Bodhi is probably the most well-known tree in the land. The tree was grown from a branch from the actual Bodhi tree under which the Buddha gained enlightenment. The offshoot was brought to the island by Sanghamitta, the daughter of the Indian king, Asoka, and it was planted here by king Devanampiya, the then king of the island. Venerated by Buddhists, it remains an important Sri Lankan landmark.

The Aukana Buddha is a thirteen metre tall granite statue of Buddha dating to the 5th century. It is located outside of Anuradhapura and is a magnificent example of early Sri Lankan architecture. The Thuparama Temple is thought to contain a clavicle of Buddha. Many believe that the Thuparama Temple is the oldest dagoba in the country. The Isurumuniya Temple is another popular spot renowned for its intricate stone carvings, the most well-known of which is the Isurumuniya Lovers.

One can hardly visit Anuradhapura without stopping by Ruwanveli Seya. Built in the 2nd century, the temple is a stunning piece of architecture. There are many statues found here including one that is thought to be of King Dutugamunu, the emperor who ordered the construction of the Ruwanveli Seya. Other popular spots include Mihintale, Ritigala, and the Jethawana Monastery.

While the island becomes increasingly popular as a tourist destination the local government is improving infrastructure such as roads and public transport to keep pace. However, Sri Lanka travel can still be difficult and uncomfortable. To avoid delays and ensure comfort tourists should consider joining Sri Lanka tours provided by a reputed outfit like Jetwing Travels. They take care of the nitty-gritty of travel so one can focus on what is important.


Thanuja Silva is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Auburn Silver. She has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world.


Sakenan Temple In Bali

Located on the famed Turtle Island (also called Serangan Island) just off the coast of Bali, the Sakenan Temple is one of the most widely visited Hindu temples in Indonesia. The temple was built sometime during the tenth century by Mpu Kuturan, a priest belonging to the Majapahit Empire. Although it is a traditional Balinese Hindu Temple, various other religious elements were incorporated into the temple during the fifteenth century by a priest named Dang Hyang Niratha. The temple is actually made up of two compounds.

The smaller of the two compounds is also the oldest and was built using red coral and limestone. It only contains one shrine dedicated to the God of welfare and good fortune, Cri Sedana. The larger compound contains many shrines for relatives of Cri Sedana. The Sakenan Temple is a terrific place to visit to learn more about Balinese Hindu traditions.

The best time to visit is during Kuningan Day which marks the day the temple was founded by Mpu Kuturan. The festival is dedicated to the Hindu deity, Vishnu, and lasts three days between the end of Kuningan and the beginning of Langkir. During these days most devotees spend their time in prayer asking for prosperity in the coming year. The Sakenan Temple is a short ten minute drive from Sanur and takes roughly twenty minutes from Kuta.

Bali bills itself as the ‘Island of the Gods’ and it is easy to see why. From blue oceans and sandy beaches to green rice hills and dense jungles, Bali is a patchwork of gorgeous, dramatic and eye catching landscapes. It is easily one of the most beloved holiday destinations in the world and receives a steady stream of tourists throughout the year. When it comes to getting around Bali one has plenty of options including buses and taxis. Intrepid explorers should consider renting a bicycle or bike.

Accommodation is also quite easy to come by with a variety of lodging catering to different budgets. The Uma Bali is a premier luxury hotel Bali. The Ubud hotel is surrounded by verdure and radiates an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity that is sure to resonate with guests trying to get into island mode.