Amazing water sports experience in Bentota

The water sports scene in Bentota warrants checking out where you can take turns going diving, enjoying some banana boating and even a quiet yet engaging snorkelling expedition.


Comb the very depths of the ocean floor in search of an array of colourful marine mammals that inhabit the waters off Bentota during a snorkelling trip. Considered a good way to kick off your adventurous pursuits in this section of Sri Lanka, one may avail of professional expertise that will see to it that you are well placed to enjoy the brilliance of what the ocean will reveal to you.

Banana Boating

Suiting those in groups, banana boating will have you clinging on for dear life to the person seated in front of you. This is because the banana-shaped vessel that you will be riding can easily throw you off as the power of the speedboat and the waves can combine in sending you the odd curveball.


Satisfy your cravings for the ocean in no uncertain manner with a riveting dive. When in the water, you will come into contact with coral reefs that showcase a cross-section of fish whose varying hues, shades and sizes will leave you in awe. Given the diving centres around town, you can pick and choose from beginner courses, advanced courses to even those that would attract the little ones.

Water Skiing

Water Skiing
Water Skiing – Photo by Ethan Walsweer on Unsplash

Bring along your adventurous spirit and a will to succeed en route to trying your hand at some water skiing. If based at one of the 5-star hotels in Bentota such as the Cinnamon Bentota Beach, then you will have ease of access to Bentota River. This water body provides a conducive environment for you to perfect your balance on a ski and be towed by boat as you glide through the water with impeccable accuracy.

Water sports in Bentota

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is an island nation with many tourist destinations inland. With rivers and lakes irrigating the fertile soil of the country, the country is known the world over as a water sports destination. Bentota, a town in the Southern Province, is loved by tourists visiting Sri Lanka. If you are planning to visit Bentota, here are some of the water sports you can enjoy.

Jet skiing

One of the most thrilling activities that there is, jet skiing is a popular water sport with tourists vising Bentota. Heading out into the ocean on a jet ski at unbelievable speeds and besting all the waves cannot be compared to anything else! If this is your first time trying to jet ski, get your hotel or a tour operator to find an instructor for you.


Diving is another activity you can enjoy during your time in Bentota. The best time to dive here is from November to May; this is when the visibility is at its best. Divers encounter a range of marine creatures on their excursions. Tourists can also find several diving schools all over the town.


Visit Bentota from November to April for an unforgettable windsurfing experience. There are numerous academies where tourists can learn windsurfing. Those staying at 5-star hotels in Bentota can get their hotels to arrange lessons for them.


Snorkeling | Image by PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

You can find snorkelling sites minutes from Cinnamon Bentota Beach. This is one of the best ways to admire the beauty of Sri Lanka’s marine life. Don’t worry if you are new to snorkelling, a professional guide can help you get the trick of it.


Bentota, A Heaven for Water Sport Enthusiasts

Bentota is one of the most mesmerising beaches in Sri Lanka for various reasons: As a holiday paradise for travellers, Bentota offers a spectacular beach with amazing palm trees and crystal-clear water for an array of water sports activities like wakeboarding, jet-skiing, snorkelling, surfing, banana boating, and many more. Apart from being the ideal location for a peaceful getaway, this coastal town is home to sacred Buddhist temples, a turtle hatchery, beautiful landscapes, and many more.

Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing
Jet Skiing – Image by dimitrisvetsikas1969 via Pixabay

This is one of the most popular water-based activities in Bentota. Many visitors who travel to Bentota usually hire a jet ski and glide through waves. Jet Skiing is an exciting activity you can experience at properties like Cinnamon Bentota Beach, one of the luxury 5-star hotels in Bentota.


Bentota is the perfect paradise for windsurfers to have a fantastic time with the ideal atmosphere to cruise through crystal clear waters next to a pristine sandy beach. You can either hire or bring your equipment such as the board, sail, and rig, and even take advantage of the windsurfing classes Bentota offers!

Banana Boating

This is ideal for families and friends who want to share a thrilling adventure in Bentota. As a super fun and easy activity, Banana Boating guarantees an exhilarating time as you sit astride the inflatable Banana-shaped boat that gets pulled along the water by a speed boat. Get ready to bounce along crashing waves!


If you are an adrenaline junkie, wakeboarding in Bentota is perfect for you. Prepare to ride a wakeboard towed behind a motorboat at the speed of 30-40 km/h and witness the marvellous Bentota sea while gliding above the water.



Water Skiing in Bentota

Those who now come to Bentota to enjoy their beach vacations have the perfect chance to engage in an exciting water sport. That’s none other than ‘water skiing’!

What’s water skiing?

Jet skiing is something you already know about. Water skiing also is played on the surface of the water where the rider is pulled behind a boat.

The experience

It’s an exciting experience. Riders get to skim the surface using one or two skis. Two skis are generally used by beginners, but the experts can manage with just one ski.

Instructing and supervising

Once you understand how the game works, water skiing will not be a big deal at all. But, if this is your first time, you’ll need some support from the experts. Let them teach the basics to you and then develop your confidence.

Other water sports

surfing | Image via Unsplash

Bentota also offers perfect opportunities for jet skiing, surfing, and fun tubing. Those who want to swim all day can do it without any barriers too.

Holidaying in Bentota

Choose to spend your family holiday or that with your friends at one of the 5-star hotels in Bentota. There are many great options available for you including Cinnamon Bentota Beach.