water skiing

Water Skiing in Bentota

Those who now come to Bentota to enjoy their beach vacations have the perfect chance to engage in an exciting water sport. That’s none other than ‘water skiing’!

What’s water skiing?

Jet skiing is something you already know about. Water skiing also is played on the surface of the water where the rider is pulled behind a boat.

The experience

It’s an exciting experience. Riders get to skim the surface using one or two skis. Two skis are generally used by beginners, but the experts can manage with just one ski.

Instructing and supervising

Once you understand how the game works, water skiing will not be a big deal at all. But, if this is your first time, you’ll need some support from the experts. Let them teach the basics to you and then develop your confidence.

Other water sports

surfing | Image via Unsplash

Bentota also offers perfect opportunities for jet skiing, surfing, and fun tubing. Those who want to swim all day can do it without any barriers too.

Holidaying in Bentota

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