Watersport activities in Maldives -Exciting must-try water sports

Maldives is a heavenly beach paradise where there is less land and more sea and there’s something for everyone between the turquoise waters and the golden sun.

Parasailing in Maldives

Parasailing | Image Courtesy : By Badr Naseem (Parasailing) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Parasailing | Image Courtesy : By Badr Naseem (Parasailing) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

This unique water sport combines speed with the adrenaline pumping aspect of lifting you off the ground. Participants are strapped securely to a harness with one end fastened to a speed boat. The vessel pulls you on an awe-inspiring journey that provides breathtaking aerial views of the coastal landscapes below.

Kayaking, Windsurfing and More

Windsurfing | Image Courtesy: sharonang
Windsurfing | Image Courtesy: sharonang

In a country where water exceeds land, you can expect a range of water-sports. Consider staying in a Maldives resort such as the COMO Hotels & Resorts that offer facilities for enjoying the sea and sunny weather.

Surfing Paradise

Surfing | Image Courtesy: Kanenori
Surfing | Image Courtesy: Kanenori

Most locals spend endless hours surfing; it’s a way of life here. Surf buffs will benefit from the massive waves brought on by the southwest monsoon around the months of June to September

Diving in Maldives

Diving | Image courtesy: FonthipWard
Diving | Image courtesy: FonthipWard

Blessed with stunning marine and coral life, the Maldives is one of the best places for diving. As you explore the world beneath the waves, you will come across vivid corals of all shapes and sizes as well as fish species including angelfish, sweet lips, butterfly fish, barracudas and even sharks.

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Top Diving Spots in the world

There’s no better way to explore the beauty that makes up the underwater world of fascinating marine creatures, colourful coral reefs, ancient shipwrecks and so much more, than with scuba diving. Whether you are just beginning or have been diving for years, there are a host of different diving sites around the world, with each offering its own uniquely wonderful diving experience.

The turquoise waters and vast coral formations are just some of the reasons that attract divers to the stunning Maldives Islands. Resorts themselves boast great diving opportunities within their house reefs, like the Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi, for example, which is located near other note-worthy diving sites. Maldives offers several deep reefs and shipwreck dives along with the mesmerising experience of leisurely swimming alongside groups of manta rays and sharks.
Travel further east, and discover the many exciting diving locations that Indonesia has to offer. From the coral gardens off Bali’s coast, to the staggering amount of life diversity at Raja Ampat, the options are endless, but it’s the Lembeh Strait that wins out as best Indonesian diving location. Under the calm waters that divides Lembeh Island from the mainland, lies an extraordinary world, full of exotic looking flora and fauna. An underwater photographer’s dream, the dark ocean’s bed is home to an amazing display of rare sea creatures – mandarin fish, mimic octopus, flamboyant cuttlefish, hairy frog fish and dragonets to name a few.
However, if you’re more interested in wrecks than reefs, the Red Sea is the place to be. The tumultuous waters and strong winds and numerous reefs make this area hazardous to navigate. The ancient Egyptians and Romans travelled along Red Sea regularly and often ran aground. Even today, it’s not unusual to hear of vessels sinking near the reefs; plus, there are several sunken war ships in the area. These are of course, just a few places that offer great diving sites. From beautiful coral reefs to wreck diving, there’s so many diving destinations in the world to discover.

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Diving with Manta Rays in Maldives

Tipped to be one of the most exhilarating and unique underwater experiences on offer in the Maldives, diving with manta rays is not for the faint of heart. Though these gentle giants are in fact, one of the most docile marine species in the ocean, they do cut imposing figures especially when one interacts with them in their own turf. Available through a variety of Maldives villas and resorts with diving centres including the Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives and innumerable others, diving with manta rays is specifically geared for seasoned divers.

The Maldives is not only home to large schools of manta rays but is also one of the few diving hotspots in the world where spotting the large creatures is almost guaranteed due to their large local populace. Visitors who wish to experience a scuba diving excursion with manta rays will typically be transported to a site in the Indian Ocean such as Hanifaru where many mantas are known to feed during high tide. After the speedboat ride, divers will typically wait for high tide as the rising waves cause the manta rays to gather in one location to feed on plankton. Hanifaru is, in fact, one of the top diving destinations in the paradise archipelago and is especially well-known as a popular spot to witness manta rays as well as other marine creatures in their natural habitat.

Although manta rays appear fierce and imposing their nature is anything but hazardous to humans although divers must be careful when coming face to face and interacting with the creatures. Noticing the various patterns and spots on their bellies and skin has helped marine biologists and seasoned divers in the area to differentiate one manta ray from another. Diving fanatics who are based in the Maldives are certainly adept at interacting and recognising individual manta rays and also look to photograph them using underwater cameras. Tourists and those who are diving with the rays for the first time, however, should exercise caution and respect the distance between one’s self and the ray and enjoy the experience.

Stay Adventurous
Stay Adventurous, Img. Src:[Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives]
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Banana Reef

Maldives is well known for its remarkable natural dive sites. Banana Reef is one of the oldest dive sites that can be found in Maldives that is renowned internationally. The reef is shaped like a banana which provides excellent protection to the marine area. It is also a protected marine spot due to its exceptional shape, a large number of fish varieties that dwell beneath the shimmering waters and rare caves and canyons that are found scattered across the depths of the sea. Due to its popularity among divers, it is frequented by tourists as well as locals who enjoy diving in spectacular natural locations. If you are a diving fan and staying in a Maldives luxury resort the likes of COMO Cocoa Island, The Maldives, you can take a boat trip to this must visit location to fulfil your diving fantasies. Beginners, as well as professional divers, are sure to enjoy this panoramic reef that boasts beautiful soft coral growths, overhangs and small canyons.

The multicoloured coral reefs and large schools of small to big fish that can be seen here make your dive worthwhile. Some of the predators that can be seen here include barracudas, sharks and groupers. It is also home to an array of small and attractive fish species that can be widely seen while diving.

Banana Reef is situated north of Male within the atoll when you pass the airport. Diving takes a new meaning at Banana Reef when the current is relatively mild. It is the best time for all types of divers to take a plunge and explore the breathtakingly beautiful soft corals quite safely. However, diving near the middle of this reef area can be quite risky for amateurs due to the strong incoming currents across the channel that can create an effect of a spinning washing machine!

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