Thrilling Adventure Activities in Maldives

Looking to add some unforgettable thrills to your holiday in the Maldives? If so, here are some activities that won’t disappoint!

Diving with Sharks

Dive with Sharks
Dive with Sharks | Image via Unsplash

Not to be missed is a chance to dive and swim amongst sharks in the Maldives! Villas at resorts in the Rasdhoo Atoll make ideal accommodation options to be based at; from here, you can head out on early morning dives to places like Shark Point where you have a chance to encounter distinctive hammerhead sharks.

Semi-Submarine Ride

Want to explore underwater worlds without getting wet? Resorts such as Kuramathi Maldives offer rides in a special semi-submarine to enjoy a unique adventure in air-conditioned comfort! Spots such as the Giri Reef are ideal for such excursions providing views of coral and marine life, perfect for photographing too.

Big Game Fishing

Fishing | Image via Unsplash

Fishing enthusiasts or those looking to take up this activity have much to look forward to. When out at sea, you can test your skills, patience and strength going head to head with the likes of barracuda, wahoo and tuna! Ideally, choose a resort that adheres to a ‘catch and release’ policy that protects these marine species.

Snorkelling Safaris

Those who can snorkel can head off on snorkelling safaris to various key reefs in an atoll. Look to see if your chosen resort offers such excursions with a marine biologist to guide you as well. Apart from diverse coral and fish, depending on where you go and with a bit of luck, you may encounter turtles or manta rays too!

Experience Diving in Maldives

Providing unparalleled views of the country’s stunning coral and marine life, diving in Maldives offers unforgettable adventures and is not to be missed when on holiday.

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Choosing a Resort

When selecting a suitable resort, ensure that it has a dive school / centre that offers SSI and PADI certified courses for both beginners and pros. Consider properties such as Kandolhu Maldives that also feature half and full-day excursions to dive sites, private diving options and unique experiences like fluorescent night dives too.

House Reef Dives

For those new to diving, a great place to start would be at a house reef, usually found near an island resort and its Maldives villas. Such house reefs can be easily accessed and provide ideal opportunities to encounter diverse marine species from colourful reef fish to hawksbill turtles, eagle rays, manta rays and even various sharks.

Key Dive Sites

There are plenty of dive sites in Maldives especially in destinations such as the North and South Ari Atolls. Notable hotspots include Fishhead and Maaya Thila that are two Protected Marine Areas home to grey reef sharks, Moofushi Manta Point (December to April), the Fesdu Wreck and Hammerhead Shark Point at Rasdhoo Atoll.

When to Dive

You can enjoy diving here year-round; that said, December to May, the dry season, generally has the best weather and visibility. However, you can still enjoy diving in the rainy season (June to November) too and in some locations, the build-up of plankton during this time will attract more whale sharks and manta rays.

Diving with Manta Rays in Maldives

Tipped to be one of the most exhilarating and unique underwater experiences on offer in the Maldives, diving with manta rays is not for the faint of heart. Though these gentle giants are in fact, one of the most docile marine species in the ocean, they do cut imposing figures especially when one interacts with them in their own turf. Available through a variety of Maldives villas and resorts with diving centres including the Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives and innumerable others, diving with manta rays is specifically geared for seasoned divers.

The Maldives is not only home to large schools of manta rays but is also one of the few diving hotspots in the world where spotting the large creatures is almost guaranteed due to their large local populace. Visitors who wish to experience a scuba diving excursion with manta rays will typically be transported to a site in the Indian Ocean such as Hanifaru where many mantas are known to feed during high tide. After the speedboat ride, divers will typically wait for high tide as the rising waves cause the manta rays to gather in one location to feed on plankton. Hanifaru is, in fact, one of the top diving destinations in the paradise archipelago and is especially well-known as a popular spot to witness manta rays as well as other marine creatures in their natural habitat.

Although manta rays appear fierce and imposing their nature is anything but hazardous to humans although divers must be careful when coming face to face and interacting with the creatures. Noticing the various patterns and spots on their bellies and skin has helped marine biologists and seasoned divers in the area to differentiate one manta ray from another. Diving fanatics who are based in the Maldives are certainly adept at interacting and recognising individual manta rays and also look to photograph them using underwater cameras. Tourists and those who are diving with the rays for the first time, however, should exercise caution and respect the distance between one’s self and the ray and enjoy the experience.

Stay Adventurous
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Thoddoo Excursion

Island hopping is a great way to truly explore and experience the natural beauty and diversity of the Maldives. Make sure to add a visit to the island of Thoddoo which provides a fun day out where one can learn about local culture as well. Look to stay at a Maldives island resort such as Kuramathi Island which provides excursions to Thoddoo and other islands too. It also offers charming Maldives villas that come with modern comforts that help make your stay all the more memorable.

A Thoddoo excursion will take you to this enchanting island, known for its lush greenery. Set amidst a small atoll, the island is known for its agriculture and one can view locals at works in the fields on a visit here. Providing a unique insight into a traditional local way of life, Thoddoo is a great place to explore and one can see farming areas, local schools and produce such as watermelons that grow here in abundance.