Off Road Driving in Abu Dhabi

Just a little over 50 years ago, Abu Dhabi was no more than a fishing village with a fort, some coral buildings and endless desserts dotted with oases. As the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi does not hold as much world prominence as neighbouring Dubai. However, it offers a more traditional approach to Arabian living, and the skies are dominated by gleaming skyscrapers, the shopping is just as exceptional and the food divine! Some of the great places to see whilst on holiday include, the Abu Dhabi Heritage Village, Cultural Foundation, Emirates Palace, Corniche Park, Qasr al-Husn and the Women’s Handicraft Centre. Shopping in Abu Dhabi is exceptional at the Deira City Centre and Marina Mall Tower, whilst dining opportunities offers itself from local delicacies to international fast food chains.

Expanses of dessert surround Abu Dhabi, and there is no better thrill than doing some off road driving. The activity is so popular that today it has become a sport, and the annual competition of the Abu Dhabi Dessert Challenge, which is the closing event of the FIM Cross Country Rallies World Championships and FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup. A collection of cars, bikes and trucks partake in this event each year. Driving on what is locally known as ‘wadis’ or dessert trails is easy, but once you take your 4WD off the road, the drive becomes more challenging and it always advisable to have a second vehicle at hand, along with an experienced driver who is familiar with the terrain. A book guide is available called the UAE Off-Road Explorer, which is quite useful. Tour operators can also be easily found to take your on your off road drive in the Abu Dhabi dessert. The challenges are exhilarating and the techniques are entirely different to driving on the road, so if you are up for the adventure, there is no better place to start, than Abu Dhabi dessert!

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Exploring the caves in a marine national park in Thailand

With breathtaking scenery and landscape that offset gracefully by a ravishing coastline, cultural marvels and historical monuments, Thailand is one tourist destination which offers variety with great hospitality. The coastal line of Trang which stretches over nearly 120 km is a perfect example for a place with multiple interests. From its origin as a fishing village to its national park, it boasts of several delightful locations and excursions such as a scenic drive, a boat trip to explore the caves and a string of islands each as interesting as the other.

The Chao Mai Cave is one such place of interest located in the Marine National Park that is situated along this coastal stretch of Trang. Among the many places of interest, the cave holds a special interest to many visitors due to the rarity of the experience. The cave which is quite large is located on the south side of the park and can be entered by the sea. This is a stalagmite cave with many levels of which the bottom level is the biggest has all the levels interconnected by a passage on to the right of the cave. One of the distinctive features about the cave is its extensive rock formation: stalactites and stalagmite form tall pillars that rise up to the very ceiling from the floor. An attractive variant to the cave is a small but beautiful spring gushing from the top level chamber within the cave. The boat trip to the cave is thus a much anticipated event for the visitors to the marine national park.

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Adrenaline Forest: An Adrenalin Rush for the Entire Family

Adrenaline Forest which is ideal for both family and group visits, is an enthralling adventure park positioned in the centre of the forest. This park which is known to be a challenge against gravity and balance is situated in Spencer Park just 15 minutes away from the Christchurch CBD.

Providing endless fun and entertainment for the entire family, Adrenaline Forest offers the visitor the chance to test their strength and persistence. Adrenaline Forest is full of surprises, excitement and has plenty of fun filled activities such as an aerial obstacle course which is 20 metres above ground. There are also six pathways which are about 2 kilometres long. These pathways are created in a way that is extremely difficult to progress. These pathways alone occupy an area of four hectares of the forest.

Way up in the tree canopy, daring visitors are provided the chance to securely pass through as much as 100 testing activities while being fastened by an overhead safety wire. Adrenaline Forest can be explained as an adventure park that offers multi-level obstacle courses set way above ground. Participants are ensured to come across rope bridges, flying foxes and Tarzan swings all set up in the tree canopy.

Adrenaline Forest giving that adrenalin rush that suits all ages and sizes and experience is not at all necessary. Since comprehensive instruction and safety measures are provided, visitors will have to have no doubt when it comes to safety. Furthermore, participants are well attached while participating in all activities above ground. There are also safety leaders present at the site through out the day. Approximately three hours at the park and visitors can accomplish all obstacle courses at Adrenaline Forest.

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Sonoran Desert

Scottsdale is known for its upscale nightlife with an eclectic blend of nightclubs, theatres, jazz clubs and restaurants serving up a delightful array of entertainment for just about every age group. As part of Arizona you can expect to see a marvellous blend of cowboys, deserts, the iconic Grand Canyon, shopaholics, golf courses and libertarians. Arizona is a great place to be, to experience that typical western charm America is so famous for. The New York Times once explained Arizona as “a dessert version of Miami’s South Beach” and as having “plenty of night partying and a buzzing hotel scene”. Arts and culture is very much celebrated affair in Scottsdale, and they are known to have the largest concentration of museums and art galleries open to the public. Scottsdale Art Festival is a popular attraction that takes place every year. And here, you can find several districts and areas dedicated to arts and galleries such as, Scottsdale Arts District that can be segmented to Main Street Arts District, Marshall Way Arts District and Old Town District. No matter your reason for visiting Scottsdale Arizona, you are sure to be pleased with the excellent selection of entertainment options available to you.

Beside the landmark Grand Canyon every tourist will visit whilst in Arizona, there is yet another tourist attraction that is worthwhile visiting – Sonoran Dessert. Standing opposite the Mohave Dessert and straddling the border of Mexico whilst overlapping in to Arizona and California is the diverse ecosystem that makes up the Sonoran Desert. Taking a look at the life that exists in this desert, there are 60 identified species of mammals, 350 bird species, over a hundred reptilian species, 20 amphibian species, native fish that amount to 30 species, over 2000 native plants and over a 1000 species of bees alone. The Sonoran Desert that borders Mexico and Tucson is also known to the natural habitat for jaguars in the whole of the United States. Whilst there is much plant and animal life in the desert, Sonoran is also home to seventeen aboriginal American cultures, making it a great place to explore.

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A Deserts Walk To Remember

When thinking of a vacation in Abu Dhabi, tourists should not miss an opportunity to explore the desert landscape that surrounds this emirate. A popular tourist activity is to take a desert walk or join a tour group that would guide one through this fascinating landscape.

To begin one’s desert walk why not start at the largest Arabian oases located at the Empty Quarter – the Liwa Desert. The desert is famous for the Bani Yas tribe who has a long line of descendents who have made their homes among these surroundings.

The tribe is considered as the descendents of the Bedouin forefathers of the present generation of rulers of Abu Dhabi. With palm fringed roads and freshwater pools to enjoy, the Liwa Desert offers excursions, which are close by to the city.

The Liwa Desert is a popular tourist destination mainly due to its location, towards the south of Abu Dhabi the dessert forms a border with Saudi Arabia. Locals describe the desert much like a sentinel guarding the entrance from the Southward end of the emirate. Almost as if it were made to guard the Empty Quarter’s edge. This is also, where the largest sand desert in the world is to be found, it is known as the Rub Al Khali.

If you are on your way to the desert to indulge in a desert walk, it is hard not to notice the small quaint little towns and villages that have sprung up. Tourists will also notice that there are even a few farms that have emerged against the backdrop of the sand dunes.

On arriving at the desert or while travelling there, a unique aspect of this mysterious landscape is the changing colours of the desert sand. This will become more apparent when one sets foot on the sand. The most beautiful is towards the end of the evening when the sands begin changing from golden to red against a backdrop of a setting sun.

To be able to truly appreciate the culture of the desert, tourists should consider spending a few days at an Abu Dhabi resort. One such as the Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara, situated in the Liwa Desert will definitely be an experience that will not be forgotten. Decked out in very traditional and local motifs the atmosphere created here, will take tourists back to the days of camping out in the desert, and unlike other Abu Dhabi resort hotels, the views are absolutely breathtaking.

Coral Reef

The tropical atolls and lagoons of the Maldivian archipelago are loved all over the world as a destination with unparalleled natural beauty when it comes to the shallow tropical seas, lush greenery of beach vegetation and of course, and the bountiful life of the reefs. That being said, the true attraction of the region remains the breathtakingly beautiful Coral Reefs, teeming with vivid and varied tropical sea life and breathing life to the oceanic ecosystem to thrive and propagate.

In actuality Coral Reefs are massive colonial organisms made up with millions of tiny polyps, whose limestone based shell form the structure of the reef itself. Corals come in mind-boggling varieties of shape, size and colour spread across 200 different species, and taking a plunge in the shallow warm seas off the Maldives atolls you will come across most of these variants blossoming in all their glory.

You shouldn’t forget that the colourful reefs of coral is also the home of a plethora of tropical sea life including sponges, molluscs, crustaceans and an amazing variety of fish from small and brightly coloured parrotfish to reef sharks with their sinister stare, so be ready for an undersea world of life and wonder like no other.

At Maldives, the Coral Reefs take up formations and shapes rarely seen elsewhere in the world. One such formation is the composite ring form known as the ‘faros’, which encircles entire atolls. Ideal place for a snorkelling adventure or going scuba diving, the Maldivian Coral Reefs of today have recovered in great part from the tsunami devastation in 2004. The awesome natural bounty of the Coral Reef also makes it an ideal spot for some underwater photography, where basic equipment can be rented out from the islands. While in Maldives, you will be able to witness some of the most successful programs of coral repopulation in the world, where thousands of square meters lost to the reefs has been re-grown with much effort from the islanders who are beginning to comprehend the importance of the Coral reef to their livelihood and environment.

Almost any Maldives hotel or one of the many Maldives Island resortsprovides tour opportunities to enjoy the magnificence of the coral reefs. At places close to the reefs like the Nalandhu, Maldives you can have the best experience of diving and adventure among the majestic corals of the archipelago.

Arugam Bay- Where Surfing is a Way of Life.

Regarded as one of the top ten surf points in the word Arugam Bay is a unique destination situated in the south east coast of Sri Lanka.

Dominated by right had point breaks Arugam bay has enough to keep both beginners and professional surfers enthralled. Fast gaining reputation amongst surfers as a friendly location Arugam Bay has seen a steady rise in reputation and has even attracted a major Pro Surfing tournament.

The clip below gives a good indications of the fabulous waves surfers can catch at Arugam Bay.

Diving Courses

Beyond the surface of the crystal clear waters just as the glistening sunrays strike upon its endless facade, the underwater life existent in the beaches are evident. The ocean glowing in the sunlight, the beauty of the lucid waters of Maldives teem with its diversely rich marine life, stunning travelers with a myriad of species ranging from colours, sizes and shapes. Having such an amazing marine life, afar from what the eye can see, Maldives offers diving as a water sport activity, giving its visitors an opportunity to witness the underwater life, in a more closer and personal manner.

Perhaps one of the best places to indulge in diving, Maldives has long hailed as the reputed destination to explore the natural swimming pool that surrounds it. Having more sea than land with its turquoise lagoons, incredible reefs and beautiful atolls, the island is the perfect place to start your diver training.

Gaining such popularity in the water sports field, it is no surprise that almost all the resorts around the island offer an extensive variety of water sports. One of them being diving, there is a dive school maintained in every resort that offers courses and training to beginners. Compared to receiving an international standard of teaching, Professional Association of Diving Instructors is perhaps the most leading institution. Having sprouted around Maldives, the association has received wide recognition, providing its standard courses in their number of training agencies.

Those who enter Maldives as novices and embark on one of the many diving courses offered; often go back to their homeland as experienced and trained persons. Those who do not have any diving experience to speak of have nothing to worry as the diving courses offered are extensive depending on each resort, where all the equipment will be provided.

A thrilling and adventurous activity by nature, diving is considered an adrenaline rushing experience. Embracing the teaching methods, guests can easily experience the remarkable splendour of the underwater beauty of the coral garden and fascinating species. A must do activity, there are many courses that include beginners, advanced and specialized.

Having their own diving site, the schools provide a variety of facilities and equipments such as snorkels, masks, wetsuits, drysuits, fins, compressors, BCD, diving knives, and dhonis which are fitted with tanks. Among other diving equipments, schools also provide octopus regulators. Offering a list of guidelines to the divers, the instructor goes through the requirements and rules. Before heading to the water, the equipments are checked more than once, ensuring safety and reliability. Those who participate in PADI courses are offered certificates after the completion of the training. The five day course which includes around nine on field diving lessons will make certain that you have enough knowledge to dive without any further training. In addition, there are a number of theory lessons.

There are many Maldives resorts available for those who are searching for a villa in Maldives. Anantara, Kihavah is one such resort that offers luxury and privacy to its visitors. Guests staying here are bound to have an amazing time as it offers a number of amenities such as a spa, infinity pool and great fine dining options.


Also sometimes known as “Free running” Parkour is a recreational sport which involves running, climbing, rolling through roof tops, walls or any other obstacle in the way. Although some purists distinguish between Parkour and “freerunning” they both have similar techniques. Parkour can also be described as a method of movement that focuses on maximum free flowing movement in order to get from A to B.

Extreme Mountain Biking

For many of us a mountain bike is a simple two wheeled contraption designed to get us from one point to another. But for some it’s an instrument to test the limits of gravity and physics. Extreme mountain biking involves immense courage, practice, patience and self reliance.

Below is a short clip that illustrates the complexity of the sport. It gives a good indication of the skills required to be a top extreme mountain biker.