Quad Adventure Cambodia, a sensational experience

A quad adventure in Cambodia promises to be an unforgettable experience for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and exploring a charming country. The ‘quads’ which are used here are in fact American manufactured Polaris Trail Boss all terrain vehicles which are fun to drive as well as being safe and easy to manoeuvre, even for those with no previous experience in driving all terrain vehicles. The quads are meticulously maintained making them utterly safe and reliable.

Irrespective of whether you desire a relaxing tour in the tropical sunset or an exciting and stimulating two day excursion to a remote destination like the Koh Ker Temple, there are packages to suit everyone’s tastes. There is no better way to get a genuine taste of Siem Reap; Cambodia is always interesting to explore, offering an exotic landscape with rustic villages, exotic temples and scenic rice paddies.

Numerous different trails and localities are available offering varying routes and diverse terrains so that there is always something to suit anyone’s fancy. For the novice at riding quad bikes there is the Easy Ride Tour which proceeds along the easiest roads, inspiring confidence even for those who have never piloted a quad bike before. The 17 km ride takes the tourist around the lovely Wat Athwea temple.

An attractive choice is the Sunset Tour which commences late in the afternoon. The tour takes the visitor through 12 km of charming Siem Reap countryside, concluding with a spectacular vista of the setting sun dipping below the rice paddies. Another appealing option is the Discovery Tour which takes the participant across the countryside providing a memorable glimpse of the pristine Cambodian landscape.

For the true enthusiast who desires to experience the Cambodian quad driving experience to the fullest there is the Angkor Adventure Tour, which is a 300 km ride taking 5 days and 4 nights. An amazing excursion which combines the pleasure of driving with the delights of sightseeing, this is the ultimate all terrain vehicle adventure.

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Lal Bagh Botanical Garden

Located in South Bangalore is this vibrant 240 acre garden, Lal Bagh, home to over one thousand species of fauna and flora and a number of trees that are over centuries old. A number of flower shows are held each year, exhibiting the park founded by Kempe Gowda who is renowned as the founder of Bangalore. Aesthetically designed with delicately organized flower beds, lotus pools and lawns, the garden enjoys an intricately designed watering system which keeps the fountains alive and the gardens with life and colour.

One of the attractions in the garden is its 3000 million old rock formations, one of the oldest rock formations on earth. Translated from the native Kannada language to English, Lal Bagh means The Red Garden, and is one of the most well known botanical gardens. Proud of its royal origin, the Lal Bagh Gardens was initially commenced as a private garden and was commissioned by Hyder Ali in 1760 who was then a famous ruler.

Housed among the wonderful environs of the botanical gardens is the Directorate of Horticulture which belongs to the Government of Karnataka, under whom the gardens are now protected. In 1856 the gardens were given the title of a Government Botanical Garden and have been an internationally recognized centre for the technical study of botanical artwork and plants. It is also known for its work on the conservation of plant life and hybrid varieties.

Among the many attractions that are scattered across the 240 acres of lush sprawling gardens, is the Floral Clock which is placed near the entrance through the main gates. Showcasing a myriad of vibrant colours, the clock is placed between the delicately manicured flowerbeds. Children that visit the gardens are enthralled by the Snow White and Seven Dwarfs that are installed around the clock stand. A carbonized trunk of approximately 20 million year old coniferous which was collected from Tamil Nadu is placed near the topiary garden. There is an array of Bangalore hotels that offer extensive hospitality services and serves exotic cuisine for the international traveller. Whether with family, friends or on your own, visitors can always experience the many Bangalore luxury hotels across the city. Alila Hotel Bangalore is one such unique business lifestyle hotel that offers contemporary rooms and the ultimate dining experience.

Bungy Jump

If you want to experience world highest Bungy Jump, climb up to the Macau Tower. This will be a challenging and an extreme journey. It will be an unforgettable experience and you can be a part of a world record. This trailer gives you an idea about the excitement of this magnificent event.

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Bungee Jumping in Queenstown

It all began in the Pacific when the Vanuatu people performed a harvest festival by tying vines on their ankles and throwing themselves off towers. This led to a few experimental jumping by an adventure group, but it was A.J.Hackett who really got things off the ground when he invented the creative use of latex rubber cords to facilitate the jump. This became Bungy or Bungee Jumping.

As his base from which to offer his version of extreme sports, he chose Queenstown in New Zealand. Queenstown is not only famous for bungy jumping but also for all manner of extreme sports. But as the ‘home of bungee,’ a visit to Queenstown is not complete without leaping off a bridge or ledge.
As the pioneers, AJ Hackett Bungy offers many options for the varying degree of expertise of thrill seekers.
The first Bungy jump was off the Kawarau Bridge. This has remained an ideal spot for bungy jumping especially for beginners. This 43 meter jump takes you rushing towards the Kawarau River. The Nevis Highway Bungy at 134 meters is certainly not for the weak-hearted. The jump spot is a specially built jump pod which takes you spinning towards the Nevis River in 8.5 seconds. The Ledge Urban Bungy is the only bungy jumping spot set in an urban area. The spot gives a 400 meter runway from which you can launch yourself over the edge. One can also choose to ride a swing from this spot as well and jumps from this ledge are available during the day as well as night.
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Off Road Adventures

There is nothing more refreshing than dirt, mud and some mean powerful 4 wheel drive machines that pave a way for an ardent off road enthusiast.

These buck wild activities capture your wild side in minutes and if you are longing for some adventure, Queenstown, New Zealand is the place where it all goes down.

Experience some gripping action and as the locals say “A Kiwis real adventure” is yours to indulge in. With numerous plays scheduled daily, you are exposed to a rugged dream that becomes reality.

Take yourself on a ride of a lifetime; take your kids or your parents, off road is for everyone with a passion for getting themselves dirty.

Some of the key experiences are dirt biking through the obstacles crafted just for you, then the quad bikes to give you that extra edge of off road, the all-exclusive 4WD puts you in the driver’s seat of the beautifully created Land Rover – the devil of off road adventure. You will then ride, drive through and climb through everything in your way.

Further to these exciting recreations, you can also enjoy safaris, family bike tours, ATV tours, mountain bike rides, bungee jumping, white water rafting, and jet boating, sailing, kayaking in the crystal waters or tours through the beautiful New Zealand, Queenstown countryside.

These thrills on offer will leave you with the time of your life during your off road escapades, so prepare yourself to be blown away by the beauty and an adrenaline rush.

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Antarctic Adventure

Hobart would appear to be the last place one would think of where they could experience the extreme conditions and environment of the Antarctic. That was until the adventurous and exciting Antarctic Adventure theme park opened up! Offering unique hands on exhibits and fun filled activities, the park is definitely worth a visit to enjoy a memorable family day out.

Hobart, which is the capital city of the Australian state of Tasmania, is a culturally rich city, attracting crowds of tourists annually to experience its beauty. There are plenty of attractions and unique places to visit when holidaying here. Whether you are interested in history, art, museums or adventure, the city offers it all. The Antarctic Adventure park is undoubtedly a must see attraction in Hobart.

Nestled in the district of Salamanca, Antarctic Adventure features over 50 different extremely icy and snowy exhibits. Those who wish to feel the chill of the Antarctic weather can do so in the park’s cold room or they can have fun playing with actual snow. There is an igloo, a weather station and a field camp to explore. For the more adventurous lot, take the time to engage in simulated snow sport activities such as skiing and tobogganing. Don’t forget to visit the penguins and seals at the park as they are sure to capture your heart with their funny antics.

Children are able to learn about the stars and the solar system at the Antarctic Adventure’s planetarium. There is also a theatre onsite where documented stories of human travel to the Antarctic are played. Souvenirs from this amazing winter wonderland can be bought at the park’s souvenir shop.

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Water Sports in Jakarta, a treat for the visitor

Jakarta, the bustling capital of the vast nation of Indonesia is an intriguing metropolis to explore. The inquisitive traveller will enjoy visiting the various districts of this immense city.
Central Jakarta is the heart of the Indonesian capital, containing the National Monument of Indonesia as well as the Presidential Palace, shopping centres, office buildings and upscale residential areas. Meanwhile West Jakarta is considered the city’s Chinatown, with the district containing trading centres, museums, nightlife venues, malls and shopping centres.
Jakarta’s southern district boasts a multitude of restaurants, malls, shopping centres and the Senayan sports complex as well as nightlife and entertainment. However, if water sports are what your heart desires, it is to North Jakarta’s Thousand Island area that you must make your way.
North Jakarta is situated on the coast in proximity to the famed Thousand Islands, a group of islets, which can be reached via speedboat in less than an hour. The Thousand Islands offer most of the popular water sports, making it an ideal destination for the enthusiast.
One of the first things a visitor to the Thousand Islands will notice is that the buildings of the area are composed of wood and bamboo rather than more conventional materials. This is due to a deliberate effort to preserve the rustic appearance of the area.
The simplest water sports such as swimming and snorkelling will be a satisfying experience at the Thousand Islands, as the inviting seas and delightful climate make for a memorable encounter with nature.
For the avid diving enthusiast there are many pleasures on offer. As you descend into the depths of the tropical seas, you will experience firsthand the vibrantly coloured corals and the myriad of exotic fish that make the area their home. Diving expeditions are offered four times daily during the diving season of June through August, and the months of December and January.
For the windsurfing aficionado, suitable conditions are available off the coast, providing an ideal venue in which to indulge in the sport. Other water sports on offer include jet skiing, paddle boating and sailing.
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Canoeing through Thailand’s Verdant Paradise Krabi

Occupying a captivating location on the Andaman Ocean the national parks of Krabi have often been ranked among the finest canoeing destinations in all of Thailand. Encompassing some of the globe’s most spectacular natural wonders such as limestone hills and sea coves these lush landscapes flanked by verdant forests offer nature lovers a personal encounter with the pristine natural world of southern Thailand. Traversing through the mesmerising caves, lagoons or “hongs” and tunnels that have been created by millions of years of erosion serious kayakers and canoeing enthusiasts can expect a once in a lifetime experience filled with adventure, thrills and spills the likes of which they are not likely to find anywhere else in the nation.

With the aid and equipment supplied by innumerable tour operators in Krabi visitors can choose from a verity of canoeing packages to explore the environs. From one day trips, to more compact half day excursions, guests are likely to find a tour that suits their group and needs. Most trips set off from Ao Nang Beach which is a short boat ride away from Railay Beach and is also a popular pick up point for most operators. Local guides also come along for the ride with useful tips and know how on the landscapes in the itinerary.

A one day canoeing trip in Krabi will typically start with kayaking along Ban Bor Thor around 9am which will be followed by a relaxing half hour spent sipping tea or coffee before setting off from the shores of the bay once more. Concise lessons on paddling and navigating the environment are given by experienced pros before guests start to traverse through the labyrinth of mangrove jungles in the area.

After a break for lunch on the white, sandy beach kayaking along the bay continues with a variety of topographical anomalies on offer. These include wading through sea caves and encountering natural wildlife while ancient cave paintings are also a highlight on the route. After returning to Ban Bor Thor beach guests will have the unique opportunity of swimming in the Tha Pom freshwater pool before heading back to Ao Nang.

The daytrip canoe tour of Krabi Klong Talen is also popular with seasoned visitors as this excursion includes exploration of the 500 feet long tunnel underneath a rock mountain as well as caves glimmering with stalagmites and stalactites. A series of rock gardens are also a key feature of this trip which takes kayakers through several hongs laden with mangroves.  
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Mount Bromo

Southeast Asia’s best known archipelago is the nation known as Indonesia. Awash with colours of nature, cultures and scenic beauty this island is a true tropical paradise. The picturesque landscapes encompass a rich biodiversity that visitors flock to witness.

Indonesia consists of thousands of islets. Among the popular touristic haunts are Bali, Kalimantan and Papua. Java however is the unanimous choice for those interested in experiencing the true nature of the islands. The country’s capital Jakarta is located within its shores and is the commercial, economical and political centre of the nation. Among the mainstay of attractions for visitors to Java are the scattered volcanoes.

Mount Bromo is a volcano in Eastern Java that is active. Located in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, it derives its name from the Hindu god known as Brahma. Considered by many as one of the country’s most extraordinary and legendary volcanoes, it was created by a previous crater that exploded generating Mount Bromo and Mount Botok.

At a height of over 2000 metres, this peak is among the taller mounts located in the area ensuing that these highlands are ensconced in lakes and valleys. According to the legend surrounding the Mount, a vow by a princess from the 15th century was broken and until it was fulfilled brimstone and fire erupted. To-date religious ceremonies are performed in commemoration where offerings such as fresh produce are given.

Adventurous visitors tour the Mount which consists of a trek of over three miles. Some even venture to the site on a pony or a jeep. Those arriving at the active volcano can witness the simmering molten ash. However, travellers are forewarned and alerted of the dangers of closing in to this sight as its status remains active.

The closest town to this active giant is Surabaya and visitors can stay at one the apartments in the area. An apartment Surabaya with a range of furnishings and amenities can be selected to suit one’s own individual requirements. Somerset Surabaya Hotel and Serviced Residence is the ideal choice when seeking accommodation while visiting the cultural dynamism of eastern Java. Offering contemporary accommodation in Surabaya, this hotel provides luxurious living arrangements along with services ranging from restaurants and numerous entertainment options.

Bungee Jumping on Lamai Beach

A popular destination, Lamai Beach gives tourists the chance to relax with the many spas and masseurs that offer you the chance to unwind – and with a variety of massages to choose from such as the Thai oil massage or an aloe vera wrap, one is certainly spoilt for choice. If unwinding is not the ideal vacation, a more adventurous holiday can be opted for.
Elephant trekking is available giving newcomers to Thailand a unique way to experience the lush, green forests with an Ariel view; as all treks will be conducted via elephant ride. Tropical birds of the region and endemic flora are just some of the sights to experience as the elephant slowly makes its way through the vegetation. It is truly an eco friendly way to experience the region.
Bungee jumping at the resort offers an exhilarating, off the track adventure for the thrill seeker and is an experience that is definitely worth the investment. The place also offers water based activities such as jet skiing, parasailing and windsurfing, with windsurfing  being one of the beach’s more famous sports. For the night owl there are a range of bars placed right along the beach that gives a chance to let loose and have some unrestrained fun, be it alone or with a gang of friends.
After a day of adventure, Lamai Beach gives you the chance to relax with its many beachside cafes that offer great value meals while watching the sunset transform the sky into a golden yellow. Walking along the coast, the scenery can be enjoyed by night while vendors on the beach offer great souvenirs such as sarongs and authentic jewellery.
Packed with adventure and numerous activities, Lamai Beach is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy with family and friends. When looking for a Koh Samui resort which would provide the ideal accommodation for a visit, the Anantara Lawana, Koh Samui resort and spa is situated right by the ocean. This Samui beach resort offers a luxurious stay and the best in service, catering to every need. A variety of international restaurants and local shops are only a short walk away from the hotel should visitors wish to explore.