Getting to know people and culture in Indonesia

The nature of Indonesian national culture is somewhat similar to that of India, multicultural, rooted in older societies and interethnic relations, and developed in twentieth century nationalist struggles against a European imperialism that nonetheless forged that nation and many of its institutions. There is no one unified Indonesian culture as such, but the Hindu culture of the former Majapahit empire does provide a framework for the cultural traditions of the central islands of Sumatra, Java and Bali. This country is rich in heritage and culture. There are a great number of hotels and resorts in Indonesia, but the Ascot Kuringam Jakarta is one of the best of the luxury Service apartment in Jakarta. The Ascott Kuningan Jakarta is located on a prime business location providing easy access to many of the city’s shopping, dining and entertainment venues. The 185 appointed apartments rooms are lavishly and elegantly designed, with a fully equipped kitchen, dining and luxury bathrooms. There are also a number of recreational activities such as swimming, basketball, badminton, fully-equipped gym and many more other facilities.

The legal system is based on the Old Dutch penal code, social life as well as the rites of passage is founded on customary or “adat” law, which differs from area to area. ”Adat” law has been instrumental in maintaining gender equality in Indonesia. Indonesian art forms are greatly influenced by religion. The famous dance dramas of Java and Bali are derived from Hindu mythology and often feature fragments from the Hindu epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharata. As a whole the people are artistic by nature and express themselves on canvas, wood, metals, clay and stone. The batik process of waxing and dyeing originated in Java centuries ago and classic designs have been modified with modern trends in both pattern and technology. Generally people in Indonesia are friendly, easy going and helpful.

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Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage

The Island of Sri Lanka is blessed with many wonderful attractions, foremost is the elephant population. Recognising the importance of preserving these magnificent creatures the Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage is a refuge and nursery for several adult and baby elephants. Located in Kegalle which is just over a 2 hour drive from the capital Colombo, a visit to the orphanage is one of the thrills to be enjoyed when you book one of the Sri Lanka Holiday Packages on offer. In terms of excellent service and comprehensive customer care you may want to consider Sunshine Travels & Tours.

This tour operator promises you a wide variety of travel adventures around the island paradise of Sri Lanka. Choose a tour package covering the verdant wildlife parks or set-off on a great adventure white water rafting, mountain climbing or trekking the beautiful rainforests of Sri Lanka. The possibilities are endless be it a honeymoon escapade, visit of the cultural triangle, stay around the up-country tea gardens or soaking up the sun around the magnificent coasts; this travel agency promises to deliver. Expect excellent service the assistance of expert tour guides when you book any tour.

Established in 1975 the Pinnawela Orphanage as of 2011 was home to 88 elephants some of which are the 3rd generation to be born here. Animal lovers will love the experience, make it in time for the animals daily bath and you are in for a treat; as the giants do put up quite an impressive show as they bathe, play and enjoy the cooling waters of the river.

Baby elephants are bottle fed at scheduled times, again check and get there in time for some hands on experience of feeding the lovable calf’s, you can walk around the vast sanctuary and watch the bull elephants at work or get up close and personal with the gentler cow elephants.

Remember to take along your cameras and leave time to browse the many souvenir shops displaying lovely mementos of the gentle mammals.

Nigel Walters is a travel writer, who writes under the pen name, Fritzjames Stephen. His content is based on the myriad of experiences and indulgences that the world has to offer travellers across all walks of life.


Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden

Nature is an important aspect to relish in while you’re spending a vacation in China. The Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden takes a significant place that would definitely make a strong impact in your little knowledge about Mother Nature. Thus, Anantara Xishuangbanna Resort & Spa is a remarkable accommodation option if you’re considering of engaging in this valuable educational experience. This setting allows you to enjoy the raw beauty of the lush greens in the comfort of a luxury hotel, Yunnan.

To begin with, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden is the largest manmade Botanical Garden and the only stretch of tropical rain forest lying in the land of china. It was founded in 1959 and it contains more than 13,000 species of tropical plants that are preserved in 35 living collections. This marvellous location is also a plant research station of the Chine Academy of Sciences, which is engaged in bio diversity conservation, resource plant development and forest eco-system ecology.

On that note, visit this world renowned tropical botanical gardens to enhance your knowledge primarily about unique botanical researches, new technical developments and plant seed resource preservation. You will be privileged to walk around nearly 20 mini gardens. The Garden of Famous Trees planted by celebrities, the National Tree and Flower Garden, the Garden of National Plants, the Garden of Palms and the Garden of Shady Plants are to name few famous mini gardens. In particular, there are nearly 5000 tropical plants growing successfully.

Naturally, walking around the gardens would be a mesmerizing tour of sightseeing. Scenes like giant trees with extremely old trunks, vines that have invaded trees, flowers in vibrant hues and long leafy grass are some beautiful sights that would compliment your eyes. It is assured that this would be an amazing opportunity to relax and feel happy in appreciation of Mother Nature. Moreover, if you’re lucky, you would also be able to witness entertaining performances from tour guides on celebration events.

Lastly, do not forget to taste some fresh fruits and herbs to complete your experience at this wonderful setting.

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Brisbane’s Story Bridge Adventure Climb

Experience Brisbane’s iconic story bridge like never before with a Story Bridge Adventure Climb. A ‘must do’ activity when in Brisbane the climb offers a magnificent view of the city. The hotels Brisbane CBD houses are well equipped for business or leisure travellers but if you have been hankering for something off the familiar lines of contemporary hotels consider the Next Hotel Brisbane.

An outlandishly modern concept in hotel accommodation awaits you here. Clearly a hotel of the future Next incorporates all modern amenities and innovations for an ultra-comfortable stay. Enjoy self-check-ins at the lobby, also boasting the ‘SilverNeedle’ hospitality service, giving guests a chance to freshen up and relax at no extra charge. The stylish lines of the hotel are designed for maximum use of space with minimum fuss. Enjoy your stay in any one of the comfortable standard, deluxe or superior rooms offering a one-touch guest communication centre that enables you to work out all details from the comfort of your bed. Amazingly smart the hotel offers a 24hr gym and shower and rest pods for those on the go.

Discover Brisbane from Story Bridge offering sweeping vistas of the city, gorgeous views of Moreton Bay and the surrounding western Rim. The whole adventure last about two and a half hours and includes a climb to the summit of the bridge known as the superstructure located at 80meteres. This experience is indeed one of the three such experiences available globally.

Proper safety protocols and safety equipment are used while a colourful commentary on the bridges history adds more interest. Adrenaline junkies have the opportunity to abseil down one of the bridges pylons right into scenic Captain Burkes Park!

Nigel Walters is a travel writer, who writes under the pen name, Fritzjames Stephen. His content is based on the myriad of experiences and indulgences that the world has to offer travellers across all walks of life.


Bird Watching in Bundala

Imagine walking into a garden filled with a myriad of bird species, all in various colours, shapes and sizes. Imagine going on a bird watching safari to the Bundala National Park where you are sure to have one amazing experience. Stay at one of theTangalle hotels such as Ranna212 Tangalle from where one could call at this birding paradise.

Over 100 species of water birds reside at the park and therefore nature lovers will be provided with plenty of opportunity to these birds on camera. A majority of the species are migrant birds and these include Lesser Whistling Duck, Black-headed Ibis, Painted Stork and the Little Cormorant. The numerous lagoons that scatter the park only help bird watchers as they aim to get close as possible to these birds. While engaged in bird watching you might also encounter the odd elephant, wild boar and even golden jackal. Overall some of the rarest birds call Bundala home and this is why its features as a popular stopover for both locals and foreign nationals.

Nigel Walters is a travel writer, who writes under the pen name, Fritzjames Stephen. His content is based on the myriad of experiences and indulgences that the world has to offer travellers across all walks of life.


Go Dragon Cave Rafting across Taniwha Blackwater in Adventure Sports Capital Greymouth

Regarded as one of the most thrilling adventure sports activities available in Greymouth, Dragon Cave Rafting is no run-of-the-mill rafting adventure for the masses. As the capital of New Zealand’s West Coast Greymouth sits on the lips of Grey River and is renowned across the country for its diverse landscapes littered with caves and black waters. Also known as cave tubing a rafting tour in Greymouth is a once in a lifetime opportunity to raft across breathtaking rainforests while discovering the area’s most intriguing natural caves and the glow worms that call it home.
Ideal for those who wish to spend time uncovering Greymouth’s unchartered terrain Blackwater or Dragon Cave rafting adventures are perfect half-day excursions that are not just reserved for adrenaline junkies. Athletic holidaymakers however can experience the tour in a novel way as they have the option of reaching the river’s tubing section with a cliff jump and abseiling to the summit of the river’s rafting quarter. Other can also take a zip line ride across the rainforest’s verdant canyons for a scenic aerial route to the rafting site. This all encompassing tour allows adventure sports fans to engage in the popular activities of climbing, abseiling, ziplining and rafting in some of the most panoramic settings in all of New Zealand. Inexperienced rafters can walk to the tubing area through the rainforest. Thermal wear such as socks, rubber clothing, river boots, life jackets and helmets are all provided by the tour operators in addition to abseiling and ziplining gear prior to setting off for the starting point of the excursion.
Dubbed “Dragon Caves” due to Maori legends and folktales that are still told by local Taniwha communities the rafting tour across the blackwater lets participants to come face to face with the staggering beauty of rainforest river terrains. The vast complex of caves that are linked to countless Maori myths is also part of the itinerary while curious creatures known as Glow Worms occupy these ominous caves in their thousands and provide sparks of illumination on an otherwise dark interior landscape of the caves. Perfect for groups of travellers and families the tour operators in Greymouth also offer special children’s rafting packages for those who wish to take the young ones along on a rafting adventure.
Travellers in search of luxurious New Zealand hotels should look to none other than Millennium & Copthorne Hotels NZ for the best deals this holiday season. Offering guests a plethora of stylish establishments in the West Coast its signature rest in Greymouth is ranked among the best Greymouth hotels in the region.

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Elephant Riding in Sigiriya

Sigiriya itself is an experience worth reliving time and time again. Therefore visitors to this UNESCO World Heritage Site can also take pleasure in an elephant ride which would complement one’s time here. Hotels in Sri Lanka such as Jetwing Hotel will come across as a good abode to reside at from where these expeditions can be planned while enjoying the ambience of such Sri Lanka hotels.
Ever dreamed of getting up close and personal with mischievous monkeys as you make your way through dense jungle? Then an elephant ride will offer you the luxury of discovering all that this jungle habitat is famed for. Your guide will fill you in on every important detail and its significance in the overall makeup of the beautiful sceneries of Sigiriya. Encounter water buffaloes, countless species of birds, colourful flowers before arriving at a lake filled with lilies. Here one may capture the glorious sight of the Sigiriya Rock Fortress on camera while scouring the nearby area. Savour the thrills of this wonderful escapade atop a majestic elephant that will make navigating the landscape a thing of the past. Once your journey comes to end, do consider heading over to the rock fortress where an entire day can be spent unearthing the secrets of this magnificent fortress. However the memories of your elephant ride are sure to linger on long after your holiday has concluded.

Nigel Walters is a travel writer, who writes under the pen name, Fritzjames Stephen. His content is based on the myriad of experiences and indulgences that the world has to offer travellers across all walks of life. Google+

Water Sports in Batticaloa

Sri Lanka is fast becoming one of the premier destinations in Asia for offering the most engaging and diverse range of water based activities. The eastern city of Batticaloa continues to entice the adventurer at heart with its sun-kissed beaches and thrilling activities. If you’ve ever wanted to experience what it is like to travel on Sri Lanka sea planes, then Cinnamon Air must be given some thought. Known for providing air taxi Sri Lanka experiences, the company will transport you to the very heart of Batticaloa’s coast.

The beaches of Kalkudah and Passikudah are popular places for snorkelling and swimming. However if you want to test out the waves surrounding the coast of Batticaloa, then a swim in the waters off the Kallady beach would be ideal. The activity of diving too can be carried out and many diving sessions can be taken advantage of with a view of exploring the diverse marine life that inhabits the corals down below. The wreck of the HMS Hermes is now one of the most sought after of diving destinations in all of Sri Lanka and one must schedule a dive to uncover its well kept secrets. Additionally the Batticaloa Lagoon in itself is a water sports haven. Activities such as paddle boating, kayaking and the more leisurely boat ride can be enjoyed along this water body. Batticaloa serves up countless opportunities for thrill seekers of all ages to have the time of their lives with a host of water sports to choose from.

Cardrona Adventure Park

Queenstown is New Zealand’s outdoor sporting capital with a range of daring and fun-filled activities to choose from. Cardrona Adventure Park which is nestled between Wanaka and Queenstown provides families an action-packed experience of bumpy rides and monster trucks. Those searching for Queenstown hotel accommodation should think of staying at Copthorne Hotel & Apartments Queenstown Lakeview. This New Zealand Queenstown hotel is located close to the park and provides guests with convenient access to one of the city’s most visited landmarks.

Hop onto a quad bike but make sure to buckle up as you are destined to be jolted out of your seat. The rides which are suited to those of all ages will provide you with access to the best of scenery which features prominently in this locale. The Dual Seat ATV Buggy is one of the highlights that the park offers its ardent followers. Ever wanted to drive a monster truck over the roughest terrain? Then Cardrona is the place to be. Schoolbully is the world’s biggest school bus monster truck which will take you on an obstacle course which will feature riding over a series of cars, just to add to the excitement! You can also select your type of Monster Truck based on your experience and level of skill. All in all, you are in for the time of your life at Cardrona Adventure Park; one of Queenstown’s finest.


Nigel Walters is a travel writer, who writes under the pen name, Fritzjames Stephen. His content is based on the myriad of experiences and indulgences that the world has to offer travellers across all walks of life.


Surfing in Barbados

Tipped to be a one stop surfing haven for the masses the breathtaking environs of Barbados are the stuff of dreams for avid wave riders. With an idyllic location in the Atlantic Ocean this veritable paradise is a coral island with seemingly endless possibilities for awe inspiring point breaks due to the coral reef that litters its coastline.

Perfect for surfing activities all year round the weather and oceanic conditions in Barbados are tailor made for surfing as groundswells that have travelled across miles explode in a flurry of waves against the coral reef surrounding the Barbados coastline creating monster breaks for surfing aficionados.

Surfing enthusiasts from around the world all concur that the island’s East Coast is the premier venue to engage in the adrenalin pumping water sport. Dubbed the Super Bowl in the international surfing circuit the monster waves that reign supreme in this part of the island are not for the faint of heart. Known as the island’s number one surf spot for experts the larger than life waves in this area burst forth with a powerful force to create a surfing atmosphere that is second to none.

The West Coast’s northern fringes are another hotspot in Barbados as it is often compared to Hawaiian surfing conditions due to the Duppys in the area. Less challenging surfing experiences can be had with the Maycocks waves that crash out over pristine white, sandy beaches in the area. The Gibbs point break is the highlight of the West Coast where Sandy Lane and Tropicana reefs create stunning waves in high tide while the South Coast is an all year surfer’s hub with moderate waves dominating the waters in Brandons and Accra Beach.

Cotton Bay’s Beach and Frieds are other points of interest for surfers scouring the South Coast for good point breaks as the clean waves in these areas suit short boarders and long boarders alike. South Point and Silver Sands Beach’s shore break Inchcape are equally littered with exciting thrills and spills for surfing enthusiasts while boogie boarders have can their pick of idyllic conditions at Foul Bay, Silver Rock, Crane Beach, Sam Lord’s castle and Long Beach.

Travellers on the lookout for a Turks and Caicos beach resort should look no further than Parrot Cay Turks & Caicos. Offering guests the crème de la crème in elegant accommodation it is little wonder this stylish rest is ranked among the bestTurks and Caicos luxury resorts in the island.


Nigel Walters is a travel writer, who writes under the pen name, Fritzjames Stephen. His content is based on the myriad of experiences and indulgences that the world has to offer travellers across all walks of life. Google+