An Unforgettable Visit to Mount Huashan

Be you looking for daring adventures or hiking escapades, Mount Huashan in China is not to be missed and here’s more on what to expect.

Planning Your Visit

Mount Huashan is in the Shaanxi Province around 120 km from Xian; accommodation can be easily found here including at coliving properties like lyf Dayanta Xi’an which make an ideal base. For transport, consider the 30-40-minute high-speed train from Xian North Railway Station to Huashan North Railway Station, only around 5 km from the mountain.

What to Expect

Rising to a height of approximately 2,154 metres, Mount Huashan is considered one of China’s famed “Five Mountains”. It has five peaks (North, South, East, West, Middle), each with something different to offer; those exploring this enchanting site will come across amazing panoramas, ancient Taoist temples and some seemingly death-defying paths to traverse!

Changkong Plank Trail

Billed as the most dangerous hiking trail in the world, the Huashan Plank Walk will test even the hardiest of adrenaline junkies. It features an old plank trail along the cliff face of the South Peak; some sections are a mere 30 cm and there are no handrails and a sheer drop beneath; those daring to try this trail can breathe a little easier knowing there’s a safety harness in case you lose your footing!

Other Attractions

Those not quite so keen to “walk the plank”, can take in some of the many other attractions here. These include Yuquan Temple which is a sacred Taoist site, the Thousand Feet Zhuang Path with its narrow steps cut into the mountain and Black Dragon Ridge; also, of note is the Chess Playing Pavilion set amidst a “sea” of mists and clouds.

Hiking Adventures

This mountain is the perfect place for those looking to go hiking in China; the best thing is, one can explore trails on each of the five peaks. The North Peak is the gateway to the other peaks and home to sites like the Golden Lock Pass; you can also ascend the South Peak, which is the highest of the five, while the West and East peaks are known for their stunning sunsets and sunrises respectively.

Forest of Stele Museum

The Xi’an Beilin Museum, also called the Stele Forest, is a museum that contains stone sculptures and steles, which are tall and narrow slabs made out of stone or wood usually for a funeral or to commemorate something. The museum was opened in 1944 in Xian, China, on the site of a Confucius Temple dating to the eleventh century. The Xi’an Beilin Museum was renamed in 1992 and is now called the Forest of Stone Steles due to the increase in the number of steles kept here. In total, there are about three thousand steles that are showcased in seven exhibition halls along with traditional paintings and calligraphy. It is best not to skip any of the halls as they each have something different to offer.

In addition to the seven exhibition halls the museum also contains two separate galleries for the stone sculptures. The old gallery contains intricate pieces from the Tang and Han Dynasties while the newer gallery has sculptures from the Song Dynasty. Opening hours are between 8 am and 6 pm, although the museum is open longer during the summer months. It can take about three hours to take in all the exhibits at the museum. Visitors have the option of hiring an English tour guide, which is a good option for those who want to learn more about the displays.

Xian is a city located in China’s Shaanxi Province that is famous for the army of Terracotta Warriors found just outside the city. Xian has a number of other interesting attractions as well. These include the Eight Immortals Temple, the Grand Mosque, the DaMing Palace and Park and the Shaanxi Historic Museum. The city is one of the most popular tourist destinations inside China and offer visitors gripping insights into Chinese history and culture.

Tourists should be able to get around the city with relative ease as there are always plenty of buses. Although Xian has a subway system it is still not complete. Finding Xian accommodation with a central location can also greatly ease the hassles of travel. The Citadines Xingqing Palace Xi’an offer spacious serviced apartments Xian that are well appointed and conveniently located.