A guide to navigating the Whistler Valley Trail

Enjoying the Whistler Valley Trail is something that every traveller would do during his/her holiday spent in Vancouver.

Holidaying in Vancouver

If you are visiting Vancouver, a few days at a Whistler ski resort is probably on your itinerary. Whether you chose to stay at Pan Pacific Whistler Village Centre or any other resort in the area here are a few things to keep in mind.

Know where each trail leads

First light on the Valley trail opposite Nordic |Image via Unsplash

The whistler valley trail consists of over 40 km of road that leads to different beautiful destinations depending on which direction you head to. For example, a hike leading to the North will take you to either Rain Park or one of the two lakes (Green and Lost). Each of these locations comes with unique views and a range of nature-based activities that you can indulge in.

Find out where you can stop and relax on the way

There are stops on the way to these destinations which can be used to rest, eat, or even enjoy a nice drink. Several smaller places on the way also offer snacks and coffee to visitors.

Pick an ideal location for your activities

The Southern stroll that leads to Whistler Creekside provides easy access for skiers to make their way to the mountain. Most of the other destinations provide nice running loops to get in a morning jog or run.

Whistler Helicopter Ride and Adventures

There is something ethereal about gazing down at the verdant landscapes and misty mountain tops from a helicopter. You can look forward to treating themselves to a visual feast during your stay at a Whistler ski resort the likes of Pan Pacific Whistler Village Centre.

Propose on a Glacier

Fly your significant other over to a mystic glacier to show her how much she means to you. Proposing in an out-of-this-world place will add to that ‘love in the air’ ambience, which would surely make her realise how much she loves you, eliciting that much-awaited ‘Yes.’

Snap Iconic Wedding Photos

Rent a helicopter in Whistler and fly over to the glistening glaciers just after your vows to make that special moment more memorable. The helicopter can be your something borrowed!

Capture Insta-worthy Honeymoon Snaps

Insta-worthy Honeymoon Snaps
Insta-worthy Honeymoon Snaps|Image via Pxfuel.com

Apart from the myriad of activities catering for honeymooners in Whistler, helicopter adventure in this village is a must-experience to add that ‘wow’ element to your Instagram photos. Click that iconic photo in front of the helicopter with the glaciers in the backdrop to make your honeymoon memorable.

Relax among the Mountain Vistas

Why force yourself to ski on the slopes when you’ve got access to the best seat in the house to enjoy the impressive mountain views! Pair a helicopter adventure with your trip to Whistler village to create a vacation made in heaven.

The Whistler Essential Guide to Ski

If you are someone who enjoyed the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games, then you will just love to have a ski vacation in Whistler for so many reasons. This guide will help you realize your dream.

Where to spend your ski vacation?

Choosing any of the Whistler ski resort establishments is what you need to do to have a great vacation. Many resort options the likes of Pan Pacific Whistler Village Centre are available for your consideration.

Image Credit: Pan Pacific Whistler Village Centre

The ski area

The ski area linked by two mountains Whistler and Blackcomb covers a huge area of 8171 acres. This area has a lift-served vertical drop of 1,610 m and that serves 37 lifts.

Plan your day

Start your day from the Whistler Mountain because it’s generally sunnier in the morning there. Enjoy the Blackcomb peak in the afternoon and this is what that most of the visitors do.

Getting to know the ski area

If you are a beginner, note that the Whistler Mountain is very beginner-friendly. There is a learning area in which you can undertake confidence-boosting green runs and some lifts as well.

Before you plan your trip to Whistler

Whistler is an incredible city, which used to be an exclusive one season resort town. But today, the town is an all-season destination loved by honeymooners, families as well as adventure lovers. Here are some facts you should know when planning your long-awaited trip to Whistler.

Whistler| Img via Pxhere

Know where to stay

If you visit Whistler with your friends or family, our advice is to find a good Whistler ski resort. The place you choose for your night stays is important because a comfortable stay can make you forget all the troubles you had to face during daytime adventures.

Picture all your activities well in advance

Keep in mind that there are also activities that can be done off the mountain. If you stay at a resort the likes of Pan Pacific Whistler Village Centre, then you are lucky because there are chances for you to experience the lifestyles of the local community.

Identify the best places to eat from

At Function Junction, you will find a handful of great bakeries and cafes, and the prices here are very reasonable. There are also some top-class restaurants in this town where you will have to spend a little more, but the food is guaranteed to be tasty.

Know what adventures you can take

If you love adventures, the Ziptrek tour is a must-try for you! You may also try a biking adventure with your whole family! Why not even try your hand at riding an electric bike for a change?




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