Wildlife in Oman

Oman is home to numerous species of mammals, birds and fish that add to the pageantry of this desert paradise. A number of nature reserves have been created to protect the country’s endangered species such as the oryx, leopard, desert fox and the gazelle. Choose a Muscat hotel from where you can explore these fascinating creatures. Offering travellers unmatched service and comfort, the Millennium Resort Mussanah which is an Oman Muscat hotel will be your home away from home during your stay in the country.

Those heading out across the ocean will be able to feast their eyes on many of the 22 species of whales and dolphins. The areas of Ras al-Jinz and Dimaaniyat Island are known to be turtle breeding reserves while you can also catch of a glimpse of the migratory birds like the nightjar, white stork and golden oriole that flock to Oman.

Adventures at Wahiba Sands- Desert Stories

Wahiba Sands is a 12,500 sq km desert area in Oman that aroused scientific interest after an expedition in the late 1980s discovered an uncommon diversity of terrain and flora and fauna. Scientific interest aside, this is the type of desert in everyone’s imagination with miles upon miles of rust and honey coloured dunes, some towering over 100 meters interspersed with flat sandy areas. Except for parts occupied by Bedouins of the Al Wahiba tribe that has given the region its name and tracks left by dune bashers, the desert remains empty and gets even more magnificent further into the interior.

One of the best ways to have an adventure as well as experience the vastness and solitude of the desert and explore the sands is to stay in a nomadic desert camp in the middle of the dunes, run by local families. The accommodation is rustic, a ‘barasti’ house built of palm logs and leaves with a basic wind tower and absolutely no frills, not even electricity. The houses are set in a circle in the middle of which is a campfire in the evenings with Arabic style seating of colourful cushions and rugs. Desert experiences at the camp includes camel and horse rides over the dunes in the mornings before they heat up, Bedouin music, camaraderie and food round the campfire and dune bashing under the stars in the night. Quad biking trips, sand boarding on the dunes and trekking are other ways to experience the desert. The fact that there is no sign of life other than in the camp for miles around is the most remarkable experience here and the fact that anyone can get atop a dune to take a closer look as it is just a matter of a few steps from the accommodation.

For an experience of a somewhat more vigorous kind, the best option is to hire an experienced driver and race up and down on the steep slopes of the dunes in any part of the desert. For those wishing to have a bash themselves joining one of the many 4×4 clubs and getting some training will be a good idea.

For guests who like adventurous holidays Millennium Resort Mussanah is very well placed to offer them an active lifestyle. An onsite private marina, swimming, diving and snorkeling opportunities and dune bashing and mountain trekking are some of the activities within easy reach from the hotel. Additionally guests can enjoy spacious contemporary accommodation and many excellent facilities and amenities at this well known Oman Muscat hotel. Stay at this Muscat hotel to enjoy the many adventurous opportunities that Oman has to offer.

Wadi Bani Khalid, a wonderland for the adventurous

Located at the very tip of the Arabian Peninsula, Wadi Bani Khalid is a picturesque valle, or a wadi, in the Arabian language, located in the Sharqiyah region. Covering a large area of low land mountains, this area known for its scenic beauty is fully equipped with a large number of caves and springs of water. Exploring this piece of land takes days and it is always wise to book an Oman Muscat hotel to lodge in during the excursion. Millennium Resort Mussanah is a popular Muscat hotel that is known to enhance this amazing experience, serenading the senses of the travellers with all the comforts and amenities that the luxury seeking traveller would yearn for.

Low sandy walls of the wadi enclose tranquil turquoise pools glistening invitingly in the sunlight in this valley of serenity. The numerous caves that hide among the wilderness are quite a feature and are the perfect places to explore for the adventure seekers. Among these is also the Kahf Maqal, one of Sultanate’s underground chambers, a cave that must simply be visited regardless of the difficulty in reaching it. The geography here is dramatic and therefore exciting. One never knows what one may run into when exploring this enchanting place known for the many delightful surprises that it harbours within.

A Fun Family Visit to the Ostrich Farm in Oman

If you are staying at a Muscat hotel while on your family holiday to the Middle East make sure to take time to visit the Ostrich Farm located in Barka. An ideal place to base yourself at while on a family holiday would be an Oman Muscat hotel such as Millennium Resort Mussanah which can be found along the picturesque Batinah coast. The farm which is situated about 90 minutes away from Muscat by car, is home to these fascinating birds with their characteristically long necks. Known for their speed, ostriches are the world’s largest bird species and viewing them in their enclosures is bound to provide much entertainment especially for young ones.