The Victoria and Albert Museum

Steeped in history, The Victoria and Albert Museum was first founded in 1852. This imposing landmark in London is situated on thirteen acres of land. The halls and passages that constitute the museum have a gamut of history to offer its visitors. It is impossible to take in such a lot of history in one visit. You might have to visit the museum more than twice to absorb every little bit of art and history. Multiple visits to the museum would not be cumbersome when temporarily residing at The Halkin by COMO, London. You can gain the complete London-experience when staying at this London boutique hotel.

The curators of the museum have a great vision! This is made apparent in the sections into which the museum is divided. Let’s take a sneak peek into this grand, unforgettable museum.

Displaying an astounding amount of arts and crafts from Britain’s rich history are The British Galleries. Be drawn into art from Tudor and Stuart Britain, Georgian Britain and Victorian Britain. Undoubtedly, the styles differ and reflect the politics and concerns of the times.

Changing trends and flashy jewellery are displayed in the sections dedicated to Fashion and Textiles and The Jewellery Gallery. Power and Royalty glare in the faces of visitors, while more artistic clothing and jewellery are also on display. The sections function as a runway in Britain’s fashion history.

The Ceramics and Glass Collection is also expansive. It showcases 80,000 objects from every continent. It is an implication of Britain’s imperial prowess and the manner in which influences from around the world continue to impact the ex-Colonial power.

Inspired by Britain’s good old days as an Imperial power, is the section dedicated to Asia, India and Islam. This collection is incredibly impressive and is one of the largest collections of its kind.

There is much more to discover at The Victoria and Albert Museum. It’s best to unravel the other secrets on multiple visits!

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Amazing Secret Places to Find in London

The entrancing metropolis of London is renowned for its splendid attractions and cosmopolitan ambience. An excellent London luxury hotel would be the Metropolitan by COMO London. This alluring hotel is well-known for its sumptuous accommodations and gracious hospitality.

As you might expect the vast city of London offers a myriad of attractions for the visitor. However in addition to its well-known landmarks the city offers a host of less well-known sites which will draw the imagination of the visitor.

As you may well know 10 Downing Street is the official residence of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. However there is another building in the city which almost exactly resembles this famous residence; namely 10 Adam Street in the Strand, which is almost indistinguishable from its lookalike. Many tourists take pictures at this location.

Another intriguing sight is the amazing Rolling Bridge in Paddington Basin which at noon on every Friday is rolled up into a jaw-dropping octagonal form. Meanwhile the Seven Noses which are to be seen in the locality of Soho are the work of a local artist. The story goes that if you manage to find all seven, situated in different places in this neighbourhood, you will gain good luck. Another attraction in a similar mould, this time in Covent Garden is the Hidden Ears which are scattered around the locality. Another fascinating site in the city is Wilton’s Music Hall, which has the distinction of being the oldest such music hall on the globe.

The inquisitive visitor will also be captivated by the quaint Victorian Pet Cemetery in the well-known Hyde Park, where you can see innumerable graves dedicated to beloved deceased pets. A little-known attraction of a very different kind is the Whitechapel Bell Foundry in Aldgate East which as its name indicates is a functioning foundry where bells like the Liberty Bell and Big Ben were created. Another engrossing sight is the water pump of John Snow, a prominent physician of the 19th century.

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London Dungeon

London – a melting pot of diversity, modernity and royalty. Visitors to this iconic city will find no shortage of luxurious accommodation, especially in London Serviced Apartments. One cannot go wrong with a Mayfair Serviced Apartment and one option nestled in one of London’s premier districts is the Ascott Mayfair London. Presenting stylish accommodation close to major attractions such as The British Museum, Bond Street and London’s Theatre Land, this well-appointed property is an ideal choice for vacation-makers in London.

In the London Dungeon, visitors are taken on a 90-minute journey through 1000 years of murky London history.  Culture buffs will trek through the dungeons, enjoying show after show, which are all based on real London legends such as Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd, the murderous barber of Fleet Street. The experience is fully immersive and completely themed, which means 360 degree sets that promise an authentic, compelling story-telling experience. Explore the White Chapel Labyrinth – Jack the Ripper’s bloody playground, see the horrors of plague-ridden houses, feel firsthand the explosive outcome of Guy Fawkes’s revolution, and remember not to lose your head when facing Henry VIII’s execution of Anne Boleyn. Offering a merry yet scary experience for the whole family ages 10 and up, no visit to London is complete without paying tribute to the London Dungeon.

Mudchute City Farm

Filled with skyscrapers and busy streets, London is known as one of the most modern cities in the world. Allowing people to leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind for a moment lies the Mudchute City Farm in London’s East End. Bringing green living to the city, the farm has become a favourite spots for Londoners to get away for a few hours.

Spread over 32 acres in the Isle of Dogs, Mudchute Farm is one of the largest Inner City farms in Europe. Open fields and rolling plains welcome visitors to the property that hosts hundreds of animals. With the bigger animals like donkeys, goats and sheep grazing in the fields and enclosures, the smaller animals like chickens and birds are kept in buildings open to the public. Visitors are encouraged to approach the animals to learn about them. Pet’s Corner holds the cute and cuddly creatures that visitors of all ages will love to pet.

Special encounters can be arranged with advanced booking and the equestrian centre offers lessons for all levels of riders. Rare British breeds and llamas and alpacas from South America can be seen here ranging free, and come around feeding time to help the staff feed the animals. Volunteers are always appreciated for farm to youth work. The organization also allows events to be held on the premises, especially children’s parties that will be more memorable with adorable animals to entertain them.

Promoting biodiversity in the city, the farm’s surroundings give homes to a significant number of wildlife. Birds, butterflies, moths and other woodland creatures can be seen aplenty and the wildflowers that grow in the meadows attract many animals in the season. A newly opened kitchen lets the people enjoy freshly cooked organic food from the farm in a quiet country setting.

Though it would seem a hundred miles from the city, Mudchute farm sports great views of London. Surprises like this can be easily found during your stay at a luxury hotel London and its sophisticated charm is captured at the Halkin London. The complimentary mix of the modern and traditional is sure to make your stay at this London boutique hotel memorable.

Christmas in London a magical experience

The Halkin London is one of the best Luxury Hotel London which offers contemporary accommodation facilities and award-winning cuisine. This London Boutique Hotel is the best place to relax if you’re in London. During December when the year is ending and Christmas is coming the climate gets colder and the excitement warms up in the hearts of the people.

Roads decorated with shimmering lights and Christmas decorations hanging in each and every corner make the city magical. Snow covers every possible inch on the ground and the tops of the buildings spreading like a white sheet which adds more charm to the festive season. You will find good bargains in the stores this season with amazing offers. Christmas Markets in the UK can be found in all sorts of locations selling Christmas related goods and foodstuff. Visit London in during Christmas and experience the amazing feeling.

St. James’s Park- The oldest Royal Park in London

May be it’s the glance of the Royalty that constantly falls on this luscious green garden that keeps it in splendid perfection throughout the year. Sprawling over 23 hectares in the City of Westminster central of London at the southern end of the St.James area, the garden has just as interesting and famous neighbours in its vicinity. With Buckingham palace at its west and the busy mall and St James place to its north, the Bricade walk lies to the South as the House Guards cover the East. While the Buckingham Palace constantly looks in the direction of the garden, perhaps because its greenery offers such a soothing treatment for the eye, the garden returns the favour with its bridge perched upon the lake, getting a spectacular view of the palace, framed closely by its foliage and fountains.

Regardless of its majestic neighbours and its history as a place of national events and in spite of the crowds frequenting the mall, day in and day out, the garden has maintained a simplistic charm of nature throughout the years, as if it were not afraid of being young and naïve in a world of mature men and women. It seems not only man, but even flora and fauna have found shelter among its leafy branches, thick shrubs and especially the placid waters of its lake that is now and then ruffled by the breeze roaming through the park, often than not. The pelicans have made a permanent stay there and with all the feeding they get everyday, are unlikely to leave such attractive grounds to which they add their own colourful props. There are water birds, bats and woodpeckers especially for the children to gaze on, at least for those who are not busy playing in the playground in the park. For the city weary traveller, the garden is a sanctuary, with decked chairs in summer to recline on and dwell on nothing in particular while being softly caressed by the wind and being wooed to tranquillity by the garden whose attractions can sooth and soften any hard emotion. For some, the garden is ideal for people watching, while the more keen eyes of film makers have discovered in its mossy depths and wide open spaces lined by lakes and islands, the perfect back drop for the drama they’ve woven.

As much as outdoor enchantment, the city has a wealth of indoor charms in many a luxury hotel London. Located in the city’s Belgravia district, The Halkin London is a treat for the eye and mind, with unique interior designs falling only second to its modern conveniences and unforgettable Thai cuisine. In spite of its awe inspiring charms, this London boutique hotel, exudes a simplicity and a congenial warmth within all its services and servicemen that most traveller regard it as a home away from home.

The Thames Barrier- A fascinating modern attraction

The Thames Barrier is one such modern attraction, and is especially interesting as it is a piece of architecture that will protect the city of London from flooding. The construction of this barrier was completed in 1982. It took eight years to build and cost over a 1000 million GBP. It is known to be the largest flood barrier, which is movable, in the world. It is 520 metres wide and is located on the River Thames at Woolwich.

The need for such a barrier arose from the results of the 1953 floods. In 1953 due to heavy rainfall more than 160,000 acres of farmland got flooded and 300 people drowned. This prompted the authorities to take action to solve any further threats from flood water.

This particular design as a barrier was selected out of 41 proposals, as this unique design provided answers to all the problems: it had minimal interference with the natural river flow, headroom for ships were not restricted, and most importantly it is artistically very pleasing.

It comprises four gates; each as tall as a five storey structure and 61 metres wide. Each has its own ‘hydraulic power packs’, which are electrically powered and provides individual operation to each of the gates. When the gates are fully open they set against the river bed providing an unobstructed river. The gates can also be raised above the waters when they require maintenance work.

This piece of great engineering and architecture has come in handy over 60 times since its construction, when they had been raised to prevent the city from flooding. If you are visiting the location take either the river or the road. River boat from Greenwich or Westminster is ideal for a closer view. But if you are interested in a more in-depth experience try going by road to visit the visitor centre.

London also features various other attractions. As for lodging options, there is a range available: from a luxury hotel, London B&B, to budget hotel, you can take your pick. A London boutique hotel with luxury amenities is ideal for a romantic getaway. If you are looking for a great location and luxury accommodation options you may want to try The Halkin London.

Places to go around London- Don’t miss to catch the experience!

If you are fortunate to be going on a long vacation to the city of London then you’re in for a treat because this city has so many places that are in any traveler’s must visit list. For history lovers, London is a paradise with countless tales and events that mark the rich past of England.

A trip to the British Museum will equip you with a comprehensive knowledge on what the city and the country has been through. While China own London is a totally opposite experience, it is also is historically rich as it dates back to the late 18th century. Kensington garden has always been popular because of its early patronage by the royals. The London Eye is comparatively more recent and was constructed to celebrate the millennium.

But if you have visited all these places and more in London and are looking for something else a little away from the city, no worries because there are still an endless number of sites that you can visit. Althrop, the Spencer’s home for over 500 years is an impressive country home and in the stables showcases an exhibition of the life of Princess Diana. Alton’s Towers, UK’s largest theme park also has children’s and motor museum, making it a place for both young children and teenagers.

Known to be one of London’s most haunted castles, Glamis castle; the birth place of Princess Margret dates back to the 14th century and is supposedly the setting for Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Stonehenge is a must visit prehistoric site and located in Salisbury. All these places and more are easily accessible by London’s tube trains.

Considering its location as England’s capital city, finding holiday lodging in London is hassle-free. Since it has been a bustling town full of taverns and inns since early days, London still offers many accommodation options. But like the places to visit if you are looking for a different experience, a wellness retreat is an option you should consider. COMO Shambhala is a yoga and treatment space that lets you escape. With the philosophy of healthy living at its core, the company has spread worldwide and has five sanctuaries.

The London Aquarium

London is one of the most tourist friendly cities in Europe, because of its multitude of attractions that range from museums, historic buildings, cathedrals and entertainment to a host other family friendly activities. The London Aquarium is one such attraction that is bound to be a hit among every family member regardless of their age. Aquariums have long fascinated humans as it houses species of fish that are not often seen by the general public but also because walking past the glass corridors gives a surreal illusion of floating around in the ocean.

The London Aquarium is one of the most visited attractions in the United Kingdom with more than a million visitors annually. It was opened in 1997, close to the South Bank of the Thames and was intended to entertain while educating the visitor. One of the principal aims of this aquarium is to showcase rare species of fish and other marine animals so that the visitor becomes interested in the ecology of the ocean and the impact of environmental change.

This aquarium is unique in that it has always been at the cutting edge of technology; in 2005 it created a controversial exhibit that featured robotic fish. Visitors were amazed at how lifelike their appearance and movements were. The underlying message in this exhibit was the importance of ocean conservation, as it gave the message that robotic fish may be what the world would be left with if conservation strategies were not taken seriously.

The aquarium is home to more than five hundred species of ‘real’ fish from different parts of the world. They are enclosed in fourteen thematically divided exhibits that mimic their natural environment. Perhaps the most popular exhibit here is the Reef Shark Encounter that allows visitors to walk across a simulated pacific sea bed while ten feet long sharks swim overhead.

A visit to the London Aquarium is one that should be undertaken by any tourist staying in a Central London hotel. Access to the aquarium is quite easy for guests at a London luxury hotel such as Metropolitan London as the city is well connected via the underground railway and other public transportation links.

Chandrishan Williams is a travel writer who writes under the pen name, Caleb Falcon. He specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.


London Zoo

For almost two centuries a wide variety of species have called London home, and this may be surprising to hear when considering the geographical situation of the city. It is in fact at the London Zoo, run by the Zoological Society of London, where more than 750 species of animals are accommodated, and can be visited by travellers to the area. Visitors come from far and wide because the zoo is certainly one of the best in the world, and is a place that the entire family will love. The animals are looked after with great love and care, and the vision of the ZLS that runs the zoo, is to create a world where these animals are valued.

Penguins are creatures that everyone loves and there are plenty of these adored birds here. Their enclosure known as the Penguin Beach is the largest penguin pool in the entire country. At the zoo visiting the Gorilla Kingdom too is very entertaining, as is visiting the Komodo Dragons and the big cats. On the premises is also London’s only rainforest, inhabited by several species native to these tropical forests. While they are interesting to see by day they are especially enchanting by night when visitors can check out these intriguing creatures. These are just a few among the many interesting animals that live comfortably in the park, and where better to spend a day in London than in the company of these creatures!

The zoo has options for visitors who stop over on those rainy London days, and there are a variety of indoor sites to visit here. The fantastic aquarium, Butterfly Paradise and the Reptile House are some of the places where families can spend time regardless of what the weather is like. There are exciting daily events that visitors can catch as well as seasonal events and celebrations that anyone will enjoy. Bring the kids to the children’s zoo section, where the sight of wildlife will help youngsters develop an interest in these amazing creatures. It is a must check out attraction, well worth the visit for those who head to the capital.

Visitors will want to spend a trip to the city in a London luxury hotel perfect for idyllic relaxation, and The Metropolitan London ticks all the boxes in terms of luxurious comfort and brilliant service. The range of accommodations at this Central London hotel feature elegant and modern design ideal for unwinding.

Chandrishan Williams is a travel writer who writes under the pen name, Caleb Falcon. He specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.