A Stroll through the Ningbo Museum

Renowned for its iconic design, Ningbo Museum is a must-visit highlight for culture buffs holidaying in the area. Here’s what you can expect to see on a tour of the museum.

Siyuwj, South Gate of Ningbo Museum, CC BY-SA 3.0
Siyuwj, South Gate of Ningbo Museum, CC BY-SA 3.0

At a Glance

As a cultural instruction that’s documenting the history of Ningbo and the Yonzhou area spanning a whopping five thousand years, Ningbo Museum is a must-see attraction for all. Housed in an iconic structure designed by Wang Shu, the first Chinese recipient of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, the box-shaped museum is divided into 3 levels.

A Rich Collection

Having opened its doors to the public in 2008, Ningbo museum boasts a vast collection of artefacts and art pieces that number well over 8000 items. This not only includes items of historic and cultural value but also artistic prowess. Paintings, porcelain, carvings, sculptures, jades, silverware and bronzes are all part of the exhibits on show at the venue’s galleries.

The Galleries

There are entire galleries dedicated to local Chinese history and these exhibition areas feature ancient photographs, relics and models, exploring Chinese history and the various customs that have evolved over the centuries. Some of the most prized showpieces in this section include the writings of eastern Zhejiang scholars who are credited with Ningbo’s rapid expansion.

Ningbo’s Past

Another engaging section of the museum delves into the local culture of Ningbo and documents its rise to a commercial epicentre. The 4th level of the museum is where the bamboo relics are found. Donated by the family of Qin Kangxiang, a well known collector, these artefacts are simply exquisite, and those based at Ascott Huaishu Road Ningbo or any one of the other serviced apartments in Ningbo will perhaps find it the most memorable part of their tour.

Xishuangbanna Nationality Culture Park

Tipped to be one of the must-visit highlights on a tour of southern Yunnan, the Xishuangbanna Nationality Culture Park is a cultural icon of sorts on the shores of Liusha River. Ideally located within 1km of Jinghong City, this sprawling enclave occupies a whopping 165 acres of the area’s most pristine landscapes. Frequented by tourists and locals alike, the park serves as a miniaturized representation of Xishuangbanna with its natural environment, folk customs and culture replicated in the heart of southern Yunnan.

Divided according to direction, the southern corner of the Xishuangbanna Nationality Culture Park houses three designated tourist hubs. This includes a tropical fruit enclosure, a plant and vegetation zone as well as a swimming and sunbathing area. Rare plant species such as varieties of amomum, arecas and palms are found within the plant enclosure which houses 10 species of endangered plants. The tropical fruit garden in the park on the other hand houses a 99 acre orchard and a 9 acre coffee plantation within its confines. Fruit trees the likes of jackfruit, mango, coconut, grapefruit, carambola and lichee are found in the venue which also allows visitors to pick the fruits in season. A wildlife compound with elephants and various bird species is also found on the northern fringes of the orchard.

The northern section of the culture park however is dedicated to the ethnic minorities of Xishuangbanna as well as their traditional residences and customs. Exploring the cultural identity of the Lahu, Hani, Bland, Dai, Yao and Jinuo communities, visitors can witness local festivals such as dragon boat races, water dousing festivals as well as wedding rituals of the Dai populace in this area of the park. Bamboo firework displays and bamboo raft races are also conducted at the locale which also showcases traditional dance performances by Yunnan’s ethnic minorities. The four dance auditoriums at the park stage outdoor performances such as the Jinuo Tom Tom Dance, the Dai Peacock Dance and the Lahu Trichord Dance which involves 4 to 400 performers on specific days of the week.

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Asian Dragon Bay Sanya

The Asian Dragon Bay, which is also known as Yalong Bay is one of the most picturesque locations in Hainan Province, China, that many visit from all over the world. The stretch of pristine golden beach covers an area of 18.6 square kilometres which is about 7.2 square miles, with a total length spanning 7.5-kilometers, which makes this stretch of supreme loveliness three times longer than the mesmerizing and famed beaches found in Hawaii.

The waters of the ocean here are crystal clear, allowing one to gaze into depths of more than 10 metres below the surface. The vibrant marine life, rich with the many colourful shoals of fish and the wonderful formations of coral can be thus seen quite easily by anyone regardless of whether or not they wish to snorkel and dive.

The Asian Dragon Bay is complete with all the facets of blue waters of the sea, white gold pristine sands, the emerald sheen of the rich vegetation of the surrounding area as well as the freshest air, that make up the perfect holiday experience to anyone finding solace in her embrace. Given this sublime beauty and priceless perfection, the Asian Dragon Bay was authorized by the State Council in the year 1992.

The Totem Pole of 27 metres that stands boldly at the centre of the bay is yet another interesting attraction that heightens the significance of this place of beauty yet some more and has intricate engravings of the god of the sun, gods of winds, rain and thunder along with the legendary animals of the dragon, kylin, phoenix and fish. The Butterfly Valley that can be found on the northern end of the Asian Dragon Bay also adds to the allure of this place with its five halls representing the butterfly species of China and the world.

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Mt. Emeishan Hiking Exploration

If you are a passionate hiker, Mount Emeishan in China would certainly be in your hiking destinations list. Located in the Sichuan Province, Mount Emeishan is frequently visited by many adventurous travellers. Prior to your arrival it is always best to make a reservation at a Sichuan hotel of your choice.  Anantara Emei Resort & Spa, China is one of the top-rated Emeishan hotels recommended by many as a home away from home. Located within close proximity to many tourist attractions, the place is perfect to reside at if you are planning to go on a hiking expedition at Mount Emeishan. It is a sacred Buddhist mountain which is home to many monasteries and temples. Also known as a national park, the passionate mountain climbers would at least take three days to explore the mountain in full. Climbing Mount Emeishan is a tedious task as certain areas have steeply trails. However once you reach the summit, the picturesque views of the Sichuan Province from top is definitely a rewarding experience for your heart-thumping and thigh-shattering effort.


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Historical Sites in Ho Chi Minh City

Showcasing the influences of the French and the Chinese; two countries that once that governed Vietnam, the area of Ho Chi Minh City is filled with countless buildings that date back to the beginning of the 18th century. For those looking for a serviced residence in Ho Chi Minh City, perhaps Somerset Ho Chi Minh City can be considered. Select a serviced apartment Ho Chi Minh City and from where you could head out on a journey of discovery and excitement.

Thien Hau Temple which was built in the 19th century is a Chinese style shrine dedicated to Thien Hau; the Lady of the Sea. Visit the main alter of the temple and be awed by the three statuettes of the goddess that dominate the premises. A partly covered courtyard plays host to the interior of the temple and here if one stares at the roof one could encounter a myriad of features. Colourful figures ranging from demons, animals, actors and European traders and sailors adorn the roof of the temple and make for quite a mesmeric sight. Referred to as Gai Long Palace before the fall of Saigon, the museum of Ho Chi Minh City was once the residence of French colonial officers. From handicrafts, currency to artefacts that showcase the colonial rule of the country, this museum is a definite ‘must-do’. Get a more in-depth perspective of the local lifestyle by coming over to the Binh Tay Market. Have a chat with some of the elders who will tell you tales of its glorious past before making your way through the narrow lanes that makeup this colourful trading centre, set in Cho Lon.

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Theme Parks in Guangzhou

Should you be heading over to Guangzhou, China you would do well to reserve time on your schedule to check out the many amusement parks that decorate the area. Stay at a Guangzhou serviced apartment provided at Ascott IFC Guangzhou so that you will have easy access to every theme park there is. Such serviced apartments Guangzhou is known for will come across as ideal abodes in which to relax, unwind and simply let yourself go.
The internationally renowned Chimelong Paradise Amusement Park is one the biggest if its kind in all of China. Home to the action-packed 10 looped rollercoaster the park was set up in 2006 and one touring Guangzhou must definitely make it a point to spend a day here. Watch as stuntmen and women put on the grandest of shows which features prominently amongst the whopping 70 rides that can be enjoyed. If you’re into crocodiles then Guangzhou Croco Park is the place for you. Watch as crocs of all sizes slither their way across but be careful to not get too close. After you’re done with the crocs, consider coming over to Chimelong Water Park where fun and games take centre stage. The Family Boomerango and the Tornado are rides that will certainly make you forget your boring routines back home.

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Trekking Along the Yellow Mountain

The Yellow Mountain in China is one of the most significant of its attractions, as thousands of visitors every year travel from all over the world to climb and admire her surpassing beauty and magnificence. The Yellow Mountain is also known as Huangshan Mountain, in fond remembrance of the great, unforgotten ancestor of the Chinese people, the legendary, Huang Di. It is said that upon this majestic mountain, Huang Di made magical pills of immortality. The mighty mountains have seemingly absorbed the immortality concocted here, as it glows with unending, unchanging, timeless beauty throughout all seasons and times.

The Yellow Mountain is counted among the greatest mountains of China, the We Yue. The Wue Yue includes five other mountains, namely Mount Taishan, Mount Huashan, Mount Hengshan, Mount Songshan and Mount Hengshan. The Wue Yue indeed receives great prominence along with the Yellow River, Yangtze River and the Great Wall as being symbols of China.

The Yellow Mountain has been listed as a World Natural and Cultural Heritage site owing to the magnificence of its treasures in the lines of biology as well as zoology.

The sunrise viewed from atop the mountain is indeed a breathtaking experience and many travel from all over the world to catch a glimpse of her mighty golden rays. Trekking along the Yellow Mountain to its peak, you will reach the best spots to capture the perfect moment of sublime beauty. The east facing areas such as the Refreshing Platform, Lion Peak, Dawn Pavilion, Rosy Clouds Peak, Bright Peak Summit, Lotus Bloom Peak, Jade Screen Peak and the Heavenly Capital Peak give one the perfect opportunity to witness the rising sun in all her beauty.

A trek along the rugged paths of Yellow Mountain leading you to its summit will also spread the breathtaking vista of the sea of clouds beneath your feet, giving you a wonderful sensation of being at the top of the world, far away from all its cares and burdens. The sight is indeed worth seeing at least once in one’s lifetime.

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Mountain Climbing in Beijing

How would experiencing a challenging climb that will lead you to some of the most enchanting of peaks in the city of Beijing? Choosing a luxury apartment in Beijing would be the best way to begin an unforgettable adventure. Somerset Grand Fortune will offer you the convenience of residing at its serviced apartments Beijing possesses from where you could plan a day’s trip to these majestic mountains.
Baihe Natural Rock Climbing Cliff poses perhaps the greatest of challenges to even the skilled mountaineer. With its various paths the cliff comes across as a daunting climb which offers trekkers the joy of absorbing the natural ambience of Beijing in all its glory. Come face to face with dizzying heights at this cliff which is a renowned tourist hotspot in the area. The Western Hills and Huairou-Miyun loop located to the north of the city are also options worth considering. Feel an adrenaline rush like no other as you take on the demands of Beijing’s outdoors in your own time.

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Happy Valley

How about leaving behind the monotony of work and stepping out for a well earned break? Well then think no further than the Happy Valley Shenzhen which is by far China’s most visited and enjoyed amusement park. Located in the Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Happy Valley can easily be reached by choosing a Shenzhen serviced apartment. Do consider a serviced apartment Shenzhen has to offer by staying at Somerset Garden City Shenzhen.

Covering an impressive 86 hectares, Happy Valley is made up of nine themed sections which include Typhoon Bay, Sunshine Beach, Mt. Adventure, Gold Mine Town, Spanish Square, Cartoon City, Playa Maya Water Park, Happy Times and Shangri-la-Woods. Opened in 2002, the park serves an array of exciting and absorbing rides that would make anyone want to come back a second time. Voyage through the dense forests of Mt. Adventure and arrive at ‘The Space Shot’ which will take you up to a height of 60 metres in the air where you can savour a few seconds of the surroundings before being hurtled down at an amazing speed. Take the little ones to Cartoon City where they are sure to be kept company by the numerous fairy tales on show. For jaw-dropping excitement, take on ‘Shooting the Chute’ which is the world’s highest fall located at Typhoon Bay.

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Wild Elephant Sanctuary

Be enthralled by the sheer majesty of wild elephants when on holiday in Xishuangbanna, China. Take in the pageantry of the surroundings fields and mountains as you lie in wait for these truly marvellous creatures. Select a hotel Yunnan has to offer out of which Anantara Xishuangbanna Resort & Spa would be a good bet as it is found near such attractions. Enjoy the luxuries of such a hotel in Yunnan that will put you in the mood for a day of adventure and fulfilment.

The area’s native species of wild Asian elephants can be found roaming the plains of the Mengyang nature reserve. Regarded by many as being the last surviving sanctuary in the country that preserves such a species, Mengyang nature reserve also provides travellers with breathtaking panoramas of Sancha River and its nearby streams and tropical rainforest.

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