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Are you bored and tired of the same old tours and holiday itineraries? You’re in luck as this blog outlines some of the most unique and quintessentially Brisbane things you can do that are out of the box but will make you feel like a local.

Have a cup of java
It is as simple as a cup of coffee. What makes this cup so exceptional is the unique café that brews it. If you’re staying at one of the River View apartments, Brisbane please drag your partner and cycle down to the Goodwill Bridge. You will arrive at the tiny café on top of the bridge where you will be served a nice cup of joe with a hearty serving of the splendid city skyline.

Spring Hill Reservoir
The Spring Hill Reservoir is a unique place for performances and entertainment. The underground space was earlier used as a reservoir to house the city’s water supply; however, it has remained dormant since it was decommissioned in 1960. The Underground Opera Company opened the space for the public by hosting carols and operas.

Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium
If you want something different on a Friday night, head down to Brisbane City Council’s Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium. There are so many attractions for you and your little ones and it’s only around 15mins away from the city’s popular apartment suites such as the Oaks Brisbane on Felix Suites. You can enjoy 14 amazing shows on the Cosmic Skydome with your kids and enjoy some fun activities too!

Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers
If you’re having an evening stroll on Paddington’s Given Terrace, please pop by Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers. This is Australia’s first restaurant dedicated to authentic, handmade Italian gnocchi that will surely transport you to that Italian grandma’s kitchen we’ve seen on Food Network. There are many delectable sauces, appetizers and desserts to choose from plus a private dining space upstairs that looks exactly like Nonna’s kitchen.

Brisbane Riverwalk
This attraction is by far the most unique you’ll come across here in Brisbane. This floating Riverwalk allows you to walk ‘on’ the river instead of the sidewalk. The Riverwalk is 870m long and has dedicated bike and pedestrian lanes, so you can peacefully enjoy your walk or bike ride! Pro tip – there aren’t many shaded areas or benches along the walkway, so you may want to carry an umbrella and plenty of water.


5 Incredibly Unique Things You Can Do in Brisbane – Top 5 Unique Activities Tourists Can Experience in Brisbane

Home to some of Australia’s top highlights, Brisbane is hardly a daredevil’s playground according to most tourists. But here are 5 unusual activities that may change your mind about the city.

Kayaking After Dark

Exploring the wrecks that lie just off the coast of Moreton Island in the dead of night is not for everyone but it is one of the most engaging travel experiences available in Brisbane. Not only do fish and turtles come out to say hello but kayakers can also enjoy an overnight tour of the island thanks to tour operators such as Australian Sunset Safaris.

Catch a Show

When it comes to Brisbane’s underground music scene, one cannot get more literal than the shows staged by The Underground Opera Company. Hosting theatre and musical production in locations deep beneath the city, the acoustics of these live shows are simply unparalleled. Those based at Oaks Brisbane Festival Suites or any other hotel accommodation in Brisbane CBD will have easy access to these performances.

Diving With Mantas

Head down to the Manta Bommie site in the summertime to enjoy a diving experience with countless manta rays that flock to this part of the coast during this time of year. In addition to the mantas, divers will also spot leopard sharks, bamboo sharks and guitar sharks occupying these waters.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Walk to Paradise

Forget about boats, you can simply walk to a tropical paradise off the coast of Brisbane named King Island by simply treading over the sandbank which appears just off the Wellington Point bay.

Bar Hopping on a Helicopter

A pub crawl in Brisbane with a difference, those who sign up with Pterodactyl Helicopters can travel in style from one legendary bar to another.

Bucket List-worthy Experiences in Brisbane – Distinctive Attractions for the Discerning Visitor

If you happen to be visiting or staying in Brisbane, there are a host of attractions and things to do that you simply must experience like those mentioned below.

ShiftchangeVenman Bushland National Park entranceCC0 1.0

Moreton Island

If you would like to experience Australia’s outstanding sea and reef life, all that you need to do would be to undertake a ferry ride to Moreton Island. At this tropical island, you will encounter shimmering clear waters, pleasant lakes and remarkable opportunities for snorkelling that will captivate the visitor.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Animal lovers who would like to get up close with creatures of the Australian wild should undoubtedly visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. At this wildlife haven, you will be able to cuddle a friendly koala, feed an affable kangaroo by hand and take some memorable photographs. A choice of Milton accommodation to consider from which you could easily visit this sanctuary would be The Milton Brisbane.

Whale Watching

If you happen to be in Brisbane between June and November, you will have the chance to join a whale watching cruise. On one of these cruises, you will be able to observe some of the thousands of southern humpback whales which pass through the Moreton Bay area each winter on their migrations, a truly remarkable sight.

The National Parks

Australia features many lush national parks, some of which you could easily access from Brisbane; these include the Teerk Roo Ra National Park and Venman Bushland National Park. You will have the chance to trek through these protected areas, enjoy the natural scenery and observe the myriad of interesting flora and fauna.

Adventures to have in Brisbane – The happiest vibes!

Not all adventures are about hikes and jumps. Some adventures can also be as soothing as trying out a new dish, visiting a gallery, or even enjoying the sea breeze. In Brisbane, you have many such adventures to please your soul.

Sunrise views

Sunsets are romantic, but why will you underrate the beauty of the sunrise? Wake up early and head to Mt Coot-tha during your stay at Oaks Brisbane Aurora Suites to enjoy the magical sunrise views from there!

Explore art and history

This is one of the most popular daytime adventures among the people who spend their holidays at holiday apartments in Brisbane. GOMA, Queensland Art Gallery, and Queensland Museum are all available (located very close to each other) to entertain you!

KgboMain foyer of Queensland Art Gallery, BrisbaneCC BY-SA 4.0

Eat Street Northshore

Are you ready to enjoy a shipping container market experience? Eat Street Northshore is open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays offering a feast for the senses.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Koalas are always cute, and they have the power to build a smile on anyone’s face within a blink of an eye. Hold a koala at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and hang out with other friends such as wombats and dingoes.

A Trip to Sea World Gold Coast

If you are travelling to the Gold Coast for the summer with your little ones in tow, then make a quick detour to visit Sea World for a fun and educational experience.

oadmaster (David R. Tribble) This image was made by Loadmaster (David R. Tribble) Email the author: David R. Tribble Also see my personal gallery at Google PhotosSeaworld-Orlando-Shamu-1510CC BY-SA 3.0

Save Time

Save up on time by making sure to buy tickets online well in advance to avoid long queues. With so many things to see and do, you will need to be strategic with time. However, try to arrive at entertainment shows early on to get prime seats at the stand.

Beat the Heat

The afternoon heat can get quite intense, so be smart and beat the heat by taking the kids to water-related entertainment options such as ”Battle Boats” where they can water cannon everyone in sight.

Find Accommodation Nearby

Given the fact, that a whole day would be spent at the theme park it would be prudent to find accommodation nearby as your little ones will be knackered after all the excitement. You can easily find a Brisbane city hotel including the likes of Oaks Charlotte Towers with minimal hassle.

Educate the Kids

The park is guaranteed to influence the minds of the young and no matter what animal you observe during your visit, the subtle message of conservation is imparted in a fun and caring way. Opt for the penguin encounter to learn about shrinking polar caps and more.


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A weekend adventure in Brisbane

Embark on an adventure in Brisbane, the riverside city and capital of the sunny state of Queensland. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the country and also one of the friendliest towards visitors. Brisbane CBD hotels are booked up all year round as a result of the fantastic attractions and fabulous weather. A pair of walking shoes is all you need to get started, as Brisbane is a destination that should be discovered on foot. The heart of the city is where you will find the biggest concentration of restaurants and eateries, shops and boutiques, bars and pubs, as well as hotel and apartment accommodation like Oaks 212 Margaret. The Brisbane River, with is avoidable presence, takes pride of place in the heart of the city and the hearts of the people.

Adventure in Brisbane
Adventure in Brisbane, Pic Credits: businessevents

Visit the seventeen hectares of parkland, a dedicated recreational space that offers hiking trails, playgrounds, gardens and The Wheel of Brisbane, a Ferris wheel that towers over South Bank at a height of sixty meters. Explore the shopping and dining opportunities at Little Stanley Street or visit the iconic Eagle Street Pier, the core of Brisbane’s food scene.

Walking food tours are a fabulous way to spend an afternoon, whether you enjoy chocolate, craft beer or just food in general. Food festivals are also becoming a popular Brisbane tradition for celebrating cuisines and cultures.

If you run into the ‘Brisbane Greeters’, a group of chatty and helpful Brisbanites, they will be happy to share directions, advice and quick tips for the best spots to visit, places to eat and thing to see and do. If you like marine wildlife, head to Moreton Bay, the ideal lookout for spotting dolphins, whales and turtles. Or if you are otherwise inclined, get yourself a dose of culture along Grey Street, home to Queensland Performing Arts Center, the Queensland Art Gallery, the Gallery of Modern Art, the State Library of Queensland or the Queensland Museum and Science center.

Catalina Forbes is a travel writer who bases her content on many thrilling escapades experienced across the world. Google+

Adventures on Brisbane River

Mangrove-fringed Brisbane River winds leisurely through the Brisbane city Centre. This scenic, serene waterway is the backdrop for a whole range of exhilarating outdoor adventure. Tourists can Kayak past Brisbane’s glittering sky-line at night or take in the breathtaking panorama of the city, which surrounds from the top of the Story Bridge. Guests can either climb or abseil the sheer cliffs at Kangaroo Point or walk, bike ride or rollerblade over the floating walkways of Brisbane River walk. They can also take an adrenalin break in the City Botanic Gardens or the lush riverside parks of South Bank. Oaks Hotels & Resorts have some of the best Hotels Brisbane has to offer such as Oaks Aurora. This beautiful hotel is located on the picturesque Brisbane River. This hotel is for both leisure and business travelers, as Brisbane hosts a number of events and festivals too. Rooms at the hotel are spacious, elegant and comfortable.

It is a great experience to climb up to the Story Bridge, it’s an 80 meter Climb. It’s an exhilarating experience that’s one of only three of its kind in the world. Start from Kangaroo Point and learn about the history of the city, bridge and river as you traverse the superstructure. At the top, your exertion is rewarded with a breathtaking panorama over the city, river, Moreton Bay and islands and nearby mountain ranges. For river-level adventure, tourists can join cyclists, roller-bladders, walkers and joggers on the palm-fringed Brisbane Riverwalk, a 20km network of floating pathways. Stop and admire the artistic sculptures or relax in the riverside parks. Picnic beneath the mangroves and macadamia trees of the wild City Botanic Gardens on the river’s north bank. On the other side, River walk leads past the lagoon and sprawling gardens of South Bank. Enjoy a cruise on the Brisbane River on a golden gondola or historic wooden paddle steamer. After all the pulse-racing activity, a rest and relaxation on the River Walk would be perfect.

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Brisbane’s Story Bridge Adventure Climb

Experience Brisbane’s iconic story bridge like never before with a Story Bridge Adventure Climb. A ‘must do’ activity when in Brisbane the climb offers a magnificent view of the city. The hotels Brisbane CBD houses are well equipped for business or leisure travellers but if you have been hankering for something off the familiar lines of contemporary hotels consider the Next Hotel Brisbane.

An outlandishly modern concept in hotel accommodation awaits you here. Clearly a hotel of the future Next incorporates all modern amenities and innovations for an ultra-comfortable stay. Enjoy self-check-ins at the lobby, also boasting the ‘SilverNeedle’ hospitality service, giving guests a chance to freshen up and relax at no extra charge. The stylish lines of the hotel are designed for maximum use of space with minimum fuss. Enjoy your stay in any one of the comfortable standard, deluxe or superior rooms offering a one-touch guest communication centre that enables you to work out all details from the comfort of your bed. Amazingly smart the hotel offers a 24hr gym and shower and rest pods for those on the go.

Discover Brisbane from Story Bridge offering sweeping vistas of the city, gorgeous views of Moreton Bay and the surrounding western Rim. The whole adventure last about two and a half hours and includes a climb to the summit of the bridge known as the superstructure located at 80meteres. This experience is indeed one of the three such experiences available globally.

Proper safety protocols and safety equipment are used while a colourful commentary on the bridges history adds more interest. Adrenaline junkies have the opportunity to abseil down one of the bridges pylons right into scenic Captain Burkes Park!

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