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Snorkelling in Maldives- Explore Eden Underwater

If anyone wants to know what the Maldivian seas are most famous for, the answer is definitely the underwater paradise this nation proudly boasts of. As Maldives has perfect crystal clear waters and fantastic tropical water temperatures, snorkelling makes one of the most rewarding activities to undertake. With its wide array of amazing species and beautiful corals surroundings the many islands and atolls, this adventure will ensure you that you do not resurface disappointed in any way.

The Maldives has 26 major atolls and over 1190 coral islands. Throughout these regions one can find a number of secluded spots to experience the finest snorkelling. This is by far the easiest and least complicated way to experience the underwater paradise of Maldives, all you would need is a face mask, fin and a mouth air tube and you will be good to go. If you are still a bit hesitant, there are plenty of instructors who would not only help you do it right but will guide you to the correct spots to get a glimpse of a particular type of species or corals, whatever your choice maybe.  Explore the sparkling turquoise lagoons that offers you an array of fish, each vibrantly coloured, and savour the beautiful pastel shades of sponges and corals that adorn this Eden underwater. There are over 200 different species of Marine life that make their homes in the Maldivian Seas. Some common favourites include lion fish, scorpion fish, clown fish, butterfly fish, Manta Rays, Eagle rays, Octupus and so many more. So enjoy the thrill, excitement and adventure that snorkelling under these waters ensures. Try undertaking the adventure at night and experience all these amazing feelings literally in a different light. As the flash illuminates the gorgeous sleepy world prepare to be transported to a whole new magical dimension.

After exploring the amazing underwater world of Maldives, choose to wind down in one of the finest Maldives Island resorts, such as the Naladhu Maldives. Boasting a breathtaking beach of Maldives at its doorstep, a soothing and relaxing ambience and star class service this is one Maldives hotel that ensures you enjoy the best of this amazing island.