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Mountain Biking And Cycling In Sri Lanka

Situated just to the side of the southern tip of India, Sri Lanka is considered the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’. The little tear drop shaped island has bounced back from years of civil war to become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The island has been blessed with immense natural beauty and much of the country is covered in dense green foliage. One can even find plenty of trees scattered in the cities. Those looking for a change in scenery should consider visiting this tropical paradise.
Those who love the outdoors and have a taste for adventure can explore the island on bicycle. There are four National Cycle Trails located at scenic spots throughout the country. Including one starting at Sabaragamuwa, which is a province located near the Central Highlands. The network of roads criss-crossing the country is vast, and they range from tarred roads to country streets and gravel paths. Bicycles provide travellers with freedom to explore places that are inaccessible to cars and vans. The terrain varies along different parts of the island and one can find trails suitable for beginners as well as experts.

The plains of Sri Lanka offer little challenge to bikers and are ideal for novices and those who do not want to exert themselves. The Central Highlands provide tougher trails but those who take them are rewarded by exquisite vistas of forested valleys and sparkling waterfalls. The average temperature in the highlands is also much cooler than in the rest of the country making for a pleasanter riding experience. Cyclers can meander along lonely winding roads, while enjoying the fresh clean mountain air or ride down rugged trails on sturdy mountain bikes. The options are endless. 

While Sri Lanka travel can get a bit frustrating, especially if one is depending on public transport, cycle tours provide a charming, healthy alternative. One can find plenty of outfits that provide Sri Lanka tours by bicycle. Jetwing Travels is one of the most well-known cycle tour organisers. They offer tours a range of tour packages to the island’s biggest tourist attractions, from Negombo to Galle to Kandy.