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Uncover Picturesque Phuket on an ATV Tour of the Holiday Mecca

Often described as a truly Thai way uncover Phuket All Terrain Vehicle tours are becoming the mode du jour when it comes to free spirited exploration of the popular holiday destination. Ideally suited for adventure seeking tourists looking to spend a few hours discovering the culture, natural beauty and vitality of the holiday Mecca at their own pace the tours lets visitors explore the lesser known areas of this beach haven and the communities that dwell within its fringes. An ATV tour as they are locally known can be as brief as a one hour excursion or be as extensive as a two hour outing that takes stock of the area and its attributes in its entirety. Tour operators will offer visitors a number of All Terrain Vehicle tours to choose from that encompass various aspects of the area such as its plant life, its community life or natural wonders.
The ATV tour experience of course begins with a pick up from the hotel and transport on board a minibus to the Phuket ATV Park. Registration and an informative briefing follows at the camp site where participants are given a crash course in operating the lawnmower like vehicle that can accommodate up to four riders. The practiced manoeuvres include riding in small circles, driving along a figure 8 and curve riding which are conducted under supervision on a gravel road. The tour commences by taking riders along off road trails that include narrow paths laden with minor obstacles that usually cut across forest landscapes and local plantations. Mud laden trails and steep inclines are also thrown in for good measure as riders discover the joys of ATV touring.

After returning to the camp site for refreshments riders will set off on other terrain in Phuket which includes sandy patches, mountainous and flooded areas and zig- zag trails. Riders can then take on the public road and travel across Phuket crisscrossing plantations, driving past local communities going about their daily activities. ATV tours through fruit plantations, jungle landscapes and palm laden areas are popular among seasoned visitors who sometimes combine an all in one package which includes an ATV excursion coupled with an elephant trek to Phuket’s mountainous regions.
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