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Climb Mount Agung- The biggest mountain in Bali

Towering up over 3000 meters above sea level the mighty Mount Agung stands as the biggest mountain in Bali. This significant landmark of the city is not only an ornament to admire, but also makes an interesting adventure to undertake. Climb this amazing peek and get a view of the world like you have never seen before.

The Mount Agung is a Volcanic Peek and actually forms the chain of mountains that make up the Backbone of the city. Mount Agung made headlines when it had a gastronomically eruption in 1963 making one of the largest 20th century eruptions in the world. The eruption damaged much of eastern Bali, claiming lives, homes and much more. The Volcano is still active and occasionally puffs up smoke and ashes making it an only more intriguing landmark of Bali. Apart from all the adventure of the mountain, it is famed for its spiritual significance as it houses the mother temple Besakih. According to Balinese legend when the Hindu God Pasupati split the spiritual axis of the universe which is believed to be Mount Meru, a tiny fragment scattered making the famed Mount Agung.

Climbing Mount Agung is one of the most interesting adventures to undertake in Bali. The ideal time to start one’s tour would be shortly after midnight as this enables one to get to the peek by sunrise and experience the spectacular view of the sun rising above Mount Rinjani on Lombok giving you a breathtaking experience of a lifetime. The climb itself is fun and interestingly challenging. At lower elevations lush forests surround you but as you climb higher you will be greeted with a more desolate landscape with volcanic rock and Ash Screed. There are several routes to get to the top and plenty of guides to help you get there. On the way do not miss the sacred Besakih temple which gives you a beautiful cultural and religious insight which is definitely worth a visit.

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