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Palm Sugar Village

Thailand is a country located in Southeast Asia, sharing borders with Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. The country is known for its rich culture, delicious cuisine and terrific attractions. Different parts of the country are famous for different things. Tourists who want to enjoy the best beaches Thailand has to offer can head over to Phuket or Krabi; those who want to enjoy the nation’s rich history can visit Ayutthaya or Kanchanaburi; as for those who want to enjoy Thailand’s divine shopping opportunities, excellent restaurants and vibrant nightlife, the best place to go is Bangkok.

Not only is Bangkok Thailand’s capital, it is also its biggest city. Although it is known for its traffic clogged streets and a profusion of nightclubs, Bangkok actually has a lot more to offer. Famous tourist attractions in Bangkok include the Wat Arun, the Wat Pho- which is home to the world’s largest statue of a reclining Buddha, the Grand Palace- where one can see the famous Emerald Buddha, the Wat Ratchanaddaram, and the Dusit Palace- built by King Rama V.

The Palm Sugar Village is technically not a Bangkok tourist attraction as it is located outside the city. However, tourists who have visited all the sights within the city that interests them should consider taking a short day trip to the Palm Sugar Village. As the village is located on the way to the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, one can visit both places at once. At the village tourists can see how sugar is made from the buds of coconut flowers and even take part themselves. It is a fun and interesting experience and should not be missed when visiting the city.

Bangkok’s traffic blocked streets are notorious and the best way to avoid them is by using the Metro or the BTS Skytrain. Together they greatly ease the hassles of travelling in the city. Tourists should also try to get accommodation in a central area so that navigation is not too much of a difficulty. The Metropolitan Bangkok is a luxury Bangkok hotel that enjoys a convenient location and is a great place to stay at. This Bangkok luxury hotel is found next to the city’s most popular leisure and shopping centres and offers a tranquil refuge from the bustling city.