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Visit the Ampawa Floating Market for Retail Therapy, Leisure and Cultural Insight

Traditionally, the Thai mode of trading was dominated by many innovative methods, trade by way of floating markets which utilized the multitude of waterways in the city, were simply one of them. In modern day Thailand, these floating markets still exist, albeit less exorbitant and diverse, and at most, preserved as a tourist attraction. Nevertheless, taking a ride in a long tail boat and visiting these floating markets are truly an experience in itself for they still are unique in nature and the endless string of commentary on the history of the area and the ways of life of the people by the boat’s captain truly contribute to a wholesome experience.
The Ampawa Floating Market too is one such market which is unique in itself. It is more active and livelier than most other markets and one can find vendors selling a myriad of goods ranging from edible delights to souvenirs. One thing that is notable is that most of the houses along the canal are also makeshift shops and restaurants and edible homemade pastries and other goodies can be found in abundance.
This floating market belongs to the increasingly rare category of attractions which double as both an active market as well as a tourist attraction. Due to the double role played by the houses that are found alongside the canal, one can even see traditionally attired farmers selling their wares as well. Therefore, a ride to this Market is never wasted for even if you do not buy items, which is a rare occurrence in itself, you can still observe the simple way of life of the Thai people: an experience you may miss if you spend the entire vacation solely inside a luxury Bangkok hotel.
The Ampawa Floating Market is an afternoon market that begins at noon. Thus if you are staying in a Bangkok luxury hotel during your vacation, you are able to visit multiple floating markets in a given day. Most people opt to visit this market during the afternoon and take a ride through the famed Damnoen Saduak afterwards. After an immensely exciting day, no doubt complete with retail therapy, return to the luxury and comfort of a hotel such as the Metropolitan Bangkok and wrap up a perfect day with a delectable meal at their award winning restaurant.