Namibia’s Skeleton Coast: Explore the ‘End of the Earth’

One of the loneliest stretches of shorelines in Africa, Skeleton Coast is one of the few untouched wilderness regions in Nambia. If you think you can stomach its evocative atmosphere, it is indeed a must-visit area during a holiday spent at one of the hotels in Namibia the likes of Avani Windhoek Hotel & Casino.


Skeleton Coast can be found on the distant northwestern portion of Namibia. It is part of the northern Namib Desert and most of it is protected by the eponymous national park.

Image by juls26 from Pixabay

Meaning Behind Name

Skeleton Coast most likely received its name due to the number of whale and human skeletons as well as the remains of ships that could be found scattered along its shoreline.


Swakopmund is the southern gateway to the Skeleton Coast. It lies toward the south of the National West Coast Tourist Recreation Area that runs northward toward the Ugab River Mouth starting from the Swakop River.

Sand Dunes

Wherever you go on the Skeleton Coast, you’ll be met with sand dunes – an integral part of this region’s landscape.