Thai Phrases to Learn Before Your Visit

While those who do not speak Thai can fully enjoy a holiday in Thailand, it always helps to know some local phrases to use with the people you meet.

“Khap” and “Kha”

Before getting into phrases to use be it in Bangkok or at a hotel Khon Kaen has to offer, you need to differentiate between “Khap” and “Kha”. They are used at the end of sentences and denote a sign of respect; the main thing to keep in mind is that “Khap” is only used by male speakers and “Kha” only by females.

Typical Greeting

From meeting locals to interacting with staff at properties like Avani Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre, the greeting you should learn is “Sawasdee”, which is the equivalent of “hello”. As mentioned, depending on the gender, the ending will differ; males will say “Sawasdee Khap” and females, “Sawasdee Kha”.

Image by press 👍 and ⭐ from Pixabay

General Phrases

Also learn phrases such as “Sabai Dee Mai?” which is like asking “how are you?”, “Khop Khun Khap / Kha” the equivalent of “thank you” and “Mai Pen Rai” when you need to say “you’re welcome”. This phrase can also come in handy; say “Haawng Naam Yuu Tee Nai?” when you need to find the bathroom!

Other Phrases

Here are some other phrases that can be useful on your travels in Thailand; keep in mind, a big part of conversing here is to be polite and non-confrontational too.

• Ni Tao Rai? – How much is this?
• Paeng – Too costly
• Mai Khao Jai – I don’t understand
• Aroy – Delicious
• Kor Tot – Excuse me