The Ultimate Ski Guide

Skiing is no easy walk in the park. But for those who with a craving for adventure, mastering this sport shouldn’t be much of a challenge. Here’s what you should know before you try your hand at skiing during your stay at a Whistler hotel.

Learn the Rules

Look out for the figures on trail markers! Particularly in North America, you will find that a green circle marks an easy trail for first-timers whereas a black diamond with an exclamation mark would mark a trail that should only be attempted by highly-skilled skiers.

Know the Basics

A practical skiing lesson might be the best way of familiarizing yourself with skiing basics. Some properties in Canada, for instance, Pan Pacific Whistler Mountainside, offers lessons that will help you master the basics.

Test out the Bunny Slope

A bunny hill includes ski lifts – a carpet lift or rope tow would help you discover skiing with its support mechanisms.

Hold Yourself Correctly

Skiing in Whistler|Image by Scott Hughes via Flickr

If you lean too far behind, you’ll note how it becomes increasingly difficult for you when it comes to taking a turn, making you lose control. Keep your knees bent as needed and your hands in front to maintain balance.