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Mekong River Cruise experience

Around great rivers, civilizations and cultures have evolved for centuries and this is the same story with Mekong River too. A cruise across this river is, of course, a very nice experience, and there are certain things you should know before planning this voyage.

Why it’s special?
A Mekong River cruise experience is possible with a trusted party the likes of Mekong Kingdoms, with whom you get the best options, excitement and most importantly the knowledge. The expedition is special because it gives you knowledge of a rich heritage and traditions enriched by over 2000 years of human history.

Best time to visit
There is generally a tropical climate in Cambodia and Vietnam. Thus, temperatures are warm year-round which makes it fine to go there any period of the year. Cruises also run year-round leaving you nothing to worry about the best times.

During a Mekong River cruise, there are many things one can explore, and culture is one of the main. You can also embrace the unique landscapes of the river basin during the cruise and even meet some guides and local community who would talk to you with smiles on their faces.

Your cruise options
Choose your luxury Mekong River cruise according to your specific requirements. For those who have time, the 07-night cruises can give you more experiences and exposures so this would be the ideal choice. However, there are also 3 and 4-night options available for these cruises as well.