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Kuang Si Falls

The Kuang Si falls is a must-visit if you are nature lover who is holidaying at or are passing through Luang Prabang.

Image credit-Benh LIEU SONGKuang Si Waterfalls Luang Prabang Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 3.0

About Kuang Si falls

The waterfalls from a height of about 200 feet and a trail beginning at the shallow bottom pools take you right to the top of the Kuang Si Falls. The colour of the water is a beautiful aqua blue and makes for a great photo backdrop too.

Why you must visit Kuang Si falls

This gorgeous work of nature is a favourite side quest for the travellers in Luang Prabang and if you want to have a bit of nature time in your trip, add this to your list.

Getting there

Being about 30 kilometres away from the south of Luang Prabang hotels, this waterfall will take about two hours to get to if you leave from Avani+ Luang Prabang, for instance.


You will be charged a fee of 20,000 kips to gain access to the falls, but it is definitely worth the cash since the trails and paths are so clean and amazingly maintained by the people of Luang Prabang. Most of the pools here can be swum in except one or two, which are holy.

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