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Hike to the Highest Mountain on Tioman: Gunung Kajang – Conquering Great Heights!

A hike to the highest mountain on Tioman – Gunung Kajang is undoubtedly the next adventure for you if you are an adventure seeker in life. The journey is difficult and requires a lot of your energy, but the breath-taking views you get right at the top of the mountain are priceless, and the hard hike is worth it.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

Mount Kajang

If you stay at a Tioman resort, the likes of Berjaya Tioman Resort, Mount Kajang cannot be too far away. The peak of the mountain is an extinct volcano that dwells in the clouds and this is the whole purpose of the hike too. The special fact about this is that this mountain which is covered by a dense rain forest has a volcanic past.

The trek up

There are not many set trails to the mountain. On your way to it, you may see a noticeable difference between the flora you get to find in the mainland and those you find here. Try to keep talking to a minimal and take in the beautiful surroundings on your trek up.

Up at the summit

The reason we recommend this difficult hike to you is the relaxation you get to feel when you go up the summit. There are also some mysterious caves that you can explore and then the beauty of Tioman island is all yours to feel and enjoy.

Things to keep in mind

It is always better if you have this climb with a crew and especially with the presence of an experienced guide. The general rules do apply for this hike too where you can’t leave anything other than footprints when you come out of the premises.


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