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Best Melbourne Travel Hacks – Travel to Melbourne

You’ll never get enough of travelling to Melbourne – and you’re bound to find new hacks each time you visit. Here’s a list for those looking to make their Melbourne experience better.


Queen Victoria Market| Img by: Johntorcasio via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0

Visiting Queen Victoria Market

Visit the market 20 minutes before it closes on a Saturday and you’ll be able to score yourself a number of different sweet deals. You might just about manage to get fruits, vegetables, cheese or fresh bakes if you are lucky. Just 11 minutes from Pan Pacific Melbourne and close by to other Melbourne hotels, getting here on time won’t be a task!

Tram Tracker

Download the app Tram Tracker available both on iOS and Android. This app gives you reliable updates on when the tram is due to arrive at your stop. You are free to personalize the app by selecting your most common stops!

Free coffee every Friday!

Market Lane holds public cuppings every Friday from 1 to 1:45 PM. Cupping is the coffee version of wine tasting and is a great opportunity to taste up to eight different cups of coffee!

Early riders get free rides

Your train journey is free if you get on and off before 7:15 AM on a weekday!



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