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Mystery Manila for Brave Hearts! – Not Just any Escape Room

If you have the love for being terrified, and you would want to be stuck in a haunted room for a bit, this is for you.

About the room

The Mystery Manila has a room named Rebecca’s Room, which is named as such because you will be solving and trying to uncover the mystery that surrounds Rebecca Rubio. You will be shut in a completely dark room, and using your senses, will have to solve this.

Who is Rebecca Rubio?

She was a video blogger who went missing in the year 2012, and she was last seen walking into her apartment in the evening. People heard some screaming but assumed it was TV noise. And until today, no one, nobody living in or staying at hotels in Makati have seen her.

Within the hour

You get one hour in her room, to figure out what went wrong that night. You can request clues, but each clue would cost you 15 minutes that will be deducted from your total time inside her room.

How to get there

If you are put up at Berjaya Makati Hotel or a similarly central hotel, you can simply hail a cab and get to this escape room.


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