Getaway to Dickwella, Sri Lanka

Dickwella is a coastal city in Sri Lanka located just beyond the southernmost point of Sri Lanka, ‘Dondrahead’. It’s a quiet city, but indeed has great experiences in store for you!

The beach
The term ‘Dickwella’ when translated into English means ‘long beach’. Yes, that’s quite right. It’s an endless beach that’s so pristine and perfect for snorkelling. You can also just sit back and relax on the beach as much as you want.

Nearby attractions
One of the most favourite attractions located close to Dickewella is ‘Hummanaya’. It’s a natural blowhole that is believed to be the 02nd largest in the world. It’s an enjoyable experience to wait for the water spray that happens every 10-15 minutes.

Tourism in Dickwella
The tourism sector in this area is booming. Many beach hotels in Sri Lanka have been newly established in this area, and Dickwella Resort & Spa is one of them. These hotels also provide many authentic experiences that are adored by guests from other countries.

Souvenirs to shop
If you ever get a chance to visit this beautiful destination, do not forget to shop for some ‘beeralu lace’ or ‘bobbin lace’ creations. This will be great support you can be a part of to strengthen the local livelihood as well.