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Fishing in Yala with the local fisherman

In Yala, Sri Lanka, you can enjoy an interesting fishing experience with the local fishermen. It can be new to a foreigner because this is not the fishing technique that they are used to.

Fishing like a local
Foreigners get exposed to lake fishing in Yala. This means freshwater fishing! Their friends for the day become the local fishermen, and they are also the teachers for the day.

Why it’s so awesome?
Fishing nets and baits are all familiar terms even among the foreigners. But what makes the difference is the technique used to catch the fish. Local fishermen know some traditional ways, which are sometimes so strange.

Other experiences
With the local friends, foreigners can visit the birds’ island located within close vicinity, and then enjoy a fresh king coconut drink together. If they like, they can also enjoy a home-cooked local meal.

Staying in Yala
Foreigners can stay at any of the Tissamaharama hotels and say yes to this authentic experience. There are many great options like Kithala Resort that are ideal for tourists to spend their holidays.