Getaway to Dickwella, Sri Lanka

Dickwella is a coastal city in Sri Lanka located just beyond the southernmost point of Sri Lanka, ‘Dondrahead’. It’s a quiet city, but indeed has great experiences in store for you!

The beach
The term ‘Dickwella’ when translated into English means ‘long beach’. Yes, that’s quite right. It’s an endless beach that’s so pristine and perfect for snorkelling. You can also just sit back and relax on the beach as much as you want.

Nearby attractions
One of the most favourite attractions located close to Dickewella is ‘Hummanaya’. It’s a natural blowhole that is believed to be the 02nd largest in the world. It’s an enjoyable experience to wait for the water spray that happens every 10-15 minutes.

Tourism in Dickwella
The tourism sector in this area is booming. Many beach hotels in Sri Lanka have been newly established in this area, and Dickwella Resort & Spa is one of them. These hotels also provide many authentic experiences that are adored by guests from other countries.

Souvenirs to shop
If you ever get a chance to visit this beautiful destination, do not forget to shop for some ‘beeralu lace’ or ‘bobbin lace’ creations. This will be great support you can be a part of to strengthen the local livelihood as well.



Aquatic adventures in Sri Lanka

A holiday in Sri Lanka has so much to offer travellers seeking fun and adventure. Whether you are planning a sandy beach vacation at one of the beautiful beach hotels in Sri Lanka, such as the luxurious Amagi Hotels and Resorts, for example, or an exciting safari tour around the island, Sri Lanka has something for everyone. With so many beautiful beaches to choose from, it’s no wonder water activities top the list of sought after activities by visiting tourists. The West coast of the island is famous for its stunning beaches, coral reefs that are close to the shoreline; ideal for snorkelling and diving.

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Coastal towns like Hikkaduwa, Ahangama and Weligama offer the best surfing conditions along the South-west coastline, with waves reaching as high as 6 feet. However, these areas are also popular tourist destinations and therefore generally crowded. If you’re willing to travel a longer distance to experience the great surf waves, head to the surfing paradise of Arugam Bay. Located on the east coast, A-Bay, as it’s fondly known by locals, is less crowded and offers world class surf breaks.

There are several coral reefs around the island that are located close to shore, which are perfect for snorkelling and diving. The top diving sites are Hikkaduwa and Unawatuna, to the west and Trincomalee on the north-east coast. North of the international airport, are holiday destinations like Negombo and Kalpitiya. Negombo is great for fishing and boating whilst Kalpitiya, a peninsula bordered by the Indian Ocean and a lagoon, is a good spot for Kite surfing. Kalpitiya is also well-known as a prime location for whale/dolphin watching. For those who prefer leisure activities over extreme sports, southern towns like Bentota and Koggala offer water safaris along the lagoons, where tourists can view wildlife, try their hand at fishing and even take in a view lagoon islands.


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Whale and Dolphin Watching, Mirissa

You scan the horizon, stretching into infinity. Morning has broken and the sounds of the sea are all around. The waves lap against the hull as you push deeper into the great azure that is the Indian Ocean. Suddenly up ahead you spot movement. A huge form, primordial like, slowly breaks to the surface as you watch with bated breath. Rising above just long enough for you to witness the sheer majesty and awe-inspiring size is the unforgettable sight of a blue whale, swimming wild and free in its ocean home. Whale watching in Mirissa, Sri Lanka certainly offers an amazing journey of discovery out to sea!

Mirissa can be found along the South Coast of the country and if you are in search of beach hotels in Sri Lanka along this stretch of shoreline, then consider options such as Citrus Waskaduwa. Plan an excursion from here to Mirissa Harbour where whale and dolphin watching trips begin early morning, generally between 6.30 – 7.00 am. The best time to spot whales is from November to April, with December to March being considered the peak period for sightings.

Your voyage out to sea can last anywhere from 3 to 5 hours and while there is no guarantee of seeing these magnificent marine mammals, it is an adventure nevertheless. Not as elusive as the whale are the different varieties of dolphins that inhabit these waters. Spinner and bottlenose dolphins are the most commonly seen varieties here. However the main draw are the whales be it blue, fin or sperm whales that have been spotted in the seas around Miriisa.

Make sure you bring along some suntan lotion, sun glasses and hats or caps because though it is relatively early morning, it can get quite hot. Also carry a pair of binoculars if you have one and it goes without saying to bring a camera or camcorder with you to capture that special moment when you see your first whale. Also have some sea sickness pills just in case; the constant rocking of the boat may test ‘landlubbers!’


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