Dig into the ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya

Once a safe haven for a king with an artistic turn of mind, Sigiriya rock fortress is an intriguing historical site.

Time your climb

You should plan to climb the rock as early as possible to avoid the heat of the day. Book a Sri Lanka resort nearby and make your way to the site early in the morning. For example, from Habarana Village by Cinnamon, you can reach the site under 30 minutes by car.


A little bit of history

King Kashyapa, who loved art and fine living, built his palace complex atop a monolithic rock pillar in the 5th century. He sought to escape potential enemies and live a life of indulgence. Engineering feature of the palace complex is just as fascinating as its art.

Explore the gardens

This amazing structure was once full of beautiful gardens. The water garden on top, in particular, had been laid out with immaculate precision to consist of various ponds and fountains.

Check out the frescoes

Subject to much controversy and dispute amongst archaeologist, Sigiriya frescoes depict exquisite, bare-chested damsels carrying bunches of flowers.


The mirror wall and its poetry

In its heyday, the mirror wall would have been a gleaming surface for poets and visitors to scribble their snippets in admiration of the genius of the rock fortress.