Enthral yourself with an Exciting Trek to Explore the Forbidden Beauties of Udawattakele

Udawattakele is a forest haven found on the outskirts of Kandy and is a refuge for all manner of unique and fascinating wildlife. This wilderness also contains the ruins of a bygone era, making this refuge quite the treat to explore!

Udawattakele kandy
Z thomas, Udawattakele kandy 2017-10-20 (5), CC BY-SA 4.0

The Wildlife

Most Kandy hotels found close to Udawattakele – for example, the Cinnamon Citadel Kandy– will make mention of all the wonderful wildlife you’re likely to see when visiting the forest. Some of the notable species found here include the elusive fishing cat – one of only four species of wild cat found in Sri Lanka – and the rowdy toque macaque.

A Bird Lover’s Paradise

Now, when it comes to wildlife, the avifauna is without a doubt Udawattakele’s main attraction. If you’re at all into birdwatching, a trip here is a no-brainer. Many exotic bird varieties are found in this forest haven, including the rare Layard’s parakeet and the nocturnal brown fishing owl.

Ancient Kandyan Ruins

Deep in the forest, you’ll find the remnants of the fallen Kingdom of Kandy – a call-back to the glory days of proud kings and Sri Lankan royalty. Some of the more important ruins include the Royal Pond and Lady Horton’s Road.

Exploring Buddhist Hermitages

Dotted around the forest are a series of ancient caves that were once used by Buddhist monks as a refuge to rest and meditate in. The most notable of these is the Senkada Cave, which is thought to have been used by a lone hermit once – now you’ll find that it has been reclaimed by the forest’s denizens!