Springbrook and Tambourine Rainforest Tour in Brisbane – A Glimpse into Brisbane’s Vast Outdoors


Submerge into the lush greenery and to a multifarious fauna that is hidden on the outskirts of Brisbane. Visitors in Brisbane are often spoilt by the variety of outdoor activities available for them to enjoy.


Springbrook is a world heritage listed, a national park located on a 23-million-year-old volcanic plateau whilst adjoining Tamborine is also a mountain plateau and rainforest with a 360 view of Queensland from the Surfer’s paradise to the Rim Mountain Range. With waterfalls, caves, brooks and even nature’s own bridges, these rainforests are an ecosystem of those.


If you are joining one of the rainforest tours expect to stop at the winery for a hearty lunch. To enter the Cedar Creek Estate Vineyard and Winery in Mount Tamborine you would have to go through the estate’s purpose-built glow worm cave.


Located near the Queensland & NSW border, the rainforest is over an hour’s drive south from Brisbane CBD. Hotels in the business district also host a wide variety of long stay accommodations like the Oaks Lexicon Apartments which would be ideal for you if you are hoping to stay in CBD to explore Queensland.

Additional facilities

End the day in Tamborine by taking a gallery walk browsing the arts and craft stores. Grab an ice-cream on your way out or simply get a coffee at The Tree House café which on Long Road and sharpens your senses for your journey home.

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Drifting down the Yarra River – Ride the Yarra Like a Local

Melbourne’s Yarra River provides a scenic backdrop to the busy city. although far from crystal clear, head up the river where the water is much cleaner and take a dip during the summer months.

Ride the river like an Aussie

Most locals opt to kayak or drift down the river on inflatable tires and rafts. This is a laid-back way of experiencing the river, but it can take you far from roads, so make sure you get to know the route well.

The best time to enjoy the river

The river is at its best between December to March, but if you’re staying at a hotel like Oaks On Lonsdale, for instance, a Melbourne hotel apartment, you can always check with them for the best times and locations along the river to visit. Locals usually avoid swimming after heavy rains, which tends to wash debris into the river.

Stay safe and covered

Protect yourself against the harsh sun with sunscreen and wear long sleeves if you plan on being in the water for more than an hour or two. Also, try to wear surf or river shoes since most of the river bed is made up of sharp stones.

Explore the riverside

There are several spots along the river you can experience, from shallow beds and streams to the deeper parts of the river. Depending on how much time you have, try and check them out.


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Explore the Great Barrier Reef; the 25 million year old gentle giant

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia, Img.Credit:[Szopen]

The Great Barrier Reef is the known largest living reef habitat in the world. It is made up more than 2900 separate reefs and well above 900 islands. These islands span for more than 2600 kilometres or 1600 miles in size. The area that the reef covers can be estimated as above roughly 344,400 square kilometres. This beautiful aquatic landscape is without a doubt the most exquisitely diversified ecosystem on the planet. The Great Barrier Reef that is aged at over 25 million of years is a beautiful home to more than 600 different species of aquatic organisms. In this there has been estimated to be, more than 1500 different varieties of fish, over 4000 types of molluscs and more than 360 different varieties of corals.
Once you go underwater you will be stunned by the brilliance of the colour differentiation that exists as well as the various textures and shapes. The hundreds upon hundreds of fish that live in the eco-system create complicated yet incredibly simple patterns with their graceful movements as they swim around the place that they call home. The many silent dwellers of the Great Barrier Reef include sea cucumbers, turtles, giant clams, starfish, snails, shells, anemones, eels, sponges, rays and much more.
Port Douglas is the nearest city and the leaving point to the reef and each day over 12 tours leave the port. It is a complete diving and snorkeling haven and the nature of the area is such that even a beginner could enjoy a fun and safe snorkeling session. There are many Port Douglas hotels such as the Oaks Lagoons among multiple others that cater to the accommodation requirements of the many travellers that travel to the area from across the globe in seek of a glimpse of this age old gentle giant.

The Great Barrier Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef, Img. Credit:[Melanie Rogers]

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Moranbah – “The Mining Town” – The Youngest Town in Queensland, Australia

The Industrial Revolution ushered in an era of development and advancement that led to the rapid increase in modes of transport. As a result, mining towns became an increasingly popular phenomenon especially in places such as Germany where historical communities were found in Lower Saxony, North Rhine Westphalia, Bavaria and Baden Wuttemberg, in the United States of America and Australia. Mining towns in the state of Queensland in Australia were found in Blackwater, Middlemount, Moranbah, Mount Mulligan and Willows Gemfields. One such town, Moranbah, is found in the Isaac Region and was established in 1969.

This mining town can be explored by any traveller staying in Moranbah hotels and one should not be deceived into imaging the town as one which has not been touched by modernity. Moranbah is peppered with a number of entertainment facilities such as AFL, a skate park, off road racing and motocross as well as quality accommodation such as the Oaks Moranbah.

Given that it was established only in the 20th century, this town is unsurprisingly one of the youngest towns in the state even though it was explored by colonial powers in 1845, specifically by Ludwig Leichhardt. Though the town was initially established to provide miners and their families with a place to reside in that was close to the mines, Moranbah experienced rapid growth in the late 20th century. Being one of the youngest towns in the state, it has been the subject of investigative journalism where many assessed the impact of the industry on the rural population

For tourists visiting the area, the mining town holds greater attraction in that the Peak Range National Park is located in the vicinity. The Park, established in 1983, is also noteworthy, especially for environmentalists and nature enthusiasts as types of plant and animal species have been identified there.

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Skyrail Rainforest Cableway – A ride to remember

Australia is a delightful place to enjoy and experience the pristine beaches and wildlife. For travellers who want to experience both of these natural attractions must stay in a hotel that is conveniently located closer to the beach and the wilderness. With a short drive from the Cairns Airport and the city centre you find the Australis Cairns Beach Resort on the Beach which is the ideal seaside resort that offer spacious apartments for its guests. Each apartment overlooking the beautifully landscaped gardens or the glistening beaches there is no better accommodation that one can ask for during a holiday. This is a Resort in Cairns Australia that is also close to various tourists attractions such as Cattana Wetlands, Half Moon Bay Golf Course, Yorkeys Knob Beach, Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park and of course the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway.

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway is a tour of Australia’s world heritage listed rainforest. The tour spans for 7.5 km over the pristine tropical rainforests that will take approximately one and a half hours one way or 2 and half hours for a return trip. You can glide just meters above the rainforest on a comfortable gondola cabin that can carry up to six persons.

The cable ride will take you above the Barron George National Park from Cairns to the town of Kuranda in Queensland. The tour allows you to unveil and learn about the botanically fascinating tropical rainforest, view the cairn’s tropical region and the glistening waters of the Coral Sea.

Considered as a major tourist attraction in the country the Skyrail is recognized to offer a premier eco-tourism experience. Most visitors combine the Skyrail tour with other adventure tours such as a ride on the Kuranda Scenic Railway and cruises to the Great Barrier Reef which will add extra bliss to your holiday.

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Mount Nelson – Discover a stunning view

Known as one of the oldest and one of the most prestigious suburbs in the city of Hobart, Mount Nelson also boasts an array of sightseeing attractions that must form part of your city-wide explorations the next time you’re in Hobart. Enjoy the sights of the city from one of the stylish serviced apartments Hobart has to offer its visitors, especially at the likes of the Somerset on the Pier Hobart. Its central location and gracious accommodation options make its Hobart serviced apartments an ideal choice for business and leisure visits. Mount Nelson is most famous for its sharp seven “bends”, which are essentially sharp corners taken by the road when ascending the mountain. The mountain and suburb derives its name from a botanist, David Nelson, aboard the good ship Bounty, who was loyal to the Captain, William Bligh, during the ship’s mutiny. Those who travel to the top of Mount Nelson will be treated to absolutely stunning vistas of the surrounding countryside. It is also the breeding ground of the Swift Parrot, an endangered species with only 1,000 pairs remaining. Hikers and nature lovers will enjoy embarking on the range of hiking trails that wind through Mount Nelson, especially the Truganini track, of special historical import, and the Skyline Reserve, which also affords several walkways. The Signal Station, situated at the very top of Mount Nelson, is a popular recreation site and reveals majestic views of the country below, with picnic areas dotted to unsheltered tables and a host of barbeque facilities, perfect to host an outing with family and friends. If you prefer not to bring your own food, the charming café located onsite offers a selection of delicious fare to snack on whilst you absorb the Tasmanian countryside unfolding all around you.

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