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Yala Adventures

The 2nd largest national park in Sri Lanka, Yala is located in the country’s southern province and covers over an expansive 979km of land. The park is renowned for its large assortment of wild animals such as sloth bears, monkeys, birds, reptiles, the Sri Lankan elephant and one of the largest concentration of leopards in the world. Eco-tourists and adventure seekers eager to visit this beautiful park can easily find good accommodation among the Yala hotels, such as Wild Trails Yala, which offers Eco-friendly spacious tents with modern amenities.
A safari in Yala is the ideal way to enjoy the wildlife. Set off early morning with a guide to stand the best chance of seeing the animals as they roam freely around the park before the sun rises. Elephants, wild buffaloes and boars can be found near watering holes whiles the morning cries of the regal peacock signals the start of another day. The wild animals here are used to the sounds of safari jeeps and don’t shy away from people. Bring lots of water with you and ask your hotel to arrange a packed breakfast for you trip.
The main attraction for most visitors to the park is the Sri Lankan leopard. The native leopard is one of the most celebrated animals in the country, second to elephants, with the highest concentration found at Yala National Park. Because it is the largest predator in the park, it’s extremely comfortable out in the open, usually found perched up the trees or relaxing in the thick foliage.
Yala is made up of various eco-systems, from open grasslands and dense forests, to marine and fresh water wetlands and coastal habitat. Exploring each area is an adventure on its own with over 215 bird species and 44 species of mammals that include sloth bears, the red slender loris and golden palm civet in addition to sea turtles and crocodiles are just a few that can be seen around the park. Be sure to spend a full day roaming through the wildness to really experience the best of Yala.

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