The best seasons for diving in the Maldives – Know your way around

Diving in the Maldives is a popular pastime and one that calls for careful planning. Provided below are the best times to pay a visit to these awe-inspiring isles for a riveting dive.

Image via pxfuel

Northeast monsoon period

Conducive weather conditions are the need of the hour ahead of any water sporting activity in this part of the world and in the case of scheduling diving expeditions, take note of the northeast monsoon season which descends from December to May. During this time, the winds are calmer which in turn contributes towards sunny skies and pleasing oceans; the perfect combination to delight in some diving. Further, the currents that flow through the atolls from December to March make for excellent visibility, especially if you’ve chosen the eastern atolls as your springboard. The eastern portion of the channels witness sharks congregates whilst western sections can be looked at for manta ray viewing.

Southwest monsoon period

With the advent of the southwest monsoons come June through November, the currents are known to move east within the channels. Importantly, visibility is at its best if one opts to dive in the western parts of the channels. However, you will have to deal with rough seas and stronger winds. In terms of the species that can be spotted, whale sharks, mantas, and turtles are one’s, constant companions.

Where can you stay?

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