Stunning Tangalle Beach: A useful guide – Explore a wonderful beach!

With white sands, shades of palm trees, and turquoise waters, Tangalle Beach stands special among other Sri Lankan beaches.

Tangalle, Sri Lanka

Tangalle is a coastal town located in the southern part of Sri Lanka. It’s a tourist destination today with many great resorts such as Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort. All the tourist hotels in Tangalle offer world-class hospitality services.

Heading to Tangalle

You can always choose to travel using public transportation to reach Tangalle. You may use a train or bus to have a local experience. If you want a comfortable tour, you may also hire a taxi.

Best time to visit the beach

Visit the beach during November and April. From May to October, you won’t meet a huge crowd because that’s the off-season.

Things to on the beach

In addition to resting and relaxing, you may also engage in several water sports here on this beach. It’s also great for swimming and snorkelling too.

Image via Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort

Other attractions nearby

You may explore Silent Beach, Medaketiya Beach, and Mulkirigala Rock temples during the same tour. Don’t forget to meet the fishing community here and have a good chat. Let them share their interesting stories with you.

What are the best places to visit in Sri Lanka by a solo traveller? – Get immersed in a treasure trove!

Pick from exploring nature and wildlife, culture, amazing beaches, historical places, ancient architecture and many more!


The traditional greeting in Sri Lanka meaning, may you live long, said with both palms clasped in respect welcoming you at hotels in Tangalle and other parts of the island.

Be pampered

Be it the east, west or the southern coast you note the moods and hues of the waves being different, however, the feel of the sun and sand and the warmth of the people would envelop you as you bask in the comfort of your luxurious room at a hotel such as Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle.

Image via Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle

Tooth Temple

Visit this sacred temple within the palace complex during the Kandyan Kingdom, the sacred resting place of Lord Buddha’s Tooth Relic now and revered by Buddhists. An ideal site for solo travellers to admire the architecture, murals and intricate carvings. Modesty in dress and demeanour is appreciated.

Natures beauty

From the mighty elephants to others of varying sizes, different species of birds, a splendour of flora entice visitors both solo and non-solo. National parks Yala, Bundala, Minneriya, Udawalawa, Kaudulla are some of the notable ones.

Rock Fortress

Be adventurous and climb well-worn steps at Sigiriya to get a panoramic view from the peak of the rock, which was home to the palace built in the 5th century.

Tangalle; The Perfect Beach – Mesmerising Sunsets and More

Beige sands, blue waters and palm trees fringing the shores, seems like the perfect beach dream. Except it isn’t really a dream in Sri Lanka. Ever heard of Tangalle beach? Here are a few facts about the attraction.

About Tangalle

This was once a fishing village and guess you could say it still is. The main income for families in the area come from fishing and selling the fresh catch of the day. The village was torn apart when the tsunami hit in 2004 but has managed to get back on its feet again.


Head to the beach around 5:45 pm/6 pm, sit on the soft sand with your loved one and gaze at the horizon. This is when the sun begins to bow down to the ocean and the magic show of colours in the sky are simply amazing.

Image Credit: Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas

Eat at a beachside restaurant

The beach is peppered with a few restaurants here and there. So, if you happen to work up and appetite while tanning on the beach, head over to one of them and enjoy authentic Sri Lankan dishes.

Places to stay

Since the destination is a popular place among tourists, there are many Tangalle hotels to choose from. Hotels like the property by Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas, offer an amazing experience.

Bundalla National Park

A tropical haven set in the heart of the Indian Ocean, the miracle of Sri Lanka is home to over ten national parks. These national parks are given this designation due to the diverse and rare plant life, animal life or bird life that frequents its forests. When in Sri Lanka, three main sanctuaries are revered: Yala, Sinharaja and Wasgamuwa, and these three areas are frequented by both locals and tourists alike. Whether you are an animal lover, a photographer or even a travel writer, these natural sanctuaries take up a special place in Sri Lankan tourism. Its beauty and diversity, unparalleled in the region, are also home to a series of national parks. Though sometimes overlooked, the Bundalla National Park is one such icon of national pride that is located close to Yala, just off Hambantota.

Home to widespread populations of elephants, turtles, crocodiles and even the occasional leopard, tourists visiting Sri Lanka would be remiss if they avoid venturing into the greenery of the Bundalla National Park. The natural beauty alone merits a visit for the park is located adjacent to a lagoon and the azure waters are beautifully complemented by the lush green shrubbery surrounding the waterway. It is also an ideal location to watch crocodiles as they lazily cut through the clear waters or bask in the sun.

When visiting, most tourists find it beneficial to hire a tracker or a guide who is familiar with the park for they are often quite adept at drawing out wildlife for an optimum experience in the wild. A Sri Lanka beach resort in the area would also co-ordinate the hiring of such a guide as well as the transport necessary to traverse across the terrain of the site. The Bundalla National Park is also an ideal excursion for those staying at Tangalle hotels as they would have the opportunity to experience the abundant wildlife in the country while also enjoying their beach vacation. Guests who choose to stay at Ranna 212, a safari hotel located down south, will also have the opportunity of visiting bird sanctuaries as well as the Udawalawe National Park thereby adding value to their vacation in the pearl of the Indian Ocean.