Tangalle; The Perfect Beach – Mesmerising Sunsets and More

Beige sands, blue waters and palm trees fringing the shores, seems like the perfect beach dream. Except it isn’t really a dream in Sri Lanka. Ever heard of Tangalle beach? Here are a few facts about the attraction.

About Tangalle

This was once a fishing village and guess you could say it still is. The main income for families in the area come from fishing and selling the fresh catch of the day. The village was torn apart when the tsunami hit in 2004 but has managed to get back on its feet again.


Head to the beach around 5:45 pm/6 pm, sit on the soft sand with your loved one and gaze at the horizon. This is when the sun begins to bow down to the ocean and the magic show of colours in the sky are simply amazing.

Image Credit: Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas

Eat at a beachside restaurant

The beach is peppered with a few restaurants here and there. So, if you happen to work up and appetite while tanning on the beach, head over to one of them and enjoy authentic Sri Lankan dishes.

Places to stay

Since the destination is a popular place among tourists, there are many Tangalle hotels to choose from. Hotels like the property by Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas, offer an amazing experience.