Diving in Passikudah

Located in a hidden stretch in the Eastern borders of the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, Passikudah is certainly a treat both on the surface and under. With shallow waters stretching several meters into the ocean, the Passikudah beach has come to be famously known as Natures very own shallow pool. Now the Eastern Sri Lanka is slowly blossoming with a whole new vigor that is making it on par or perhaps even better than the rest of the island.

For many the name Passikudah barely rings a bell and the reason is simple; for years this tiny little town was occupied by the rebellions. Destroyed and damaged, the many wonders of Passikudah that was once cherished by locals had become the forgotten treasure of the island. With the end of the internal conflict in the island, Sri Lanka blossomed with a whole new vigor and ardor. The many zones in the island that were neglected due to war became the primary focus of the government and private funders. Passikudah was one such town; known for its sparkling blue shallow ocean Passikudah is paradise for a long lazy splash and also quite famous for snorkeling. Of late diving has become a popular activity in this town. With perfect water, with a clear and a warm soothing temperature, the underwater world is not short of wonder in Passikudah. Schools of fish swim pass you and corals garland your way as you swim through the many wonders of the aquatic zone. Passikudah Sea is the underwater Eden in Sri Lanka that is quite interesting to explore if you are a good swimmer, you need not be a professional; the ocean in Passikudah is calm and ever so welcoming.

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Jungle Trekking in Sri Lanka

Blessed with a diverse natural heritage, Sri Lanka features a variety of jungles that offer some truly unforgettable trekking excursions. Those looking to explore these areas and other natural sites while on a Sri Lanka travel adventure can make use of the trekking and hiking tours offered by Jetwing Travels. These exciting Sri Lanka tours take you to areas of stunning natural beauty seemingly lost in time. The mountainous central region is one of the best places for trekking and such sites as the Knuckles Mountain Range, Belihuloya and the Horton Plains National Park provides plenty of thrilling excursions. Not to be missed is a jungle trek through the Sinharaja Rainforest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site rich in flora and fauna.

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Outdoor Adventures at the Knuckles Mountain Range!

Known for its breathtaking natural beauty, the Knuckles Mountain Range in Sri Lanka offers an unforgettable outdoor adventure. Independent travellers wishing to drive to this mountainous region can make use of Sri Lanka car rental services such as those offered by Malkey Travel & Tours (Pvt) Ltd. This reputed Sri Lanka car hire company provides a range of well maintained vehicles to choose from for your travels. An ideal place for camping and trekking, the Knuckles Mountain Range is so named because when viewed from a far, it resembles knuckles of a fist. As you wander through the lush forests, shrouded with mist you will come across a diverse cross section of flora amidst pristine landscapes with waterfalls, small villages and rivers. It offers a true escape into nature and lets you get away from it all!

Historical Sites In Anuradhapura

Anuradhapura is a historic city located in the island of Sri Lanka. Situated some two hundred kilometres from the capital of Colombo, it is a highly popular tourist destination within the country. It served as the capital of the tropical island for over one thousand years and while its glory days maybe over the city still has a lot to offer. Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982, Anuradhapura is full of historic buildings waiting to be explored.

The Sri Maha Bodhi is probably the most well-known tree in the land. The tree was grown from a branch from the actual Bodhi tree under which the Buddha gained enlightenment. The offshoot was brought to the island by Sanghamitta, the daughter of the Indian king, Asoka, and it was planted here by king Devanampiya, the then king of the island. Venerated by Buddhists, it remains an important Sri Lankan landmark.

The Aukana Buddha is a thirteen metre tall granite statue of Buddha dating to the 5th century. It is located outside of Anuradhapura and is a magnificent example of early Sri Lankan architecture. The Thuparama Temple is thought to contain a clavicle of Buddha. Many believe that the Thuparama Temple is the oldest dagoba in the country. The Isurumuniya Temple is another popular spot renowned for its intricate stone carvings, the most well-known of which is the Isurumuniya Lovers.

One can hardly visit Anuradhapura without stopping by Ruwanveli Seya. Built in the 2nd century, the temple is a stunning piece of architecture. There are many statues found here including one that is thought to be of King Dutugamunu, the emperor who ordered the construction of the Ruwanveli Seya. Other popular spots include Mihintale, Ritigala, and the Jethawana Monastery.

While the island becomes increasingly popular as a tourist destination the local government is improving infrastructure such as roads and public transport to keep pace. However, Sri Lanka travel can still be difficult and uncomfortable. To avoid delays and ensure comfort tourists should consider joining Sri Lanka tours provided by a reputed outfit like Jetwing Travels. They take care of the nitty-gritty of travel so one can focus on what is important.


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Scuba Diving in Negombo

Negombo is an idyllic coastal town located in the western coast of the tropical island of Sri Lanka. A massive city, it is located roughly forty kilometres from Colombo, the country’s capital. Negombo is known for its bustling fish markets, gorgeous beaches, and active night scene. It is also the place to try out a variety of water sports such as surfing, jet skiing, snorkelling and scuba diving.

Negombo has twelve major scuba diving spots and all of them are suitable for novices except for two. Adams Peak does not have an extensive coral network but is rich in aquatic fauna. Home to Lion Fish, Bullseye, Glass Fish, Cardinal Fish and Snappers it presents a terrific opportunity for taking photographs underwater. Barracuda Point is named after the fierce ocean predators that are found there. This gorgeous diving spot is also home to Sting Rays and Scorpion Fish. Bandara Rocks is known for its excellent visibility and a profusion of lobsters and cuttlefish. Ahas Yatra Gala is another terrific diving spot. Although one can find a plethora of aquatic life here, the main draw of Ahas Yatra Gala is the wrecks of fighter planes from World War II.

Thanthiri Gala is a somewhat shallow diving spot which nevertheless has a large network of coral. Standard Reef, with a maximum depth of around fifteen metres, offers good visibility. Route 66, also called the Oceanic Highway, is an underwater coral lined path that trails north. Lobster Reef is named after the creatures found here in large numbers and is another terrific diving spot. The other two diving spots suitable for novices are Muttiyan Gala and Hanova, where one can also try diving at night. Both Diyamba Gala and Derana Gala are more suited for divers with some experience.

Since Negombo is located so close to the airport it is convenient to stop here for a few days either on the way from or to the airport. Tourists looking for a good Negombo hotel can try the Jetwing Blue. Situated by the sea it is one of the best Sri Lanka hotels around and is sure to make one’s stay memorable.