Enjoying Sea Turtles Adventures at Koggala Beach

The south coast of Sri Lanka offers plenty of excitement, but if you are looking for a truly unique adventure then visit Koggala Beach where turtles offer an unforgettable holiday experience! Those looking to visit Koggala can do so via an air taxi Sri Lanka service offered by such companies as Cinnamon Air. They provide a number of Sri Lanka domestic flights to a variety of locations across the island. When in Koggala make sure to visit Koggala Beach and its turtle hatchery in particular which plays an important role in conservation too. Visitors to this site can see newborn turtles swimming around in tanks and learn more about them. Of course if you are lucky enough, you will visit at a time when baby turtles are being released back into the ocean. Get involved in releasing these endangered creatures back into the sea as you silently cheer them on as they head to oncoming waves and to their new life in the deep blue!