Dolphin Watching in Oman – For the marine life enthusiasts

Oman isn’t all about the dry sea of golden sand, but is also about the very very wet sea with turquoise waters that happen to be super clear as well! The weather warms the water, making it just the right temperature that dolphins love, so you’ll be seeing a lot of them around here.

Bandar Al Khayran

This location is just 20 km away from Muscat and isn’t your typical beach. In fact, its more of a river valley. You’ll find all sorts of rock formations and islands here and the best part is that is you swim far enough; you’ll be able to observe dolphins in their natural habitat.

Dhofar Beaches

This beach is located towards the southern region of Oman and is famous for diving, snorkelling and other water sports. Dolphins are abundant here and you are sure not to miss out on a glance at them.

Vilphy Pulickan from Sohar, Oman, The unique beach (48779396443), CC BY 2.0

Bandar Khayran Reserve

If you are already lodged at a hotel in Muscat the likes of Al Falaj Hotel, all you have to do is take a 40-minute boat ride to this reserve. It is yet another spot that is ideal for diving and snorkelling and of course, you will spot the dolphins on their merry way when the sun is high above.

Things to know

Dolphin watching is one of the best things to do in Muscat, but make sure you visit on a bright sunny day as the creatures aren’t too fond of rain clouds. October and May would be the best time to visit for this activity.

Al Hoota Cave

Nestled in the district of Al Hamra and found near Jabal Shams, Al Hoota Cave is one of the most enthralling experiences that travellers will enjoy when holidaying in Oman. It is also known to be the only show cave in the Gulf which is accessible to tourists. Choose a Muscat hotel in the vicinity which will be your base from where you can head over to Al Hoota Cave. Oman hotels such as Al Falaj Hotel will put you in the mood for a riveting journey that will lead you to uncovering a wealth of treasures and secrets that have warmed the hearts of many.

Adorned with two lakes that form an integral part of the ecosystem of the cave, one can also encounter a rich variety of endemic species that call Al Hoota Cave home. These include water beetles, bats, anthropods and molluscs and a whole lot more. The main lake is 800 metres long and possesses the ‘Garra Barreimiae’ which is a rare species of blind fish that swim in its waters. The cave is made of limestone which was dissolved by acidic water while its columns have now been softened by the steady flow of water in it.

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Unknown Places

Oman with its rugged desert landscape bordered by turquoise water is a much sought after holiday destination for those looking for out of the ordinary holiday experiences. The Muscat Diving and Adventure Centre (MDAC) specialises in putting together holiday packages not only to experience some of the best adventure and diving experiences around but also to introduce visitors to Oman’s many historic attractions and extraordinary natural landscapes and to get to know the country’s hospitable people.

The sea off Muscat offers a unique underwater environment. Hard and soft coral formations support a huge collection of colourful tropical reef fish around the coast while whale sharks, sunfish, barracudas, turtles, several species of dolphins and other marine life are found further out at sea round depths of 6 to 40 meters. Unpolluted waters, excellent visibility and several excellent dive sites with dramatic underwater landscapes attract divers from around the world. The cooler winter months are the best time for any sea based activity. Muscat Diving and Adventure Centre facilitates snorkeling trips to reefs teeming with fish, diving tours to well known diving destinations, night dives to view fluorescent sea creatures, boat rides at sunset to view dolphins, sports fishing expeditions and kayaking trips to discover hidden coves and beaches along the rugged Omani coast. The Centre runs scuba diving programs and provides PADI certification.

Other exciting programs of the Muscat Diving and Adventure Centre (MDAC) include caving near Al Hoota and Wadi Ta’ab involving abseiling 10 to 50 meters into caves to explore huge calcite formations and abseiling through waterfalls at Wadi Ta’ab and swimming through deep blue pools there before getting out via wire ladders. Wadi Tiwi is another popular abseiling, via ferrata and rock climbing destination. Adventurers walk down a steep path and abseil or use zip lines to go down 150 meter rugged cliff faces to blue water pools below that go through caves and palm groves. Training for these expeditions is provided at an indoor climbing wall prior to trips. A reasonable standard of fitness is required for these activities as long descents, scrambling over rock strewn landscapes and walking long distances is involved. All equipment needed for adventure tours can be hired or purchased at MDAC’s on site shop. Among the other adventure experiences offered by MDAC includes Wadi bashing on quad bikes, camel safaris, camping and trekking trips, historic and bird watching tours.

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